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Attend the ROBO Expo 2013
See How Much You Can Save...
Micro-Planetary Gearboxes
WAGO Lever-Nuts Celebrate 10-Year Anniversary

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90 Degree Pop Up Transfer Table
90 Degree Pop Up Transfer Table
The process changes product orientation  
from short edge lead, to long edge leading
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ROBO Expo 2013
ROBO Cylinders
Attend this Training Expo and get an IAI Actuator/Controller Worth up to $1,500!*
Two locations, Two dates, Two opportunities to attend: ROBO demo kit


September 18, 2013, 9:00am to 12:00pm
Pierpont Inn, 550 Sanjon RoadVentura, CA  93001


September 25, 2013, 9:00am to 12:00pm
Clayton Controls Training Room, 2925 College Ave., Costa Meas, CA 92626


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Clayton Controls Logo See How Much You Can Save...

Everyday Savings on our Standard Pneumatic Components


Pneumatic sell sheet Round Body Cylinders, Air Line Filters, Tubing, Fittings and much more... we invite you to give us a call to get a quick quote on price and delivery on your standard pneumatic components.  Whether your designing a new system or looking to replenish your replacement stock we offer:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Quick Delivery
  • High Quality & Reliability

Call 800-235-4411 or email your request
Apex Dynamics logo Micro-Planetary Gearboxes    

Designed for Miniature Motors


The New AM Series micro planetary gearbox is designed for use with small motors.  The stainless steel construction makes it suitable of medical, electronics, packaging and robotic applications.  Compact design, high torque to weight ratio, it is ideal for small DC and stepper motor applications.

AM Series Micro Planetary Gearboxes  

  • Five (5) Sizes Available - AM013 thru AM032
  • Wide variation of ratios selection
  • Output torque T2N : 0.1 Nm - 6 Nm
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Lubricated for Life
  • Easy Mount to ANY motor in Seconds

 more information >

wago logo WAGO Lever-Nuts Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary    

10 Years and Still Going Strong!


Wago Levernuts Wago Corporation's 222 Series Lever-Nuts lever-actuated splices celebrate 10 years of reducing wiring time by up to 50%. A versatile, labor-saving alternative to twist-style splices, Lever-Nuts orange lever eliminates twisting, taping and crimping. 


Simply lift the lever, insert a stripped conductor and lower it. This also provides reusability, giving Lever-Nuts a unique, cost-effective edge over traditional splices.


* Please note that not all products may be available in Northern California region,
    but we encourage you to inquire with us for more information 


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