April 2014
"April hath put a spirit of youth in everything."  -- William Shakespeare

It's a boy!
 Congratulations,  Freitas Family!

Sawyer Paul
Born on March 29, 2014
7 lbs 8 oz
19.25 inches long

Our Adoption Story

 By Janet Kiessling


            Once upon a time, there was a family known as the Kiesslings. There was George Sr. (dad), Janet (mom), George Jr., Giulie, and Grant. They wanted to grow their family. So they decided to become an adoptive family.

            Our journey started 18 years ago, on March 22, 1996. With the Lord's help, we have been truly blessed.

            We chose IPAS because we had heard good things about the agency. And it was my husband who did the looking and called and asked when the next meeting was.

         We had completed our paperwork, classes, and all of the fun stuff needed to become wonderful adoptive parents. Then we waited and waited. That seemed to take forever but it did not. We received our "call" in November of the same year. They had a two-week-old baby girl for us, Jensen Monet Kiessling! We were so excited! We didn't know what to do first. It was the weekend. So, we made arrangements to meet at the agency. The birth mom wanted a closed adoption. We met our baby girl and loved on her and took a bunch of pictures. We took her home and made her part of our family.      

         But the Lord had another plan, and there are certain things that are beyond control. Things happen and we do not know why they happen. Our Jensen had to go back to her birth family.

            But in looking back - God had everything under control. While we had Jensen and the agency was doing their best to make sure that her home was safe to go back to, God had another baby getting ready for us. Another birth mom was pregnant. She happened to be a basketball player. She was playing at the time. But then it got too difficult to play and she told the team doctor about her pregnancy. He asked his doctor friend at Kaiser, who asked George which adoption agency we chose. And that is how the Lord led us to our second baby, Jared Michael Kiessling. He was born on 5-9-97 at 5:55 am.  He was 8lbs 2 ozs, 21 inches long. And that was happening in a span of five months, by the way. Isn't God amazing? We got to be there at his birth. That was amazing for me - mom. So, we took our Jared home and begun the family life again.

            Then, we got another "call." It happened to be a birth mom who wanted a big family for her baby. So, here we go! We met with mom and got to know her. And once again - we had the blessing of another Mother's Day baby. Joseph Brandon Kiessling came into this world 5-10-98 at 7 pm weighing in at 6 lbs and 19ins long. We brought Joseph home and began life with a toddler, infant, grade schooler, and high schoolers. Whew! Life was great!

            Then we decided to expand again! Whew! When we got the "call," the boys were now about three and four (toddlers)! Wow, a sister! Jaclynn Nikisha Kiessling was seven-months-old and, as she calls herself, a "divine revelation." She was very little, weighing in at almost five pounds at birth. But she was able to keep up with her brothers and had fun doing it.

            At Jaclynn's finalization, the judge happened to ask us if we were open to more siblings of Jaclynn. We said, "of course!" He said, "Good, because Jaclynn has a two-month-old baby brother. Check with the social worker on your way out for his information." And that is how we got our "call" for Jordan Kobe Kiessling. He was very small, almost four pounds.


            And the Lord was still putting our family together. Miss Jaclynn decided at the age of nine that she had prayed enough and that God had told her it was time to expand our family again. So, she talked to Miss Judy. She wanted a sister. Well, she got two. We got the "call" in January of 2009 for Jessa (6) & Jenna (5). Their finalization took a little longer but it did work out.

            Finalization for everyone was pretty easy. The agency was great at walking us through every step. And if we hit a road block - they were great at working through it.

            Do we enjoy parenting? If we did not enjoy parenting, then the Lord would not have blessed us so many times. Have there been bad days? You bet! But there have been a lot of amazingly awesome days. We cherish our gifts. We still get the question, "Are you done yet?" Well, that is up to God. We are open to more - that's for sure!



IPAS is not only licensed to place children through voluntary 
private adoption, but also through fost/adopt, as in the
Kieslsings' story above.  It is important to understand the differences between voluntary private adoption and fost/adopt.  They differ in everything from the selection process to the court proceedings.  However, most importantly, they both bring forever families together.   Waiting families can consider children from both types of adoption at the same time at IPAS.  Your social worker can help you decide what is best for you and your family. 





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The Adoptive Family network (AFN) will be traveling on the train from Fresno to Hanford on May 17.  The tentative schedule is leaving Fresno between 10-11 and returning between 3-4.  The stops in Hanford will include the carousel and ice cream at Superior Dairy.  Please contact Ruthann for more information!
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