October 2014
Congratulations Tyler and Tara!


Harper Marie
Born August 16, 2014
8 pounds, 13 ounces
20.5 inches long

Our Story: The Araujo Family



Why did you choose IPAS?

When we first decided to look into adoption we went online looked into some agencies but really didn't feel there was a connection.  Jarod came home one day with some information on a local agency (IPAS) and we decided to go ahead and attend the informational meeting.  I had called and spoke with Gloria...her warm, sweet personality is what made us feel truly connected to the agency, even before the informative meeting.  After the meeting we both felt that IPAS was the agency we had been looking for!

What was your wait like?
Let's call it what it is...waiting is hard.  It is an emotional rollercoaster that has you staring at your phone like a mad person.  We had an average wait time, which of course at the time seemed like forever even though it wasn't that long, all and all from the time we finalized our home study to getting the call was about 9 months.

What was it like to get "the call?" What happened?
We had just recovered from having a Birthmother back out, which was very hard on the both of us.  After that we were just trying to move on with our lives and focus on each other and not let the "wait" be the focus.  Typically I would call and check in with Felicity every so often and that particular day I just kept thinking how I needed to call her on my way home from work.  I was working out of town that day and in the middle of the day Felicity's name popped up on my phone.  I knew when I saw her name it was game time!  When I spoke to her she said they had a hospital call and wanted to consult with us before showing our album because she was a preemie.  All I remember saying to Felicity was "show it up!"  She said she would call me back either way.  I literally stared at my phone for 3 hours until she called back and of course that was the one time I had walked away.  Felicity left a message saying to come to the hospital and see your baby girl.  I couldn't get out of the building fast enough.  I set all the alarms off in the building trying to leave I was so excited!

How did you feel when you saw your baby for the first time?
Immediate love!  Jarod went in before I did because I had to drive 3 hours to get there.  I thought on my way to the hospital that I would be scared when I first saw her because she was only 2lbs 10oz, but that feeling never came across. I just remember thinking she is perfect and I would have waited a million lifetimes for her.

Now that you have finalized, what would you share with others about theadoption process?
Adoption is by no means an easy process, it is complex and emotional, but the end result is beautiful!

What would you share with our waiting families?

As hard as it is to say, sometimes that rejection is meant to be.  Sometimes you are not chosen for a reason...believe there is a baby that is made for you, you just have to be patient.  Take the waiting time as a time to focus on your marriage, go on trips spend time with each other, don't let waiting be the forefront of your lives.

Other thoughts you might like to share about adoption, open adoptions, your story, etc?
Open adoption is a wonderful thing!  I know that one day Sophia will appreciate the relationship we have built with her Birthmother.  Also, I remember when we started the adoption process that I was weary of saying "yes" I am ok with having a preemie baby because I was scared; however, I think it was truly the best thing.  We were able to build such a strong bond with her so soon.  I would encourage more couples to be open to preemie babies, I promise it is not as scary as it may seem.  I believe that when you celebrate their birth stories they too will one day celebrate their birth story.  There is not a single thing I would have changed about our Adoption Journey, it has made us stronger and we are better people and parents because of it.


A Toast to the Children
Wine Tasting

October 24, 2014 at Engelmann Cellars


Tickets are on sale now! 
Call today and reserve your tickets for this amazing evening celebrating adoption, our wonderful families and Infant of Prague Central California Adoption Service.



Two Cities Marathon & Half

In celebration of Adoption Awareness Month in November, IPAS is putting together a team to run the Two Cities Marathon & Half on Sunday, November 2. 

For more info on the race, visit www.runfresno.com.

If you're interested in joining our team, contact Stephanie Grant at 447.3333 or sgrant@infantofprague.org


TLC Homes Needed 


When a baby is born but the birth mother is still considering her options or in the case of certain legal  matters, we offer for the baby to stay in a TLC Home. Allowing the baby to go to a safe, loving home gives all parties the chance to think clearly and make the decision that is best for everyone without pressure or additional stress.


TLC Homes are the homes of wonderful IPAS friends and families that have been approved to temporarily house and care for a baby.


We are in need of families to serve as TLC Homes. If you have adopted through the agency or are willing to open your home to a baby in need, please consider volunteering for this important program. For more information on our TLC Homes, please call Gloria at 559.447.3333.
Upcoming Events 
  • October 14, 6 PM: Info Night at the IPAS office
  • October 16, 12 PM: Board Meeting at the IPAS office
  • October 24, 6 PM: A Toast to the Children at Engelmann Cellars
  • November 1: Adoption Awareness Month begins
For more information or questions, please call (559) 447-3333.
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