August 2014
 The new school year is almost here!
Wishing all of our families a happy first day of school!
Our Story: The Sidwells


Why did you choose IPAS? 

We met Ashley (our IPAS social worker) at another organization we were with, but we weren't feeling a good connection there. Ashley suggested IPAS to us and explained what it was all about.  IPAS really educated us on all types of adoption, including open adoption. We learned a lot during the process.


What was your wait like?

Our wait wasn't long, of course I can say that now! It felt long because we were already waiting at another organization for a while. We started our training class in September 2012 and were placed July 2013.  I do have to say at the time I did feel like it would never happen.  I would call Ashley often to follow up - bless her!


What was it like to get "the call?" What happened?

Oddly enough we had just gotten out of an appointment from the fertility specialist about 1 hour before our call.  Our doctor suggested we try sooner rather than later yet once again as we had unexplained infertility.  I remember we were both in Valencia when we got the call and I was really surprised.  Ashley said "This is the call you have been waiting for"... I cautiously spoke with her as almost to protect myself - sounds weird I guess. I was happy but definitely shocked and very cautious in the event this fell through.  The birth mom wasn't due for a month so I was worried she may change her mind.


How did you feel when you saw your baby for the first time?

It was crazy seeing William for the first time! We were waiting in a hospital room as the birth mother gave birth to him, taking bets as to the exact time of delivery! After about an hour the doctor came in and gave us the news that he arrived! Soon after they brought this little baby in to us - so tiny and precious. It didn't feel real at the time that this little baby was ours!  It felt real the first month though, especially since I didn't know that babies woke up so much!!! We just love him to pieces.


Now that you have finalized, what would you share with others about the adoption process?

Our process was a bit different, as we live outside of Fresno County. It took more time than usual in terminating parental rights.  While Ashley put us to ease that William was ours given the birth father's situation, it took some time for IPAS and us as things were legally processed and worked out.  At the end of the day, we finalized a week after William's 1st birthday.  We are just glad now we can move forward!


Other thoughts you might like to share?

This was a very tough road for our family. It takes a positive outlook and strength to take this journey. We asked ourselves why it was taking so long, and what is wrong with us? There is nothing wrong - look at who we have! We could not imagine not having William. Honestly.  


A Toast to the Children
Wine Tasting

October 24, 2014 at Engelmann Cellars


The Wine Tasting is only a few months away! We hope you've marked your calendars because you won't want to miss this wonderful evening.

IPAS is currently soliciting items for our silient auction and surprise boxes. If you or someone you know is interested in donating, please call or email Megan Ely at mely@infantofprague.org or 447.3333. 


Scholarships for Adopted Individuals 
IPAS always strives to support all members of the triad. One way we support adopted individuals is though our scholarship program. We offer scholarships up to $500 for adopted individuals enrolled, or in the process of enrolling, in either an official educational program through an accredited vocational or educational institution, or an adoption related workshop.
To learn more about the scholarship program, click here.
Two Cities Marathon & Half

In celebration of Adoption Awareness Month, IPAS is putting together a team to run the Two Cities Marathon & Half on Sunday, November 2. For more info on the race, visit www.runfresno.com.

If you're interested in joining in, contact Stephanie Grant at 447.3333 or sgrant@infantofprague.org

Upcoming Events 
  • August 11, 6:30 PM: Adoption Tax Credits Information Session for Waiting Families at the IPAS office
  • August 12, 6 PM: Info Night at the IPAS office
  • August 25: A Toast to the Children Sponsorship Deadline
  • August 28, 12 PM: Board Meeting at the IPAS office
  • August 28, 6 PM: Adoptive Parent Class at the IPAS office


For more information or questions, please call (559) 447-3333.
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