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New report examines liquid feeding system for swine
Miscanthus is potential biofuel crop
Increasing cheese production
AURI seeks board nominations
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September 2013
A major ingredient in pig's feed is corn. The use of corn in ethanol production also results in the generation of byproducts that have the potential to be used for feeding pigs. However, the process of drying these byproducts is energy consuming, so this study looked at the effects of using a liquid feeding system on the growth rates of pigs.
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Imagine a Minnesota farm field of grass more than 10 feet tall. This strange-looking crop is Miscanthus, a perennial grass from Southeast Asia that could be grown in central Minnesota for biomass energy. Researchers at Central Lakes College Ag Center in Staples are testing cold-hardy strains of miscanthus and AURI has developed a "densification" process to turn harvested miscanthus into solid fuel pellets.  

The Minnesota Milk Producers Association (MMPA) reported that Minnesota cheddar cheese production increased by 3.47 million pounds in July 2013 over July 2012. This increase is almost entirely explained by recent expansion of the First District Association's plant in Litchfield, Minn. FDA cheddar cheese production was 15.1 million pounds in July 2013, up 28 percent from July 2012.

AURI assisted First District with a feasibility evaluation. 

The Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI) is seeking nominees for two Board of Directors seats. One nominee selected will represent a research and promotion council and the other will represent Minnesota agribusiness.

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