What a wonderfully busy month we've had!


Along with the great solo events run by our excellent authors, Paul spent an action-packed weekend in Launceston with the lovely Rose Inserra and Rachelle Charman at the Body & Soul Festival. Thankyou to everyone who came along, and if any of you signed up to our mailing list, welcome!


As we're sure you're all aware, Mother's day is just around the corner, and while we're going to assume that you're all super-organised and purchased your gifts ages  

ago, just in case, we have some excellent ideas for you below, along 

Top Mother's Day Pick
Healthy Body

with FREE SHIPPING on Australian orders to make it that much easier for you.    


We have another booked out month ahead with Paul making a quick trip to the the festival state, Adelaide for the Body -Mind - Psychic expo, the Sydney Mind, Body, Spirit festival where so many of our wonderful authors are presenting, as well as so many single author events. If anyone is in the United States, BelindaGrace is running a number of events in May that should not be missed.  


We can't wait to see you at any one of the events coming up. 



Enjoy and happy reading!


Paul & Lisa.  

New Release!

Author:Rose Inserra

RRP: $24.99

Releasing:  May 2015


Got a mum that won't stop telling you about her dreams? Are you just as confused by them as she is? Then this is the gift for you (and her)! 


The Dream Journal is more than just a diary - it's a tool to jog your memory and give you greater insight into your subconscious mind.  Using the Dream Journal will assist you in remembering and interpreting your dreams with accuracy and detail and help you realise what they reveal about your inner world.

A perfect fit on your bedside table for easy use on waking up. Regular recording of your dreams is the beginning of your journey to discover those secret parts of you.

  • A stunningly beautiful journal with exquisite illustrations
  • Designed for the dreamer to easily record recurring dream patterns and themes in order to improve dream recall
  • Filled with inspirational images, messages and mantras
  • Includes easy-to-follow prompts to help record your dreams and assist with dream interpretation 


order your copies HERE for FREE delivery




New Release


Author: BelindaGrace and Illustrator: Elaine Marson

RRP: $24.99


Does your mum seem to have a sixth sense about what you're getting up to? Or would you like to develop your skills so you can keep up with her? We've got just the right card set for you



A beautiful Oracle card set based on the You are Clairvoyant book. All 36 oracle cards are beautifully illustrated to be uplifting and helpful, includes a booklet with simple card layouts:

  • Divine Guidance for Specific Issues and Questions 
  • A Daily Message from Your Angels and Guides 
  • The Priority Layout 
  • The Big Picture Layout

This true oracle will take you by the hand and will show you how to develop your strengths, explore forgotten areas of your inner world and encourage you to trust your own intuition, clairvoyance and Divine Guidance more and more.    


Order your copies HERE for delivery





May Release - Available Online now!
True Love Reading Cards

Author: BelindaGrace & Illustrator Lori Banks    

RRP: $24.99  



Got a mum who's looking for Love? or one that's looking really hard to find you love? lend her a helping hand with our new set of True Love Reading Cards.

Discover your true pathway to love! Do you have questions about romance, relationships and love? Would you like to meet that special someone or bring the joy back into your current relationship? These cards have been created to guide you in matters of the heart. Nothing is more important than loving and being loved and it doesn't need to be complicated or confusing.

Simply draw a daily message from the 36 Cards; if you're single shuffle the cards and think about the type of relationship you want or if you are in a relationship select cards to seek improvements in your relationship. True Love Reading Cards will guide you to new levels of understanding, confidence and trust - they will shine a light so you can attract and create the love you desire.


Check out all the other new releases online here, or order them through your local book stores and support an Australian Bookshop. 
April Release - Available Online now!   


Raising Competent Teenagers


Author: Dr Linda Friedland

RRP: $27.99  


Know a mum who's about to land herself with a teenager? Think she might be getting a little stressed out? This could be the perfect friendly, practical aid she's looking for.  Alternatively, pick up a copy for yourself! 


This hands-on manual contains tools on how to keep up communication with your teen. In Raising Competent Teenagers bestselling author Dr Linda Friedland has distilled the wisdom of prominent parenting educators and her own knowledge as a medical doctor and also a mother of five children, the two youngest still being in their teenage years.

Over 100 issues are discussed and are followed up with practical 'what to do' ideas.

* Brain and body changes
* Parent teen conflict
* Implementing rules and family values
* Saying no
* Narcissism and entitlement

* Helicopter and Tiger parenting  


Order your copies HERE for delivery.


Rockpool Authors in April & May


Tricia Brennan  - Map of the Soul 
Tuesday 28 April -
BelindaGrace at Hawkesbury Natural Therapies for an enlightening workshop 

Sunday 3 May -
BelindaGrace at Awakenings Metaphysical Bookstore -US

Tuesday 5 May -
BelindaGrace at Mystic Journey Bookstore  -Venice Beach -US

Thursday 7 May -
Yogi Brahm at Engadine Library, NSW

Sunday 10 May -
BelindaGrace at Crystal Books and Gifts Grand Junction -US

Saturday 16 May -
Body-Mind-Psychic Expo - Adelaide

Wednesday May 20th -
BelindaGrace at Lava Hot Springs - US

Saturday 23 May -
Tricia Brennan at TS Bookshop, Vic

Tuesday 26 May -
Rose Inserra at Frankston Library,Vic

Thursday 28 May -
Rachelle Charman at New Moon Castle Hill, BSW

Thursday 28 May -
Mind, Body, Spirit Festival Sydney

Friday 29 May -
Rose Inserra at Camden Library, NSW

For full details go to our EVENTS Page