November 2013
       thanksgiving-pie-header.jpg   ...from all of us at IPAS!  We are so thankful for the privilege to walk alongside each of you in your adoption journey.

It's a boy!
Congratulations Broughtons!

William Roy
Born on Sept. 27, 2013
7 lbs. 3 oz.

Hanging with the Holzers

 Dustin and Andrea share about their journey with IPAS.


Dustin, Andrea, Brooklyn, Tristan,

Riley, and Mallory with the judge

on Finalization Day.


Why did you choose IPAS?

We always talked about adoption, even before we were married. Both of us have family members who were adopted and we have a heart for this. We chose IPAS after asking Stephanie Grant questions for a few years. One of the things we were concerned with most was how long before we "knew" our baby would be ours forever and no one could take her away. That was a huge factor for us.


What was your wait like?

God's timing is perfect in this. We made our decision to jump into this process in September of 2011. We had the opportunity to take our classes in two weekends and chose to do that. Shortly after our class, we had our home inspection and were ready for placement by early November of 2011. During this time, the agency had a long spell of boys. Since we requested a girl, there wasn't even one to be placed until August of 2012. We weren't picked for that girl, and although it was tough not to be chosen, we understood that wasn't the right baby for us. We struggled at waiting for 14 months for a placement but knew that God had the perfect baby for us. Honestly, the wait was the hardest thing and our faith was stretched with this. Numerous times, Andrea questioned if we were supposed to adopt or if we got it wrong. The agency was amazingly supportive in all of this.


What was it like to get "the call?" What happened?

We actually got a call in June of 2011 asking if we would consider taking a baby boy. We prayed, talked, and cried about it. When we were about to say, "Yes," we heard that someone else wanted this little guy so we were at peace that he wasn't supposed to be ours. Telling the agency we'll let this one go was one of the hardest things to do. Fast forward to January 25th and we were going out of town. We had a deal with our social worker, Stephanie Grant, that we would always let her know where we would be since we couldn't always be reached on cell. On our way out the door, Andrea e-mailed Stephanie and let her know our plans for the weekend. At the end of the e-mail she wrote, "I just have a feeling we're going to get a call from you soon." Little did we know that within 2 1/2 hours, our baby would be born.   The next day, we got a call asking if they could show our profile since the baby was in NICU. We talked it over and said, "Yes." Within two hours and a 30 second prayer, we had a call asking if we would like to come and meet the baby.


How did you feel when you saw your baby for the first time?

The drive to the hospital was strange. Andrea was so jealous that Stephanie Grant had seen our baby before we did. When we walked into the room and saw Mallory for the first time, the first thought through Andrea's head was, "Oh Lord, she's so small. Her siblings are going to run over her." Mallory only weighed 3 lbs. 6.5 oz. Was it love at first sight? I can't claim that it was. However, I felt a connection with her and a sense of responsibility. Within 24 hours, I could claim that it was love and the mama instinct took over full force. I had to get back to the hospital soon and my mind was obsessed with my new baby girl.


How was the finalization process?

Very smooth. The hardest part after the 14 month wait was the wait for the birth mom to sign her relinquishment papers. That didn't happen until five days after Mallory was born. Everything else was easy as breathing.


Are you enjoying parenthood (of a child you adopted)?

We honestly can't see a difference between her and our biological children. When we look at her, she's not "our adopted daughter" but she's "our daughter." The love we feel for her is no less than we feel for any of our other children. The kids love her and are really great with her. Not once have they asked to send her back or been frustrated with her. Our family feels complete now.

Once a birth mother signs relinquishment papers, the wait time is typically about 48 hours until parental rights are terminated.  This is
much less than other types of adoption which can range from 30
days to about 18 months.  Many families (such as the Holzers
mentioned above) appreciate the short wait time that voluntary
adoption offers, ensuring that a child will not be returned to
 a birth parent after weeks or months of bonding in the adoptive home. 

November is National Adoption Awareness Month!
Print out this calendar for ideas on how to celebrate every day this month:  30 WAYS TO CELEBRATE CALENDAR
Wear a white ribbon in support of adoption awareness. 
Adoptive Family Network December Outing
The IPAS Adoptive Family Network will be walking Christmas Tree Lane on Tuesday, December 3, 2013 at 6 PM.  The Lane will be closed to vehicle traffic this night.  Walking Christmas Tree Lane offers a wonderful experience for children and parents to see the beautiful lights and displays, some of which offer walk through displays, falling "snow" and photo opportunities.  Christmas Tree Lane celebrates its 91st anniversary in 2013, making it one of the longest-running holiday events nationwide.  Please contact Ruthann to RSVP or if you have any questions.
Mark Your Calendar!
  • November 12 - 6 PM Prospective Adoptive Parents Informational Meeting at the IPAS office
  • November 21 - 6 PM Board Meeting at the IPAS office
  • November 28 & 29 - IPAS Office Closed in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday.  We will have a social worker on call who can be reached in case of emergency: 559-824-2360 
  • December 3 - 6 PM Waiting Families Holiday Party at the IPAS office
  Please call our office at 447-3333 with any questions.

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