October 2015
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Igor P. Rubinsky, "Card Players"
19'' x 27'', 1960, Oil on Canvas
Estimated Value, $4,500 - $5,500, Current Bid, $1,000 H. Dexter
October Silent Auction 
Another month brings more exciting Gallery news and a great Silent Auction work.  For October we are pleased to offer a favorite of all Gallery visitors: "Card Players", by the master Russian Realist painter Igor Pavlovich Rubinksy. The work is valued at $4,500- $5,500 with a current high bid of just $1,000. 
Rubinsky is an honored artist of Russia (1995), a graduate of the famed Surikov Moscow State Art Institute 1942, and Student of the famed Sergey V. Gerasimov. His works are in numerous museums and private collections.

Susette Gertsch, "Desert Garden", Commissioned 2015
Commissioned Works!
Have you ever wanted a portrait of someone special, a sketch of a cherished pet or a painting of your favorite landscape? 
Many of the Gallery's artists, including Susette Gertsch, Ken Spencer, Marty Ricks, Olya Cheney, and Kamille Corry, have done wonderful commissioned works for Gallery clients. The process is quite simple, choose your favorite artist, let them know what you have in mind and let the creative process begin! 

Dear Susette, 
I am extremely happy with the painting.  So
Andrei Bey,"Zeus- detail", commissioned in 2013
much so that I really don't have enough words to express my gratitude.
Not only you incorporated nature and the blooming desert, but you overachieved in the overall desert landscape...  Exactly what I was hoping for!!!  Outstanding and gorgeous work.
I now have 2 of your paintings in my living room and I can't wait to show them to friends and family. THANK YOU!
- Excerpt from the thank you letter from the client to Susette.

The Group being sworn in at the Lenin Memorial Ceremonial Hall
Russian 2015 Art & Culture Tour:
Ulyanovsk, Plastov Studio & Museum Highlights! 

Here is the second part of highlights from our 2015 art, history and culture tour. It was an amazing, twelve fun-filled days with stops in St. Petersburg, Ulyanovsk, and Moscow. 
Included is our visit to the Ulyanovsk Art Museum, the Lenin Memorial Museum, and our trip to the village of Prishlonika and the Arkady Plastov Museum plus studio where we were hosted by the Plastov family.  
Tour highlights from Moscow will be featured in the November's Newsletter along with the details for our May 2016 tour!

Nikolay B. Terpsikhorov, "Letter from the Front"
51'' x 67'', 1947, Oil on Canvas,
Estimate $90,000 -$130,000, SOLD, $172,000
MacDougall's first exclusively Soviet and Post-Soviet Art Auction- "A resounding success!"

MacDougall's inaugural auction of Soviet Era Art was held in London this past October 12th. The auction house called the event "a resounding success", selling a majority of the lots offered and generating over 4 million GBP ($6 million USD).
The selection included works spanning a time period from the 1930's to the 1990's and included several works from The McCarthey Gallery and the Gallery's clients.
The auction marked the first ever exclusively Soviet era sale and only the second time a Russian art auction has been held outside of the traditional bi-annual "Russian Art Week", held each December and June where the four major London auction houses Christie's, Sotheby's, MacDougall's and Bonhams present a program of cultural events and sales featuring Russian paintings and works of art.

Laguna College of Art and Design with the Russian Academy of Arts presents "Academia" -
Through November 19th

Laguna College of Art and Design (LCAD) with the Russian Academy of Arts present "Academia", an exhibition of historical and contemporary works from students of both schools. 

The public is invited to view the exhibition as well as to attend the opening reception with Russian curator Ahkemd Salakhly, who will discuss and compare the similarities and differences of these two great schools of drawing and painting. 
"I am excited to see this powerful, collaborative exhibition of LCAD and the Russian Academy of Arts" said Jonathan Burke, president of LCAD. "We are honored to bring rare historical works by artists such as Eric Rebane and Osokin, as well as fresh new works by contemporary students at both academies, and to host this important collection. The exhibition will allow art collectors and scholars to study and compare drawing style and subjects by historically important artists as well as by current students at both schools, It is very a powerful statement to connect two vast continents in the fine art of drawing.

Park City Fall Colors
Pond with Fall Trees at Guardsman Pass
October Gallery Stroll
Friday, October 30th

A Celebration of Fall, Featuring New Works for the Season! 
For this month's Gallery stroll we have added many wonderful new works celebrating the fall season, including new works by Kamille Cory, Olya Cheney, Susette Gertsch and several works by our Russian masters.

