June 2014
Happy Father's Day
A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow.
-- Author Unknown
Each year, Infant of Prague Central California Adoption Service has the opportunity to work with wonderful fathers from across the Central Valley. It's our privilege to be a part of your family.
Happy Father's Day from the IPAS team!

Congratulations, Castillo Family!
It's a girl!

  Olivia Lilyanna Castillo
Born May 22, 2014
 9lbs 2oz, 21 inches long

The Benedicts




Why did you choose IPAS? 


We chose IPAS for a few reasons: we have some friends who had a positive experience with IPAS a few years ago, we were wanting to adopt a newborn and after attending an informational meeting we felt so welcomed by the staff and that they really cared about the work they do.


What was it like to get "the call?" What happened?


Just like our first adoption, I was at work when I received "the call."  I was actually in a meeting when my phone went off and it was Ashley, our Social Worker.  When I didn't answer I got a call from the IPAS office right after, which was a bit odd. After I didn't pick up that call, I get a call from my husband telling me Ashley has been trying to call and we need to be ready to go to the hospital anytime.  I was in shock that it was happening so fast, but so excited that we were going to be parents again!


How did you feel when you saw your baby for the first time? 


With our first son, we received his picture two months before we went to bring him home. With Zephaniah, we got a picture right before meeting him in the hospital.  He was such a beautiful boy and I was in shock, really, that this was my baby and couldn't quite get my head around the fact that I was going in the hospital with no baby and coming out with one, forever!  To be honest, it took a few days for it to sink in that my son was mine and that I wasn't just babysitting.


How was the finalization process?


So smooth and fast!  Once we hit our six month mark and could set a date with the court for finalization, Ashley and Gloria made it so easy for us to go through the process.  We received a step-by-step guide on filing our paperwork and going through court.  That information was very helpful!  Court was such a great day because we were surrounded by family and friends who have walked the adoption journey with us and were able to be there to see it come full circle.  The judge, bailiffs and court clerk were so supportive as well, allowing us to take pictures, videos and even humoring all of the kids who wanted to sit in the judges seat. 


How does Nathanael feel about being a big brother?


Our son had been wanting a baby brother from day one and now that he has one, with the exception of some adjusting to having another person in the house wanting attention, he has done a great job!  He loves "his baby" and helping feed, carry, hold and making him laugh.  He is very protective of his brother and seeing them together gives us great joy! 


Do you have any advice for families that may want to fundraise to help with adoption costs?


It is possible to pay for an adoption without going into debt.  Be creative.  Get family and friends involved and know that there are people who want to support you in your efforts to bring home your baby - some of whom you haven't even met yet. We put together an online silent auction that helped us surpass our goal for funds needed to pay off the remainder of our adoption expenses. It was amazing to see how God provided through this auction. People we did not even know were bidding and contributing. This fundraiser was a huge success and a great memory!

Other thoughts you might like to share?


While the wait may seem long and difficult, remember that God is preparing you and your baby for each other and in the perfect moment your lives will come together just as they were meant to be. 

Save the Date
A Toast to the Children
Wine Tasting


October 24, 2014
Engelmann Cellars


Please join us for our annual Wine Tasting on October 24 at Engelmann Cellars. The evening will be filled with fine wines, delicious hors d'oeuvres, a silent auction, surprise boxes and, of course, wonderful stories of the power of adoption.


For information on sponsorships or tickets, please contact Megan Ely at mely@infantofprague.org or 447.3333.


We look forward to seeing you on October 24th!

The IPAS Ambassadors

This year, a group of adult adoptees embarked on a mission - to connect with other adoptees across the Central Valley and to promote adoption education within our communities.

On May 2nd, the IPAS Ambassadors spoke at the Sanger Rotary Club meeting, sharing their personal stories and information on adoption. As the outreach group for IPAS, the Ambassadors will continue to promote healthy conversations about adoption and encourage adopted individuals to share their stories with others.

If you are interested in having the IPAS Ambassadors speak to your group or organization, please contact Megan Ely at 447.3333 or mely@infantofprague.org.    


Adoptive Family Picnic
Thank you to all of the families that joined us for our annual Adoptive Family Picnic. We had such a great  time at the zoo and loved getting to catch up with all of you!


We'll share more information on how to get a copy of your family's photo once we have the photos from the photographer.

  • June 10, 6 PM: Prospective Adoptive Parents Informational Meeting at the IPAS office
  • June 14, 21, 28: Adoptive Parent Class at the IPAS office
  • June 21, 10 AM - 3 PM: United Way Day of Action at United Way of Fresno County
  • June 26, 12 PM: Board Meeting at the IPAS office


For more information or questions, please call (559) 447-3333.
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