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Join us at MD&M West
Clayton Expands Cognex to Northern California
Ethernet 2.0 Programmable Controller
Where sterility and reliability are a must
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Sterile connection as easy as Twist-Pull-Twist!

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Join us at MD&M West  
The world's largest medical device design 
and manufacturing event
February 12 -14, 2013
Anaheim Convention Center


Clayton Controls will be at the Clippard Booth# 2895 

and the LMI Booth# 4814








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Cognex ProductsClayton Controls Expands with
Cognex into Northern California

Clayton Controls is now an 
Authorized Cognex Distributor throughout California. 

"We are excited about expanding our support of the Cognex machine vision and ID products to Northern California." Said John Allard, Clayton Controls Vice President. 

 "We will be conducting application evaluations and machine vision workshops from our Campbell location bringing the same high level of Cognex support that has been ongoing in Southern California.  We invite our Northern California customers to contact us for their machine vision and traceability needs."


wago logo Ethernet 2.0 Programmable Controllers  

Proven Architecture that Simply Works


The 750-881 Ethernet Fieldbus Controller connects Ethernet to the modular WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM. Eliminates additional networking hardware due to the built-in Ethernet switch and allows line topology wiring of the Ethernet network.  Both Ethernet ports support auto-negotiate and auto-MDI(X). The fieldbus controller automatically configures, creating a local process image which may include analog, digital or specialty modules. Analog and specialty  module data is sent via words and/or bytes; digital data is sent bit by bit. 

  EtherNET 2.0

Two Ethernet interfaces and an integrated switch allow the fieldbus to be wired in a line topology. This eliminates additional network devices such as switches or hubs. Both interfaces support Auto-Negotiation and Auto-MDI(X).   


The controller is designed for fieldbus communication in both Ethernet/IP and MODBUS networks. It also supports a wide variety of standard Ethernetprotocols (e.g., HTTP, BootP, DHCP, DNS, SNTP, SNMP, FTP).


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Colder Products Logo

Where reliability and sterility are a must

Intuitive designs and robust construction in single-use connection technology


New AseptiQuik connectors give biopharmaceutical manufacturers even greater flexibility for making sterile connections.Connectors provide quick and easy sterile connections for high flowapplications, even in non-sterile environments.

AseptiQuik X


AseptiQuik® X  Large Format 1": The "TWIST-PULL-TWIST" design enables users to quickly transfer large volumes of media easily with less risk of operator error. 


AseptiQuik S

 AseptiQuik® S Connectors Small Format 1/8" and 1/4":  These connectors provide sterile connections for small-flow applications. The "FLIP-CLICK-PULL" genderless and robust design provides reliable performance without the need for clamps, fixtures or tube welders. 


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Dorner logo Build Complete Conveyor Assemblies
to Exact Specifications
 Download of a single CAD model of the complete assembled conveyor

Dorner Manufacturing's new CAD Configurator, "DCAD", is an intuitive 2D and 3D CAD platform that allows users to build complete conveyor assemblies to their exact layout dimensions.  The CAD tool is an industry first, providing the download of a single CAD model of the complete assembled conveyor, dramatically saving the time spent matching up individual files.  Your CAD output is available in a variety of CAD formats and interactive 3D PDF.


The DCAD models are pre-engineered and uses conveyor logic to only place applicable matching conveyor components together; if a system can't be designed and built for actual use, the Configurator will not design it. This intuitive feature saves you time by alerting you of an erroneous design, allowing you to make the necessary adjustments before proceeding.


When the design is complete, you'll receive part numbers and detailed descriptions of all the components in the build, information to receive a quote, along with the CAD and 3D PDF files.


* Please note that not all products may be available in Northern California region,
    but we encourage you to inquire with us for more information 


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