November, 2014

Celebrating National Adoption Awareness  
Celebrating the story of one of our amazing
IPAS Ambassadors

Tristan and her parents at her college graduation this year

What is the best aspect of being adopted?

The best thing about being adopted is all of the extra people to love! When you have an open adoption you're essentially allowing more people into your family and most importantly, into your heart. I also believe it is beneficial not just for one aspect of the triad, but the group as a whole. I love that I have been able to expand my family over these past seven years because it has allowed me to discover who I am as a person in the process.

 What is the most challenging aspect of being adopted?

I think every single day as an adoptee is a beautiful struggle that we all experience in our own unique ways. One thing that has personally helped me overcome my challenges is the openness of my adoption and having the chance to share my story at Infant of Prague.


What would you say to a prospective adoptive parent about being adopted?

No matter what your adoption looks like or how open or closed your adoption is, always be honest with your child! Your child always deserves the truth about their adoption and any details you can provide them with. That being said, remind them that they were placed with you by a loving, wonderful mother/mother and father who loved them unconditionally. Remind them that the decision was not easy for their biological mother/father and convey the selfless nature of that choice. Children need to hear that they were lovingly placed instead of "given away." If you convey a positive attitude about adoption they will also likely take on a similar positive attitude about how their family was formed! In my opinion this provides adoptees with the confidence and armor to enter a world that is not always tolerant of adoption.

Any other thoughts or comments about adoption?

Adoption is a BEAUTIFUL and LOVING process! I say "process" because when that child is placed in your arms your adoption story does not end. It is constantly evolving as each individual in the triad grows and evolves themselves. And let me tell you...it only gets better with time.  

Are you familiar with the "IPAS Ambassadors?"

At Infant of Prague we have a group of amazing adopted individuals that are wonderful adoption role models.  They love to connect with one another, with other members of the adoption triad, and share their adoption journey with others.   The focus of the Ambassadors is outreach, education and awareness in the community about adoption.  With the unique perspectives and stories that they share, the Ambassadors are all about celebrating the beauty of adoption. If you would like to have an Ambassador speak at your group or connect with them please contact the IPAS office.  
Representing Infant of Prague and Adoption 
at the Two Cities Marathon 

Stephanie Grant and Lynn Dodds
Explore Zoo Lights with the AFN

Get into the holiday spirit and join the IPAS Adoptive Family Network for Zoo Lights at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo. Go for a stroll through brilliantly lit pathways, take a photo with Santa and enjoy live entertainment. Complimentary hot chocolate and cookies will be served.

Plus, see the holidays through a whole new light with HoloSpex® glasses. Choose from 4 patterns of holographic lenses that bend the light creating a magical pattern from every bright point of light. Glasses are available for purchase for $2 each.

Zoo Lights at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo
Saturday, December 13
5-8 p.m. 

Admission prices:
Children 1 and under: FREE
Fresno Chaffee Zoo members: $6 Adult, $4 Child (ages 2-11)
Non-members: $8 Adult, $6 Child (ages 2-11)

To RSVP or for more information, please contact Ruthann at  411afg@gmail.com.


We had a wonderful time celebrating adoption at the 2014 
"A Toast to the Children" 
Many thanks to everyone that attended 
for making it a wonderful evening





3rd Annual "Celebrating A Mother's Decision" Retreat

Our third annual retreat is scheduled for February 6-8, 2015 at the beautiful St. Anthony Retreat Center in Three Rivers.   For the past two years the retreat has been a wonderful time of connection, reflection, and lifelong friendships formed.  The retreat is for any birthmother who has made a voluntary plan of adoption. It is not limited to Infant of Prague birthparents.If you know anyone that may be interested in attending the upcoming retreat, please share this information. You can click on the link below for more information. 



TLC Homes Needed 


When a baby is born but the birth mother is still considering her options or in the case of certain legal  matters, we offer for the baby to stay in a TLC Home. Allowing the baby to go to a safe, loving home gives all parties the chance to think clearly and make the decision that is best for everyone without pressure or additional stress.


TLC Homes are the homes of wonderful IPAS friends and families that have been approved to temporarily house and care for a baby.


We are in need of families to serve as TLC Homes. If you have adopted through the agency or are willing to open your home to a baby in need, please consider volunteering for this important program. For more information on our TLC Homes, please call Gloria at 559.447.3333.
Upcoming Events 


*             November 1: Adoption Awareness Month begins

*             November 11, 6 PM: Info Night at the IPAS office

*             November 13, 12-4 PM: Fresno County Adoption Celebration

*             November 24, Thanksgiving, Office Closed

*             November 25, Office Closed

*             December 4, Waiting Families Holiday Social, 6pm

*             December 8, Staff Development Day, Office Closed

For more information or questions, please call (559) 447-3333.
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