It's amazing how quickly this years seems to have flown in as we approach November already. We have some wonderful new Christmas products below for you to get acquainted with.  We hope you like them as much as we do. 

After a successful international book fair in Frankfurt Germany we returned to October's local festivals which saw us in Melbourne, Sydney and up to the Sunshine Coast.  This month we're now heading to Victoria again for this year's final Mind, Body, Spirit Festival in Melbourne, where authors' Tricia Brennan, Inna Segal, Julie Rennie, BelindaGrace, Rose Inserra and new author Patsy Bennett will be all presenting workshops. Illustrator Lori Banks is even dropping in to sign some of her True Love Cards. For details on half price tickets go to the end of this newsletter. 

Apart from the festival tours we've also been partnering with other Australian authors in our sister company Love & Write self publishing.  It is with great pleasure to announce that we are working with new author Muffy Churches on a fantastic book and card set coming out next year. Jump on our Love & Write Facebook page to see our future developments!

So stay tuned to our Facebook as we share more sneak peeks into our world, and be sure to drop in and say hi to us at the Festivals coming up!  

Enjoy and happy reading!

Paul, Lisa, Jess & Andrés.  
Rockpool Authors in November 2015

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Saturday 7th November
Dr Cris Beer

Saturday 14th November
Friday 20th November
BelindaGrace, Inna Segal, Tricia Brennan, Julie Rennie, Patsy Bennett & Rose Inserra

Friday 13th November
Debbie Malone: Castle Hill, NSW - 3pm

Friday 13th November
Debbie Malone: Revesby, NSW - 5pm

Saturday 21st November

Thursday 26th November
Mim Beim - 6:30pm

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New Release
Author: Debbie Malone
RRP: $24.99
Pub Date: November 1, 2015  
Angel Reading Cards by Australian Psychic of the Year, Debbie Malone, comprises a beautiful collection of Angels to help you tackle any situation; from the Angel of Travel, Angel of Fertility, Angel of Detoxification, Angel of Enlightenment to the Bully Prevention Angel. The accompanying booklet takes you through the meaning behind each card, and how best to utilise your Angels.
Debbie happily says that Angels are amongst us. We as earthly beings sometimes become too caught up with our daily lives that we forget that other realms exist around us.
In an age where we are faced with daily challenges from forces that appear to be out of our control, Angel Reading Cards help us to connect to a higher realm and seek the assistance we need in our everyday lives. 
Order Now your copy HERE  
Available in stores from November 1st 2015.  
New Releases
Author: Cheralyn Darcey 
RRP: $16.99 each 
Pub Date: November 1, 2015  
All uniquely hand drawn, you will delight in finding sweet Flannel Flowers to the gentle Kangaroo Paws, powerful Waratahs and joyful Wattles' in every intricate, peace-induced geometric kaleidoscope. Let the beauty and the calming energy of nature overtake you as you colour in each beautifully illustrated page, which can be treasured whole or removed to frame your favourite flower.

Every page walks you through the Australian bush, through deserts, rainforests, plains, mountains and coasts to discover
the secrets of Australian Wildflowers as you colour them in with pen, pencil or paint in any way that relaxes your mind and inspires your heart.
Florasphere Calm and Floraspehere Inspired, Australian Wildflower Coloring Book is a special collection of favourite calming Australian Wildflowers from the author and artist of the Australian Wildflower Reading Cards, and Flower Reading Cards Cheralyn Darcey.

Order Now your copy HERE  
Available in stores from November 1st 2015.  
New Release
Author: James Cockington 
RRP: $29.99 each 
Pub Date: November 1, 2015  
Do you want something for Christmas for Dad. Turning Japanese explores 50 Years of Japanese Motoring in OZ and is a snapshot of the rich history of Japanese cars in Australia - on the road as well as on the racetrack. The first Japanese cars to reach our shores in the late 1950s and early 1960s were mostly small, crude and often the object of laughter - and sometimes even hostility but as the designs and reliability rapidly improved, it wasn't long before Australia was won over.

The new Japanese brands just had too much style, were too well-appointed and offered irresistible value for money - and, in some cases, were just too plain cheeky to ignore. From the quaintly named Nissan Cedric of the early 1960s to today's Nissan GT-R 'Godzilla' sportscar ... this is a quirky look back at our four-wheeled love affair with the Land of the Rising Sun.

* Explores Australia's four-wheeled love affair with the Land of the Rising Sun.
* A quirky survey, from the early 'Toyopet' Toyotas and the Nissan Cedric to today's Nissan GT-R 'Godzilla' sportscar, which includes the original two-cylinder Subaru microcars, the turbo WRX performance legend to today's market-leading models.
* Over 300 photographs and great full colour design.
* Covers the first enthusiastic failed assaults on the Bathurst car race in the 1960s and Nissan's total dominance of the Mountain in the early 1990s
* The perfect Christmas gift for the Aussie male!
Order Now your copy HERE  
Available in stores from November 1st 2015.  
It is half price ticket give away for the Melbourne  
Mind Body Spirit Festival Australia in November and there are plenty of wonderful Rockpool authors presenting at the festival this year. We hope to see you there: To get your $10 tickets.
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