We have also added new and very affordable gems to the treasure chest. If you haven't visited the Gallery in a while, this month's Gallery
Alexei M. Gritsai, "The Golden Fall"
20" x 26", 1970's Oil on Board, $30,000
Stroll is the perfect time to do so and enjoy a night out in Park City and the beautiful Fall weather! 
The Gallery Stroll takes place the last Friday of every month and is sponsored by the Park City Gallery Association. The stroll takes place from 6 to 9 p.m.
We appreciate your commitment to the arts and we thank you for supporting our artists and the Gallery. Enjoy the newsletter!
Stephen Justesen, Gallery Director   
Monday to Saturday 11 AM to 6 PM
Sunday 11 AM to 5 PM
*Gallery Stroll Open Until 9 PM, (last Friday of the month) or by appointment, Contact the Gallery...
October Silent Auction!rubinsky
Congratulations to N. Nero who placed the winning bid of $1,750 for September's silent auction painting "Lovely Cow", by Vladimir V. Filippov", estimated at $4,500- $5,500. 
As our October auction choice, the Gallery is pleased to present a beautiful genre work "Card Players" by Igor Pavlovich Rubinsky, one of the Soviet periods most respected genre artists, valued at $4,500- $5,500. 

Igor Pavlovich Rubinsky painted rich glimpses of ordinary Russian life. His paintings were very popular with common people in an era where much of the art was 'official' and glorified the communist ideal and the State. Referring to the painting "Card Players", Rubinksy explained that one day while at his dacha (country house) tending the vegetable garden, he returned to find his daughter and her friends playing cards. They appeared to be enjoying the game so much and with such concentration that for a long period they did not notice he was there. Soon he was sketching the scene.    
The contrasts and vividness of shadows and light in "Card Players" shows Rubinsy's high level of skill and his natural talent. The shadows and mood in this work accentuate the wonder of this painting. "Card Players" would make an excellent addition to any collection or as great artwork for beginning a collection. 

Igor P. Rubinsky, "Card Players"
19'' x 27'', 1960, Oil on Canvas
Estimate $4,500- $5,500, Current Bid $1,000 by H. Dexter

We invite you to participate in this month's auction and thank everyone who placed bids last month. This is an outstanding opportunity not to miss! Estimated at $4,500 to $5,500, the current high bid is just $1,000. The next bid is $1,250, followed by minimum bidding increments of $250. Remember, there is no reserve, at the end of the auction the high bid wins!

Bids will be taken via telephone, fax, or e-mail until 6:00 pm, Saturday October 31st. Follow all the bidding updates on the Gallery's web site. 
Tel: 435.658.1691
Please, e-mail bids only to and make sure your receive confirmation of your bid. Note that you may place a maximum bid and the Gallery will bid on your behalf up to your maximum. By placing a maximum bid you will be assured you are not out bid at the last minute. 

Detail from "Card Players", Igor P. Rubinsky
About the Artist
Igor Pavlovich Rubinsky, 1919- 1996 

Honored Artist of Russia (1995). 
Igor Rubinsky was born on May 5, 1919 to Byelorussian parents,  his father was a painter, and his mother a foreign language teacher and pianist.  From 1924 until 1941 the family lived near Moscow in the city of Tschelkovo.  
In 1935 he took part in the youth art exhibition in Moscow (watercolor, genre). Based on the results of the exhibition and with the recommendation of the renowned Professor Joseph Brodsky he was admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts (Repin Institute, Leningrad). 

later in 1936 Rubinsky entered the Moscow State Artistic Institute (The Surikov Institute) and studied in the artistic workshop headed by the famed Sergey Vasilyevich Gerasimov. 
Since 1938, he was a member of the USSR Union of Artists.  In 1941, I. Rubinsky joined the People's Self-Defending Troops, and fought in the Great Patriotic War 1942- 1945 where he also worked as a painter of the North Navy Political Department.

Working on military basis, Rubinsky painted many portraits and landscapes.  His sketches of this period reflect in detail the days of the war.  In these hard days, it became obviously clear what great emotional force painting possessed.  A lot of the works by Rubinsky of this period found their audience at the exhibitions in officers' clubs and museums.

