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Animatics Table Top Robot (TTR) with SmartMotor, L70 Actuator and Laser Tracking
Animatics Table Top Robot (TTR) with SmartMotor, L70 Actuator and Laser Tracking

Animatics created a package tracking system 

to detect an object without physical contact. 
Animatics Moog logo L70 Open Frame Actuators    

Linear ballscrew system


The L70 open frame ball screw linear system utilizing single internal rail for maximum straightness The L70 is available in a standard commercial grade and a precision grade in stroke lengths up to 600mm. L70 Actuator


The unique "L" shape of the L70 makes it ideal for a Z axis, or 2 units mate together in a number of configurations to form an X-Y or X-Y-Z unit. It is also used on gantry type applications with the HLD60 or XL100 units. This is a good choice for travel under 600 mm. The system is complete, easy to apply, and has an unmatched price/performance ratio.

  • Open frame ballscrew based actuator 
  • Single internal rail for maximum straightness
  • Available strokes 50-600mm in 50mm steps
  • Leads of 5mm/rev and 10mm/revh

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Everyday Savings on our Standard Electronic Components


electronic components Magnetic cylinder switches, low-cost digital pressure switches, rail-mounted terminal blocks and much more... we invite you to give us a call to get a quick quote on price and delivery on your standard electronic components.  Whether your designing a new system or looking to replenish your replacement stock we offer:


  • Competitive Pricing
  • Quick Delivery
  • High Quality & Reliability

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DeStaco Clean Rapid Transfer Port Solutions    

Life Science automation solutions


DE-STA-CO life science material handling products are used in applications in medical device manufacturing and assembly, medical device packing, pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging laboratory automation and a broad spectrum of products for class 10/100 cleanroom environment standards.

CRL transfer ports


The sterile liquid transfer ports provide efficient asceptic liquid transfer into a cleanroom or isolator for pharmaceutical manufacturing and are engineered to use standard steam in place processes.


Oval or round glove ports and glove systems can be mounted in single wall insulators, 10mm, 12mm or 15mm panel thickness or double wall insulators on request.



CRL rapid transfer ports and double door transfer systems are available in a wide variety of Alpha assemblies and Beta containers and bag flanges in stainless steel, HDPE and Medical grade plastics.


Telemanipulators are ideal for connector systems in discharge of large containers and provide reliable high holding forces.


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Numatics Logo Large Area Vacuum Grippers    

Integrated multi-stage ejectors for faster cycle times 


The NFX Series large area gripper is designed to handle a wide range of work pieces dimensions and/or undefined positions.  This product provides a reliable solution for handling work pieces with gaps.  It works extremely well in handling cardboard, metal, wood, plastic or glass.  The NFX gripper comes standard with integrated multi-stage ejectors. NFX large area grippers


Robust aluminum structure provides strength, but also light weight allowing for fast cycle times.  The unit is available with two different valve configurations.  The SVK type provides for quick blow-off and fast cycle times for increased production speed.  The SWX. Flow Resistor Technology, is optimal for rough surface work pieces.

  • Integrated functions built-in to end covers 
  • Integrated plug-in ejector; easily replaceable
  • Available with foam pad or suction cups
  • Sealed plate

* Please note that not all products may be available in Northern California region,
    but we encourage you to inquire with us for more information 


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