Wow, where did August go - we completely ran out of time to release last month's newsletter. Fear not: we are giving away two of our new diaries later on in the newsletter to make up for it - look for details within our Facebook competition section.  


We have been busy this month sending our Christmas titles to the printers, visiting with some of our exciting new and potential authors for 2013, 2014 and working on Father's day publicity. Embracing technology is a wonderful thing; we would like to thank those who bought eBooks this month. There are more to come in the next few weeks, so watch the Facebook page for announcements. 


We are going full steam ahead into September as we prepare for some major upcoming events, including the annual International Frankfurt Book Fair, the Local Marrickville Festival and the mini Mind Body Spirit Festival at Embrace in Westfield shopping centre, Miranda.


Big W and Target gave us fantastic support in July by placing the following books on their shelves all across Australia: The Metabolic Clock, Raising Competent Children, Crystals and Holden Vs Ford.  Please support the Australian book industry and buy local.


Over the past three months we have also been supporting the Indigenous Literacy Foundation with resources for their National Fundraising Day on September 5. If you would like to support this worthy cause please visit their new website, which we helped deploy, or like them on Facebook.  Enjoy the newsletter and thanks for reading with us....

New Book 2013 Lunar & Seasonal Diary


Lunar Diary

The 2013 Lunar & Seasonal Diary, written by Australia's most trusted witch, Stacey Demarco, is a beautifully produced Lunar Diary offering daily explanations of the moon and the impact it has on humans. Included are practical magical suggestions to get the most out of the mystical energies of the season. In shops from September 17 or get in early and order your copy online.


2013 Lunar & Seasonal Diary

By Stacey Demarco

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New Book 2013 Rock'n'Roll Diary


Rock'n'Roll Diary



The 2013 Rock 'n' Roll Diary is the ultimate Rock'n'Roll accessory. 200 colour photos from Tony Mott; with gritty information such as rockers birthdates, death dates and trivia from the obvious to the obscure on some of the biggest names in Rock'n'Roll. In shops Now or you can order your copy now online.


2013 Rock'n'Roll Diary


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This diary Rocks!

July Facebook Winners


The JulyThe Metabolic Clock Facebook winner of the Metabolic Clock by Julie Rennie was Eleni Papanikolaou from Abbotsford in NSW, who correctly guessed that the latest author to sign with Rockpool for a wonderful book in 2013 is the wonderful Mim Beim from the Sunday Body + Soul Magazine.


Congratulations Eleni, we hope you cook up a storm!  


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Coming Mid October

World Animal Dreaming Oracle

by Scott Alexander King.


World Animal Dreaming Oracle cards were created by Scott Alexander King, leading author on Animal symbolism, to help you identify, acknowledge and embrace the traits and energies of your personal power and totem animals.

 World Animal Dreaming Oracle

The animal energies are presented as beautiful illustrated portraits (45 Cards), with each world animal's meaning clearly interpreted in the accompanying guidebook. 


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What Happened in August?Steve Bedwell


Naughty Number Plates was a smash for Father's Day. Author Steve Bedwell featured daily in a National series of press and radio Interviews with more than 60 press and radio spots in the past month.Spice up your text life with some of the cheeky and imaginative letter and number 'words' combinations.  Here is one of Steve's interviews on 6PR .  Listen Here




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Special Announcement for upcoming Author Workshops


Scott Alexander King - Sea World 4 Day Workshop (Sept 7-10 Gold Coast) & Indigo Children Workshop (13-14 Oct Perth)


Jade-Sky - An Evening with Jade-Sky  (8 Sept. Sydney)


Jade-Sky & Stacey Demarco - Uncovering Your Purpose (Sept 9.  Sydney, Nov 18 Melbourne)


Inna Segal -  Visionary Intuitive Healing Level 1 (Sept 5-9 Melbourne).


BelindaGrace - You are Clairvoyant & Abundant (Sept 14 Perth) and

Becoming a Clairvoyant Healer (Oct 14-19 Old Bar NSW)  


Tricia Brennan - The Language of the Heart - (22-23 September, Berry NSW) 


Debbie Malone - Angle Whispers Workshop and Up Close & Beyound  - (14 October, Sydney)



September Facebook Competition - Rockpool Publishing 2013 Diary Pack.


The enter this month's Facebook competition


1. Answer the Facebook Competition survey question on our Facebook page,

2. Share it with one friend and

3. Email with the name of the author of the 2013 Lunar and Seasonal Diary and the Photographer of the 2013 Rock 'n' Roll Diary.   

(HINT Look at the new releases above)

 Rockpool Diary Pack

The winner gets THE very first copies straight off the press of the 2013 Lunar & Seasonal Diary and 2013 Rock 'n' Roll Diary.   


Entries close on 

Sept 17th 2012 midnight!!

Yes Lj - you can submit late at night as you are beavering away on Facebook :) 

Thank you for your support and we look forward to releasing the new Scott Alexander King oracle cards next month. 

Till next month, Happy Reading!


Paul & Lisa

Rockpool Publishing