Ag Innovation Update-March 2016
Reduced fat DDGS research
Research sponsored by Minnesota Corn Research & Promotion Council (MCRPC) and AURI indicates rations high in reduced-fat distillers grains (the high protein ethanol coproduct) fill the bill as a feed for young dairy heifers. It's economical, it's efficient, and dairy producers end up with a sturdy, lean replacement heifer. 

Save the date
AURI, along with the Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council, will hold a forum tolearn how soy-based road sealants can save and extend road life. Industry experts will be present and attendees will get a chance to look at surfaces in Hutchinson that have had soy-based sealants on for over five years.

Sensory panel samples
AURI clients recently had the opportunity to conduct sensory panels to garner feedback on their food products.

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Upcoming events
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