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G3 - What Modularity Should Be
In-Sight 7000 Color Models Now Available
Heavy Duty Electric Grippers
Advancing Servo Gear Technology

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  Numatics G3 video


Numatics Logo Numatics G3 - Next Generation  
What Modularity should be

Numatics fieldbus manifold The next-generation electronic platform that allows you easy access to connectors; it's easy to assemble and install, commission, and maintain.  It includes graphic display for configuration and diagnostics, easy robust connections, and is highly distributable.

The G3 Series product line is a completely modular system.   All of the G3 electronic modules plug together, via mechanical clips, allowing easy assembly and field changes.  This makes the system highly distributable. Additional flexibility is incorporated because the same modules can be used in either centralized or distributed applications.
G3 Boxes

G3 electronics interfaces with Numatics generation 2000 series, 503 series, ISO 5599/2 and ISO 15407-2 series valve lines.










Cognex logo In-Sight 7010 Entry-Level Color Vision System  


In-Sight 7000 Color Models Now Available! In-Sight 7010 Color vision system


The In-Sight 7010C is an entry-level 24-bit color vision system that can distinguish parts by color. 


Thanks to the intuitive EasyBuilder interface, even the novice user can deploy the powerful Cognex vision tools available in the In-Sight 7010C, including pattern finding and measurement as well as color ID tools for applications that require the ability to identify different colors.  


Like the existing suite of In-Sight 7000 vision systems, the color models have cost-saving features that simplify integration, including:


  • Compact, IP67-rated housing
  • Autofocus technology
  • Integrated lighting options
  • Robust factory communication

download the color vision expert guide >
Robohand logo Electric Parallel Grippers    

DPE-400 Heavy duty electric gripper


Robohand zero-maintenance electric grippers deliver faster installation, lower maintenance costs, increased reliability over traditional pneumatic grippers.  Gripper open and close operation is controlled using a discrete output from an industrial standard controller such as a PLC.


The DPE-400 is the most durable electric gripper in the industry.  With simple plug & play operation, no programming, tuning or adjusting is required.  "Light switch" simplicity in a compact design for easy setup and no external control board. DPE-400 grippers


All-in-one gripper unit with built-in motor controller:


  • No external controllers or software required
  • Internal sensing detects when the motor is stalled, generating feedback signals to mimic external sensors
  • Failsafe operation:  grip force is diminished but jaws will not separate upon power loss


more information >

CGI logo Advancing Servo Gear Technology     

Introducing Predator & Raptor precision planetary gearheads


CGI, Inc.'s new Predator and Raptor Gearheads provide the technology and reliability you need for even the most critical motion control requirements.  Their new optimized gear design and advanced materials ensure exceptional precision, stiffness, torque density and quiet operation - all at a competitive price.


Predator Predator - Advanced design


  • New, optimized gear tooth design
  • Single-piece construction utilized throughout
  •  IP65 sealed with Viton� seals at each joint
  • High torsional stiffness design
  • Captive, bearing supported input pinion
  • NEMA and Metric configurations standard

Raptor - Standard with all the options

  • Oversize bearings
  • Mounting in any direction
  • High torque gear geometry
  • NEMA and Metric standard frames
  • Metric extended pilot (EP) configuration


more information >

* Please note that not all products may be available in Northern California region,
    but we encourage you to inquire with us for more information 


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