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An AURI report, State of Minnesota small meat processing industry was highlighted in the Star Tribune. The article features Anoka Meat and Sausage and Braham Food Locker Services.

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March 2015

Read about what's been happening at AURI this last year in our 2014 annual report! Request a print version at  [email protected] .


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The  whole idea just seemed wrong to Sue Kakuk. Her daughter, a competitive collegiate bicyclist, would travel around the country to race, powered by nutrition from a less than ideal source.


An avid cook, Kakuk experimented with different ingredient combinations for a healthier breakfast alternative. She eventually hit on a winner and began making oat-based breakfast cookies to give racers a healthier, more energy-packed option.


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AURI is testing a way to make corn stover and other biomass more nutritious for livestock.


Lignocellulosic biomass contains plenty of nourishing carbohydrates, but they are locked up in complex chains of molecules, making them hard to get at. Although the technology isn't new, researchers at AURI's coproducts lab in Waseca are using an alkaline solution to break down the bonds and release the nutrients so they are easier to digest.