In 1943 he became a member of the Moscow Association of Artists. From 1946 Rubinsky participated in more than 60 art exhibitions (all-Union, republican, Moscow and group art exhibitions in England, Italy). In 1976 he held a solo exhibition in Moscow. 
The renowned professors and artists S. Gerasimov, I. Grabar, B. Ioganson, D. Moor, A. Deineka, and K. Youn, exercised great influence on Rubinsky's creative work.  He was also greatly influenced by Wanderers (Itinerants), the painters of the Renaissance era and by the French Impressionists.
Since 1945, Igor Rubinsky lived and worked in Moscow, painting numerous works in different genres.  He made decorations for the Bolshoi Theatre, landscapes and panels for Moscow State  University, and painted for Moscow and All-Union exhibitions.
Rubinsky traveled throughout the Soviet Union. The sphere of his interest and subjects were both people and nature.  He often combined these two subjects.  Examples are pictures where he depicts toilers of the sea, Veterans of the war, genre pictures reflecting the people of labour, sportsmen and military men.
As a landscape painter, Rubinsky is interested in the early awakening of nature, flowering of gardens, wonders of hot summers, gold autumns and Russian winters.
Rubinsky's ability to depict in his paintings the state of nature and a person, and to find exact harmonic color correlation, testifies to his creative maturity. 
Igor Rubinsky was a participant of a lot of All-Russia and Republic exhibitions. His works are in numerous museums in Russia and the CIS including Murmansk, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Arhangelsk, Elizovo Kamchatka, the Moscow Sate University Tashkent, Samarkand, Hiva, Buhara, the museum of the Great Patriotic War (Moscow), as well as in private collections in England, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, France and the USA.

A Celebration of Fall, Featuring New Works for the Season!new

Kamille Corry

Kamille Corry, "Autumn Beets"
11'' x 14'', 2015, Oil on Linen, $5,700

Kamille Corry, "Aubergines II"
11'' x 14'', 2015, Oil on Linen, $5,700
Susette Gertsch
Susette Gertsch, "Full Bloom"36'' x 48'', 2015, Oil on Canvas, $2,500

Susette Gertsch, "Secret Garden Series III" 30'' x 30'', 2015, Oil on Board, $1,700

Susette Gertsch, "Garden Terrace"
36'' x 48'', 2015, Oil on Canvas, $3,300
New & Featured Works for Fall!
Olya Cheney, "Vibrant Fall, Little Cottonwood Canyon"
48'' x 72'', 2015, Acrylic on Canvas $8,400

Grigory L. Chainikov, "Hiding"
35'' x 51'', 2003, Oil on Canvas, $26,000

Victor K. Gaiduk, "Fall Landscape"
15'' x 24'', 1970's, Oil on Board, $1,100

Grigory L. Chainikov, "Autumn, Good Fortune"
19" x 33", 2003, Oil on Canvas, $16,000

Victor N. Butko, "The Warm Fall Day"
32'' x 53'', 2007, Oil on Canvas, $7,800

Sergei N. Vedeneyev, "Autumn. River Sendega" 25'' x 19'', 1968, Oil on Board, $2,500
Leonid P. Bogomolov, "Rainy Autumn Day"
13'' x 9'',  1969, Oil on Board,  $990

Vladimir M. Pasyukevich, "Fishermen"
50'' x 66'', 1963, Oil on Canvas $5,500

Antonin Passemard, "Fall Day"
32'' x 40'', Oil on Canvas,  $4,700

Piotr S. Krokholev, "Flax Gathering"
59'' x 59'', 1969, Oil on Canvas, $7,500

Sergei Petrovich Tkachev, "The Fall"
26'' x 34'', 1960, Oil on Canvas $25,000

Boytsov, V. V., "Autumn Sheaves"
19'' x 21'', 1967, Oil on Board $3,500

Arkady A. Plastov, "In Autumn"
13" x 19", 1940's, Oil on Canvas $30,000

Here are a few works from the Gallery that have recently found new homes.  
If you live in the Northern Utah area, the Gallery is happy to deliver and hang any purchased works. We are also pleased to allow clients a short trial period to live with the work in their homes before making a commitment.  

