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The board of directors of the Agricultural Utilization Research Institute has announced that it is now accepting applications for Executive Director. 

AURI's Crookston office has moved
Please note a change of address for AURI's Crookston office. The new address is:

510 County Road 71 Ste. 120
Crookston, MN 56716

Please discontinue use of the PO Box 599 address.

May-June 2015

Suntava colorants and whole grains are rich in anthocyanins, a powerful antioxidant. The health benefits, combined with the unique color and versatility of the grain have opened numerous exciting opportunities for cereals, sweet and salty snack foods, craft brewing and even spirits. In recent months, new partnerships have been formed, taking Suntava's unique purple ingredients to new markets.

 More DDGS, please

Hog farmers around the globe are benefiting from AURI-funded research on feeding distillers grains, an important ethanol coproduct.


Feed trials at the University of Minnesota, supported by AURI, the Minnesota Pork Board, and the Minnesota Corn Research & Promotion Council, are generating "powerful information" that is widely used by the pork industry, says Al Doering, AURI senior associate scientist and director of AURI's coproducts lab in Waseca. Minnesota research is also helping to win international acceptance for distillers grains as a high-quality swine feed, Doering says.


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"It had never crossed my mind that I'd potentially be working in the agriculture industry," says Rob Pezan, a Saint John's University senior, who is finishing up an internship at the Agricultural Utilization Research Institute. "Getting this experience in this industry has been incredible for me, and I hope it will become a future career."


"I learned more in the first week with the Institute than I ever did in the classroom. It was really cool to see how everything I was working on was intertwined with what I was learning," he reflects.


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