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Sunday's train, its seats unfilled
Contrast the usual 
Overcrowded, standing room only, of other days
Of people going everywhere, yet bound for nowhere...
Dear Friends and Family,

Visa/Resident Permit Status

We shared with you in our last update about our "camp out" to turn in our Visa applications on January 2nd.  According to "the list,"  we were numbers 20 and 21 out of the 60 applicants which Vienna accepts each year.  However, while we have no official word yet, we recently heard from a reliable source that we (and all the other missionaries who applied) are in numbers 61 and higher.  Our actual number is unknown at this writing, but we can calculate that we are approximately 68 and 69.  This means that some applicants will have to drop out or lack the qualifications
Remember this?
for this type of Visa or we will not be among the 60 who are considered.  

We are working with our team leader and the Serve Office on a "Plan B,"  investigating other types of Austrian Visas and ways of staying.  We are currently on a tourist Visa which allows us to stay in Austria 90 days out of each 180. Please pray with us that God leads us in His perfect plan.  We will keep you updated as we have conversations and find out more.  
Refuge Ministry at
"the Oasis"

"Hold on.  I've just been bombarded by a bunch of people who want to see the Jesus film in ***si!"   (their native language)  ~ Oasis volunteer

It's all about Jesus
 We have become more involved with the refuge ministry and are learning from great people, some who have served refugees for 20+ years.  The ministry is multi-faceted, providing for physical as well as spiritual needs.  The refugees can come to the center each week for several different events, all giving opportunities to share the message of the gospel.  Many are transit, and there is only  a short window of time to spend with them. Then some are here for months , even years if they receive asylum, which allows more time for relationships and plugging in of new believers.  
Two Testimonies we won't soon forget...
from two amazing young men, serving our amazing God
In spite of the risk to themselves.
I have decided to follow Jesus
Ob niemand mit mir geht, doch will ich folgen.
(Though none go with me, I still will follow)
Niemals zurück, niemals zurück 
(No turning back, no turning back)
This is a familiar song that we've all heard and sung before.  But the words never had such an impact as when we sang recently beside two young men at their baptism service.  We have been "tutoring" one of them and he invited us to be with him that special day.  The service was possibly the most inspiring we have  ever experienced.   

Both young men had to leave their own homeland due to persecution for their faith.  Their testimonies, which showed clearly that God had pursued them, saved them and protected them, were simply amazing.   We can't give many specific details for obvious reasons, but in short, here is what happened.  

One heard the gospel over a TV station after his village began receiving a satellite feed.  He wrote to that ministry and asked for more information.  He received a bible, read it and came to faith in Jesus Christ  He told no one.....  but later on, in a conversation with his religion professor in college, the professor "perceived that He was a Christian.."   That professor confronted his parents.....and he had to leave. 

The second young man followed his own spiritual interest as a teenager in finding a bible to read for himself.  After much danger in securing a bible, he read it secretly then put it aside.  Later, after his father accused him of being "too spiritual" and "crazy," he was forced to leave his country and pursued university studies elsewhere.  He ended up in Vienna where someone approached him in the subway and asked him, "do you know where you will go after you die?"   This apparent evangelist handed him some material and a copy of the gospel of John.  He said he wanted to leave it on the train, but "something told him he should keep it."   He said, "After reading about the miracles that Jesus did, I knew that He was my Savior.  Now I love Him with all my heart."  

We thank God for them and praise Him that He protected them both through dangerous travels and brought them to a place where they are part of a church family.  Please pray with us for their continued spiritual growth and adjustment to a foreign land.   

Prayer Requests
We know that GOD hears and honors the prayers of His people.  Please pray:
  • that we find a new, affordable sub-lease as we must be out of our current place by March 6th!!!
  • for wisdom in how to proceed with the long-stay Visa process. 
  • continue to pray for translators at the refuge ministry.  God knows who will be there each time and what language translation will be needed. (Amazingly, even tonight, we needed a Russian translator and we just "happened to have" a young lady visiting from Russia!)  
  • that God provides on an ongoing basis for our monthly financial needs.   
  • for God to equip us to serve and develop relationships in this new culture. 
Other Highlights of this Past Month


 We are continuing to teach the bible study at the UN office here in Vienna while the pastor is on furlough in the USA.  It is a blessing to hear insights and concerns from the believers from all over the globe. 


Brenda is enjoying fellowship with the ladies in women's ministry at the International church.  



 We had to take a road trip out of the Schengen area to start our tourist visa over again, so we visited our old home city of Timisoara. We had a great visit with these sweet friends (and many others), ate a lot of sarmale, and got ourselves another 90 days on our Visa stay.   

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We anticipated, then celebrated the arrival of Evangeline Pearl Eck, the newest and sweetest member of our Vienna team! Congrats Eck family!


 And last but not least, Jim celebrated his 63rd birthday last Sunday!  We spent the morning worshiping with the International Baptist Church of Vienna, then headed to the village of Traiskirchen for a fellowship, sharing and prayer time with the Oasis volunteers.  

Happy rainy day birthday! 


We are thankful that you continue to pray for us and support us.  Without you, we could not be here.  As always, our mission is your mission and our mission together is God's mission.  We are thankful to Him to be a small part of His big plan.  


In Christ Jesus our Lord,


Jim and Brenda  

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Many, O LORD my God, are the wonders which You have done, And Your thoughts toward us; There is none to compare with You. If I would declare and speak of them, They would be too numerous to count. Psalm 40:5-6

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