Happy New Year! 

There is a lot to take in this year as we introduce new authors, brand-new oracle cards, soul-inspiring books and amazing events to meet your favourite authors around Australia. Click on the link below to find out more about our events in Sydney, Brisbane & Gold Coast, read on for new products and be sure to follow us on Facebook for your weekly oracle card readings and giveaways!

With a lot of creative work flowing through the Rockpool office, we have exciting news we're just bursting to share with you! We have both a special display stand for the bookstores and retailers to include our sets of Debbie Malone's Angel Wishes and Angel Whispers, but also, if you look closely here you might catch a glance on a few new card sets we've been working on. We have seen a huge demand from our loyal customers for more mini cards, and we are bringing you a beautiful selection of light and inspirational cards for your journey and heart. Keep your eyes peeled for more details to come!

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Flying in on broomsticks to all good bookstores from February 1st 2016!
Written by renowned Witch and author Lucy Cavendish, Witches and Wizards is an unforgettable read brimming with Magick, myth and mystery, detailing astonishing real-life stories behind the occult's greatest legends and icons of the world.

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2016 is officially here and we hope you have a lot to look forward to as much as we do here at the Rockpool home.Thank you again for your continued support and engagement, and may this Happy New Year bring through an abundance of change, inspiration, beauty and fun, for you, your friends and family.

Enjoy and happy reading!



-Paul, Lisa, Jess & Andrés
Rockpool Publishing