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DDGS in poultry diets
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November 2012
Coproducts Research

AURI recently announced its research initiatives for 2013. The 16 projects in our core four focus areas--renewable energy, biobased products, coproducts and food--will create new and improved products and processes in Minnesota's agriculture industry.


"All of these research projects aim to create economic growth and jobs for the state by bringing new products and improved processes to market," says AURI Executive Director Teresa Spaeth.


AURI will partner with commodity groups, economic development organizations, foundations and others across the state to ensure that the information available through these research initiatives is put in the hands of the businesses, entrepreneurs and producers who can bring these ideas to commercialization.


> Read more information about the research initiatives

Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles

Dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS), derived primarily from corn, are a coproduct of the ethanol industry that can be used as a source of protein in poultry diets.  Turkey producers are concerned that the use of DDGS will result in wet litter (bedding) conditions in the barn and/or change bird performance. Less-dry litter can impact bird performance and welfare.

The goal of the completed research was to develop recommendations based on turkey feeding trials that can be used by poultry nutritionists to improve utilization of DDGS in market turkey diets as it pertains to diet electrolyte balance.

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