January 2015

All of us at IPAS wish you and yours a wonderful 2015!


Meet one of our Amazing

Tell us about your adoption story?


I was adopted through private lawyers because my parents were struggling with infertility for 10 years.  My birth mother picked my parents over many others because they had a strong devote Catholic background and because they lived on a ranch; they could give me a life that she could not.  My adoption was an open adoption, I knew my whole life that I was adopted. For me, being adopted was normal, it's a part of me and I love telling people.  One of my favorite stories about my adoption is about the day my parents brought me home for the first time.  I was born in Harbor City, CA in 1982; my parents drove home at 2am and arrived to a house FULL of my ENTIRE family.  All my aunts, uncles, grandparents, and family friends were there to welcome me home; a child that was already so loved, wanted, and in so many ways, needed.  I met my birth family 12 years ago and continue to build a relationship with each and every one, including my 7 siblings. We visit often and talk very regularly.  My birth family was at my baby showers and my wedding.  I have been to their weddings and family functions. We are just one BIG family now.    

How did you connect with IPAS?


I came to IPAS for support and guidance during a time in my life when I was discovering who I was and where I fit in with my family & birth family.   IPAS social workers gave me just what I needed.  They were not only there to help walk me through my emotions of being an Adopted Individual, but they were also able to get me in touch with other Adopted Individuals.  Through this new connection with other fellow "adoptees" I have built many new friendships that will last a lifetime.


What is the best thing about being adopted?


I have the love and support of so many people; 3 sets of parents & grandparents, more than 20 aunts & uncles, and countless cousins.  I grew up with only 1 brother (he was adopted through a closed adoption) and we were the best of friends growing up.  After meeting my birth family, I now have 2 sisters and 6 brothers.  My family was built by adoption; my parents raised me well and taught me so many things, I love the life they gave me. Through my birth family, I am learning more about myself & my personality.


What would you say to prospective adoptive parents?


Thank you for choosing & loving us!  Be open & honest. Be strong & patient.  Open Adoption is a roller coaster, but definitely worth the ride for all.   You are giving a child a life that their birth family would not be able to give.  You are giving the birth family a calmness and comfort that is desired.  


Who are the IPAS Ambassadors?


The Ambassadors are a group of members of the Adoption Triad (birth mothers, adoptive parents, and adopted individuals) who volunteer their time to help connect, support and educate.  We are all highly motivated and driven by the same passion and with the same goal in mind; to help CONNECT people and families from the Adoption Triad together, to SUPPORT other Adopted Individuals through their life long adoption path, & to help EDUCATE the community about adoption.  Through public speaking events at church groups, Rotary Clubs,  adoption classes etc. we share our personal adoption stories, try to banish any negative stereotypes, educate on adoption, and spread the word on what a gift adoption can be.   The Ambassador program is something that I am very passionate about.  It is a secret dream of mine to become a motivational speaker on Adoption.  To stand on the street corners and wave a banner that says "Adoption Rocks".  To have Adoption be something that is celebrated, not avoided.   


     "Ice Breaker" fun at the Ambassador Retreat             Volunteering at the Wine Tasting event 



The Ambassadors Retreat  
Connect, Support, Educate

The Ambassadors enjoyed their first retreat at the beautiful Bass Lake on January 10th.  It was a wonderful time to connect with one another, establish goals for supporting the adoption triad, and seek out opportunities to educate others about the beauty of adoption.  If you know of any clubs, organizations that would be interested in learning about adoption through the personal stories of the IPAS Ambassadors please contact the agency or email the Ambassadors directly at ambassadors@infantofprague.org

Would You Like to Help us Honor Birth Parents?

We will be hosting our third annual birth mother
retreat Celebrating A Mother's Decision February 6-8 at St. Anthony Retreat Center in Three Rivers.  We would love to shower the ladies with surprises and small tokens of love to honor their brave choice of adoption.  We could use personal notes (written to birth parents in general), cards of gratitude and/or encouragement, and/or small (thoughtful) gifts.  Please let us know if you would like to participate by calling our office. 

summer camp
PACT - An Adoption Alliance
Located in the Bay Area


The Experience of Adoption & Foster Care
Supporting Children's Feelings, Behaviors and Experience

 Date: March 14th, 2015
Time: 8:30-5:00 pm

 Location: St. Paul's School

 262 Grand Ave. Oakland, CA 94610


In the best of all possible worlds every adopted person and fostered person is like a tree in a grove , which represents the adults surrounding them, including birth parents who represent the roots of their identity tree and adoptive or foster parents who form new branches of their identity tree.

A collection of loved ones surround them whether connected by roots or by branches, including birth parents and foster and adoptive parents. Other caregivers make up the grove-friends, brothers and sisters, caregivers and helping professionals of all kinds-teachers, therapists, social workers, medical professionals and mentors.


Join us for this day-long opportunity to learn more about the experiences of members of the adoption and fostercare family and community as well as learn from expert professionals in the field to become more attuned to the needs and issues of adopted and fostered children and adults as well as their family members.

Click to download the conference brochure

Adoption Books for Children
The "Friends in Adoption" website provides an excellent list of recommended children's adoption books.  Check it out here
Open Adoption:
Perspectives from Adoptive Parent, Author, Speaker, and Blogger, Lori Holden

What are the benefits and difficulties of Open Adoption?

Rachel: Open adoption has become an increasingly popular choice among adoptive and birth parents, as well as an option that more agencies seem to be suggesting, even requiring. Why is this?


Lori: Because any social construct steeped in shame and secrecy is neither healthy nor sustainable. Hiding something takes a lot of energy, and in some cases, can cause lie upon lie upon lie to cover up. Take birth certificates that are not actually records of birth, for example.


Written by Lori Holden with Crystal Hass

 Important Reminders
  1. If you have a child in adoptive placement and have not finalized, or if you are a waiting family, please make sure that your car insurance, driver's license/registration, and CPR/first aid is current and on file with the agency.
  2. Please send in a copy of your amended birth certificate after finalization.  We cannot close your file until we have received a copy.
Mark Your Calendar!   
  • January 23 - 12 PM Board Meeting at the IPAS office.
  • February 10- 6 PM Prospective Adoptive Parents Informational Meeting at the IPAS office.
  Please call our office at 447-3333 with any questions.
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