Vol. 7, Issue No. 8
                        March 5, 2015
Partnering for the Future: Organizing 200-Plus High School Student Internships
Collaborations with Eight Hartford Schools to Change Lives

If Aristotle had it right (that what we learn, we learn by doing), there's going to be a whole lot of that going on in Greater Hartford this spring and summer: More than 50 local businesses have signed up to host Hartford student interns.
Who's involved?
Choices Recorded by Families, Looking toward 2015-16
Preliminary Data Indicate the Strongest Preferences

graphic-chart-people.jpg Preliminary data from the Choice application process that concluded last Friday show certain schools in the metro area and city are the most highly sought after - and in Hartford, the neighborhood school to which the most families applied was Global Communications Academy.

Two Sides to De-Magnetization: It May Be a Good Thing

High School Inc. to Focus on Hartford Students


High School, Inc., the Hartford Public Schools' Insurance and Finance Academy, will no longer be part of the State-funded magnet school program, due to low suburban interest in enrollment.


Could that end up being a benefit to Hartford students? 

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of the Week

In an exchange last week on the governor's education budget, State Reps. Douglas McCrory and Edward Vargas agreed that the charter, magnet, and neighborhood school models should not be pitted against one another. The CT-N video is worth looking at, here, at the 4:31:30 mark.


"Why Principals Matter," from the Atlantic, shines light on how school principals help dreams come true, online here.

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Education Matters!
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A "Where We Teach" discussion forum on Tuesday, March 10th will explore challenges of elementary education.  It is sponsored by the CT Public Broadcasting Network, which hosts the Learning Lab for Hartford Journalism and Media Magnet Academy students.  Panelists will include Burns Latino Studies Academy Teacher Jodie Kabat.  The event is free but registration is required.


The next Hartford Board of Education regular meeting will be Tuesday, March 17, 2015, at 5:30 p.m., at the Sport and Medical Sciences Academy, 280 Huyshope Avenue.

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