Ag Innovation Update-May 2016
Biobased Road Sealant forum
With construction season underway, leaders from private, public and nonprofit sectors came together for an April 20 forum on biobased road sealants and dust suppressants.
The forum provided attendees with a detailed biobased product solution case study courtesy of the City of Hutchinson, from current research and product application through roadway observation.  Specific emphasis was placed on the sustainable and economical benefits of biobased products.  

Crookston's craft maltsters

Beer lovers Adam Wagner of Fisher and his father, Tim Wagner, a fourth-generation Red River Valley farmer, have launched an independent craft malting company. Last December, Vertical Malt opened a "micro" malt house in Crookston to malt small batches of barley grown on the Wagner Family's 2,100-acre farm in Polk County. Malt is the foundation of beer. 

The start-up is now making 250 pounds of malt a week. Over the next nine months, Vertical Malt plans to scale up production to 4,000-pound batches. By late 2017, the company hopes to be making about 20,000 pounds of malt per week.
The malting venture adds value to locally-grown barley, says Harold Stanislawski, AURI project development director. And it's well-timed to complement the local foods movement and Minnesota's booming craft beer industry.

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AURI welcomes new staff  

AURI is pleased to announce new staff members:
  • Erik Evans, Director of Communications
  • Holly Harguth, Administrative Assistant (part-time)
  • Ben Swanson, Food Scientist (part-time)
  • Goutham Vemuri, Biomass & Renewable Products Technologies Scientist (part-time)
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