Have you forgotten your New Year's resolution to get healthier, then please read more!!  We have the book for you coming out now in February. The 3 Day Mini Detox will clear your mind as well as your body this month.  Look out for it in your nearest newsagent and for details on how you can win your copy in the competition below.


We hope you enjoy the newsletter this month and you are as excited about some of our books and cards as we are. Please look out for our new section in our newsletter called Author of the month. This is where we profile one of our wonderful Australian authors. This month we will get to know a little more about the wonderful Dr Barry Wren. He has dedicated most of his working life to women's health and was awarded with the Member of the Order of Australia for his caring work.

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New Release.   

3 Day Mini Detox
By Susanne Grace
RRP: $9.99
3 Day Mini Detox Book Cover

The easy, sensible and natural 3-Day Mini Detox will help you feel truly alive again - and it's a breeze to do.


Nutritious, delicious and easy-to-make recipes using fresh organic foods are included, along with soothing therapies and all the information you need to enhance this holistic approach to detoxing. Be amazed at the extra energy you have, how simple it is to lose weight and the glow your skin gets when you follow the 3-Day Mini Detox.


Detoxing over three days is easy, manageable and most importantly, realistic. You will lose weight, your skin will heal and shine, you will gain more energy, clarity of mind and feel so much better!


To purchase a copy of the book Click Here.  


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Coming Soon   

Raising Angels
By Paul Morris SegalRaising Angels  
May Release

We are very excited to announce that we have taken a leap of faith with an Australian author for our first fiction title, called Raising Angels. The book is written by the very talented Paul Morris Segal, and journals the path a family takes as they rediscover their faith with the help of a dying angel. It is a touching story of hope, loss and love.




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What Happened in January?



Gold Coast 18-20th January at the Health Harmony & Soul Festival 
Thank you Gold Coast for welcoming us back to your Festival.  We had some of our local authors at the event, on the main stage and workshop rooms including Scott Alexander King, Rachelle Charman and Susanne Grace.  We even spotted the wonderful Jade-Sky floating around on the first day of the show. 
A big thank you to our reader Vicki, who worked on the stand that gaving free readings all weekend. For more information on Vicki, who is one of Brisbane's finest readers go to her web site at


Wednesday 30th January. 

Stacey Demarco was the guest speaker at the "Inspirational Conversations" that covered what inspires authors and keeps them creative.  Stacey did a wonderful talk and for those lucky enough to be there it was an inspirational evening and an insight into what a professional author does to stay inspired.  The Ultimo Library was the perfect location for the talk, which was wonderfully supported by many new Stacey and Rockpool converts.   Thank you Walter Mason for inviting and hosting the evening. 




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Author of the Month 

Dr Barry Wren.

Book: Menopause.

Release Date: May 2013



About the author; Barry Wren grew up on his father's sheep station in the mid-west of NSW and had his early schooling by correspondence. He was awarded a Commonwealth Scholarship to Sydney University and on graduating in1955, married and began his postgraduate career. His initial research and work as an obstetrician and gynaecologist took him to West Australia, the United Kingdom and Nigeria before returning to Australia in 1964 where he became Associate Professor in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of NSW.


He was always interested in the endocrine health of women and became a founding member of the International Menopause Society in 1976. In the early 1980's he organised meetings of those Australian doctors interested in the health and management of post-menopausal women and began the Australian Menopause Society, becoming its first President in 1988.


He has written many papers and a number of textbooks for students and medical practitioners as well as educational books for women. In 1997, he was awarded the Australian Menopause Society Medal of Distinction and in 1999 the Australian Government recognised his service to the health of women by awarding him Member of the Order of Australia. He is married with three sons.



Why did you write this book Barry? 


There are approximately 11,000,000 females in Australia of whom about 4,000,000 will be menopausal. Of these women, about one third will experience distressing symptoms but will not receive any advice from a qualified health professional as to what can be done to relieve their problem, while another third will eventually suffer from a major physical or mental disability from a preventable change caused by hormone deficiency.


These women should be given help and advice as they enter the menopause. My book is designed to provide this information. 



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Where are Rockpool's authors in February



15th February. Sydney. 'FUTURE VISION' Clairvoyance, Intuition and Finding Your Life Purpose. 'Quickstart' Evening Workshop.  For bookings go to Belinda's Web Site


Julie Rennie:
110 seats - SOLD OUT. 
20th February. Mount Gambia, SA. "A slimmer more energised you" by Julie Rennie, author of the best selling book "The Metabolic Clock". At: Commodore on the Park. Bookings Ali V on


Scott Alexander King:

22nd February. Melbourne - Ancient Healing Day. Experience first hand the ancient healing properties of the crystal realm, animal kingdom and cleansing herbs.  For more information and bookings go to Scott's Web Site



24th February Sydney. Ancient Wisdom and Knowledge Workshop with

Jade-Sky, Willeen and Russell Light-Eagle in a workshop of ancient wisdom and knowledge.  Bookings call Richard 0400345113 or Online.


8th-10th March Mt Tamborine Qld. Jade-Sky's Spiritual Connection Retreat at Cedar Creek Lodges. Learn about your own personal spirit guides and your own inner spirit. Journey into your past lives and access your own hidden talents. Bookings call Richard 0400345113 or for more information go to Jade's Web Site  


Coming Soon. The Metabolic Clock Cookbook

The Metabolic Clock - Cookbook.

By Julie Rennie

Release Date: May 2013 


Discover what to eat, and when, to speed up your metabolism and lose weight easily.


* Turn your bad habits into healthy habits and feel more energised.
* Get in sync with nature's rhythms and live a more balanced life.
* Delicious vegetarian meals included. 


Using the core principles of the successful The Metabolic Clock healthy life plan, The Metabolic Clock Cookbook is filled with recipes that are designed to speed up your metabolism and improve your health.  


This is an inspiring cookbook filled with nourishing and delicious meals covering breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and treats.


Keeping healthy and vital is made easy with the simple and nutritious recipes that are family friendly, suitable for diabetics and for those who want improve their health and energy levels.


You owe it to yourself to nourish your body and gain the energy to live life to the fullest.


If you want to hear what people are saying about the Metabolic Clock follow Julie Rennie the author on her Facebook page




February Facebook Competition.3 Day Mini Detox Book Cover


This month we all want to shed a couple of Christmas kilograms, feel fabulous, and to help Rockpool is giving 5 copies of the mini-detox book to anyone that can name and state the nationality of the author of the book.


To enter simply email and provide your answers.


Entries Close at the end of February and winners will be announced in the next newsletter and on our Facebook page.



We look forward to next month's newsletter, where we will be announcing some very important news for all those budding authors that have always dreamed of writing their very own book but did not know where to start. 
Also we will be previewing Menopause, one of our most thoroughly researched and worthy books released yet. It gives the reader detail on everything you need to know about making informed decisions on the subject.

We hope you have enjoyed the newsletter this month and thank you for reading and supporting Rockpool Publishing


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