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Distillers grains and E. Coli in cattle diets
Utilizing ag fibers to protect our waters
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December 2012

Happy holidays from AURI! We hope you have wonderful celebrations of the season with friends and family. As we wrap up 2012, we want you to know how grateful we are to work with you!

The AURI Team


A new research report released this month identifies opportunities that can develop Minnesota's agricultural economy as it relates to wheat and barley production. 

It was with an eye towards the future that AURI, the Minnesota Wheat Growers, Minnesota Wheat Research & Promotion Council and Minnesota Barley Growers worked together to examine possible new and expanded uses and characteristics to add value to this crop to meet the changing needs of our world.


Growers are witnessing a turnaround in eating habits in America that is starting with our young people and will likely lead to an increased consumption of whole grains. With that in mind, some of the highest potential uses and characteristics include:  

  • whole grain food formulations from wheat and barley;
  • hard white wheat in food products;
  • high beta glucan barley in foods; and
  • aleurone flour from wheat and barley.
Distillers grains and E. Coli in cattle diets

AURI recently released a two-part study examining whether DGS (wet and dried) and glycerin impact the prevalence of E. coli 0157 in cattle as well as possible intervention strategies for the reduction of such food-borne pathogens in cattle fed ethanol byproducts, if there is such a connection.

This report provides ethanol processors and livestock producers more information about the effects and benefits of the inclusion of ethanol byproducts in cattle diets on the prevalence of E. coli 0157 in their system. AURI will partner with Minnesota Corn Growers Research & Promotion Council and Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council to disseminate this information to processors and producers through industry forums so that they are able to make better decisions regarding ethanol processing and cattle diets.

Utilizing ag fibers to protect our waters

Wood-chip denitrifying bioreactors are one promising technology to mitigate subsurface drainage nitrate-N losses. A new research project, being done in partnership with the Minnesota Corn Research & Promotion Council, is looking at what agriculture fibers could possibly be used in these bioreactors in place of wood. While the completed report is still a few months out, a mid-project report is now available online.

> Read the Mid-Project Preliminary Report: Optimization of denitrifying bioreactor performance with agricultural residue-based filter media