July Newsletter


Welcome to our new friends from the recent festivals who have joined the newsletter for the first time. Thank you so much to all those that made us and our authors feel so welcome in your city and for the lovely feedback on our new books and cards. Please stay with us as there are great specials and interesting competitions each month.

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This month is very exciting for Rockpool as we move from festivals to our creative mode, working on some great new products for the end of the year.  This week we started putting together the wonderful new cards from Scott Alexander King called World Animal Dreaming Oracle, as well as the final touches on the Stacey Demarco 2013 Lunar and Seasonal Diary and Wall Calander.  We even played around with Inna and Paul Segal's new card deck for next year. Stay tuned for more about these products in future newsletters.    


July is also the month that sees Rockpool launch it's eBooks in Australia and sign one of our most sought after authors of the year. Try your luck to pick who this author is by following the clues in our July Facebook Competition below.  


We hope that you enjoy the July newsletter, including the BIG announcement of our winners of the $1200 worth of eBooks from the Mind Body Spirit Festival competition. 

New Book Naughty Number Plates



Naughty Number Plates

By Steve Bedwell


Naughty Number Plates is a hilarious look at personalised number plates that are banned for being too risqué, explicit and downright dumb.


Personalised number plates are inspired by many factors. Many desire to stand out from the crowd, make a statement and reflect something of their owners' personalities. Others are just rude, crude and offensive, which is why they're rejected.


Enjoy the plates and the smart remarks by well known comedian and Rockpool Author Steve Bedwell.  To order or find out more about Steve's books click on Holden vs Ford, or Baby Owner's Manual.


To preorder your copy of Naughty Number Plates for Father's day for only $14.99 click HERE.



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June Facebook Winner


The June Facebook winners of the Crystals books have been drawn and the winners are Ayse Salih from Victoria and Catherine O'Sullivan from New South Wales


The book is available online now or from all good bookstores from later this month for $27.99 RRP. 


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eBook Competition Winners.


ebook Competition

Thank you for all those that entered our $1200 competition this year at the Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne shows.


The three winners that walk away with $400 worth of Rockpool eBooks each are


1. Vanessa Crompton - Brisbane

2. Ann McGuire - Adelaide

3. Marina Zaltsman - Melbourne


For all those interested in reading Rockpool's ebooks click HERE to browse through our selection.  Another 10 of our backlist titles will be released later this month too, including Scott Alexander King's Earth Mother Dreaming, so watch out for them online.

What Happened in June?


Winter Magic Festival - Katoomba

We survived the cold of the Winter Magic Festival - only just thanks to our added layer of PJ's under our clothes and the entertainment that Katoomba put on for the day.  For those looking for a fun day out next June full of Magic we would recommend the event, as it was lots of fun. Check out the photo's below.... 

Katoomba Winter Magic Festival
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Mind Body Spirit - Festivals in Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane.


We had a lovely time again catching up with old friends and making new ones at the June Festivals in Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane. We were able to preview our new books which are all coming into the country next week and will be available in stores and online for you to purchase. 


Thank you to those that purchased our books, cards and CD's as well and to all those that joined our mailing list and entered into the competition for our new eBooks.


Also a huge thank you to the authors, Stacey Demarco, Jade-Sky, Scott Alexander King, Julie Rennie, Debbie Malone, Rachelle Charman and the one and only BelindaGrace for all their support and hard work giving workshops and signing books at all of the events.  Without your support and effort we would not have been able to put on such great events.


Also a huge thank you to the staff that worked at the shows and the new readers that joined our stand these events giving demonstrations of the Astrology Reading Cards.


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Special Announcement for upcoming Author Workshops


Scott Alexander King - Indigo Kids (28/29 July Adelaide) & Sea World 4 Day Workshop (Sept 7-10 Gold Coast)


Jade-Sky - An Evening with Jade-Sky  (11 Aug. North Lakes) and (8 Sept. Sydney)


Stacey Demarco - Discovering Witchcraft (Aug 18. Sydney)


Jade-Sky & Stacey Demarco - Uncovering Your Purpose (Sept 9.  Sydney)


Inna Segal -  Visionary Intuitive Healing Level 1 (Sept 5-9 Melbourne).


BelindaGrace - You are Clairvoyant & Abundant (Sept 14 Perth) and

Becoming a Clairvoyant Healer (Oct 14-19 Old Bar NSW)  

July Facebook Competition  - Who am I?Who am I?


This month's Facebook competition will see you guess who our newest signed author is?  WHO AM I?


For 35 years our author has been practising as a naturopath. Her experience has made her a firm believer in making changes to lifestyle and diet before any kind of medicine and she also thinks treatment should be enjoyable, not tortuous. Our author has written 8 books and is a lecturer at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies.  HINT: She also is the Naturopathy Expert writer for the Body + Soul Sunday Magazine.


If you think you know who the author is email competitions@rockpoolpublishing.com.au with the name of the author.   


The winner goes in the competion to win a copy of another wonderful health title from Rockpool called The Metabolic Clock, by Julie Rennie.   


Entries close on August 1st 2012. 

Thank you for your support as always and we look forward to next month when we will be featuring our Fathers Day specials. 

Till next month, Happy Reading!


Paul & Lisa

Rockpool Publishing