Vol. 4, Issue No.  50
  November 29,  2012
The Informed Consumer is King 
In Hartford, Knowledge is Power When It Comes to School Choice
When Hartford families consider where to send their children to school, the questions can be tiny and practical ... or totally profound. What's the travel time from home to school - and then to work? And, what do the data say are the schools that will provide the best springboard for my child's academic and career success? Having recently launched the fourth year of our Choice Education Program, Achieve Hartford!'s question is, How can we help parents put as much thought into this application process as they no doubt will exercise later on, during the college admissions process? 
Where Better than Hartford?
A Museum School in a City of History
The Wadsworth Athanaeum is one of the partners with Wish Museum School 

Students who not too long ago were uninspired now are becoming "wildly, independently successful" at Fred E. Wish Museum School, according to teacher Sherry Ziplow. 

What is a museum school all about

No Replication without Evaluation
Board Emphasizes Measurement of Results
BoardatWork As they considered their support for a number of fantastic, innovative programs last week, Hartford Board of Education members looked to the need for more evaluation and data that demonstrate results.  How can Hartford evaluate more of its great programs so as to encourage the replication of those that are proven to work?  
This Week  
Please feel free to reach out to me personally with your thoughts on how we can continue to make an impact for children and families ... and know that our entire staff welcomes your insights anytime.


Paul Diego Holzer, Executive Director

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