Anatoliy S. Glinov, "Friends"
1957, Oil on Canvas, 28'' x 39''

Feodor V. Shapaev, "Roses"1995, Oil on Canvas, 31'' x 27''

Grigory L. Chainikov, " Best Friends", 2002, Oil on Canvas, 43'' x 43''
Highlights from our 2015 Private Russian Art & Culture Tour, with Dr. Vern Swansontour 

Ulyanovsk, Volga River & Prislonikha

Ut Air flight from St. Petersburg to Ulyanovosk
Ulyanovsk, birthplace of Vladimir Ilyich. Lenin

Ulyanovsk Regional Museum of Art

Private Tour by the Museum Director
Tatiana Plastova is our escort on the tour

Lenin Memorial Museum


Color Guard and swearing in ceremony of our group in the Ceremonial Hall of the Lenin Memorial Museum


Arkady Plastov Museum   
Arkady Plastov (1893-1972) - People's Artist of the USSR, member of the Academy of Arts of the USSR, laureate of Stalin Prize, Lenin Prize and the State Prize of the RSFSR in honor of I.Ye. Repin. Arkady Plastov is the pride and glory of Russian realist art. Throughout his life, he was deeply linked with the Volga region, with Simbirsk - Ulyanovsk lands, with Prislonikha - native village, where he drew inspiration and strength.
Arkady Plastov was the most important Russian artist at the mid point of the 20th century. He is credited with reintroducing the impressionist style back into Russian painting.
Tatiana Plastova with Dr. Vern Swanson at the Plastov Museum Ulyanvosk in front of  the painting on the cover of his book- "Soviet Impressionist Painting", "To the Pioneer Camp", 1950, 78" x 118"

Dr. Swanson's best selling book on Soviet and Russian Impressionism
Dr. Swanson receiving the Plastov International Prize from Kolya Plastov and Tatiana Plastova

Dr. Vern Swanson was recently awarded the Plastov International Prize for his contributions to the awareness and understanding of Soviet Realism. The Plastov Prize is currently the world's largest art prize, with a cash award of $833,000 (25 million rubles) divided into 21 different categories. It is funded and awarded by the government of the Ulyanovsk region to support artists, scholars, schools, and museums dedicated to preserving and exploring, "the diversity of forms of realist art," in honor of Russia's preeminent 20th century Realist, Arkady Plastov.
Vern Swanson received the prize for his published works on Soviet Realism, and for his work assembling one of the United States' largest collections of Russian Art. Swanson studied art history at the University of Utah and the Courtauld Institute of Art in London before becoming the head of the Springville Museum of Art in Utah. Beginning in 1991, just as the Iron Curtain fell, Swanson began travelling to the former USSR to investigate Soviet Realism. Initially skeptical, Swanson was overwhelmed by the beauty, technical virtuosity and diversity of Soviet art, and he began putting together a world-class museum collection. At that time, Swanson worked not only for himself but also with the Gallery founders Jim Dabakis, Thomas McCarthey and another collector Ray Johnson, another who founded the Museum of Russian Art in Minneapolis.
Having contributed to the establishment of the two largest collections of Soviet Realism outside of Russia, Swanson has made an enormous contribution to the preservation of this piece of Russian, Soviet, and global cultural heritage.  Read more about Swanson's most recent book on Soviet art, "Soviet Impressionist Painting."

Arakady Plastov's home village of Prislonikha
The village of Prislonikha, just outside the Plastov Museum

Our group in front of the Sculpture of Arkady Plastov, Prislonikha

Our walk in the countryside where many of Arkady Plastov's Masterpieces were painted

The well today where "Midday" was painted
Arkady Plastov, "Midday"
1961, Russian Museum Collection, St. Petersburg

Arkady Plastov's studio with many of his sketches and drawings

Arkady Plastov's palett
The artist's brushes

Arkady Plastov's grandson Kolya Plastov continues to live in the family home

Our groups farewell dinner in Prislonikha
 If you are interested in information on our May 2016 Russian Art and Culture Tour please email  
MacDougalls's Soviet Period Auction HighlightsAuction

The salesroom at MacDougall's London October 12, 2015
MacDougall's inaugural auction of Soviet Era Art was held in London this past October 12th. The auction house called the event "a resounding success", selling a majority of the lots offered and generating over 4 million GBP ($6 million USD).

The selection included works spanning a time period from the 1930's to the 1990's and included several works from The McCarthey Gallery and the Gallery's clients.

The auction marked the first exclusively Soviet era art sale and only the second time a Russian art auction has been held outside of the traditional bi-annual "Russian Art Week", held each December and June where the four major London auction houses Christie's, Sotheby's, MacDougall's and Bonhams present a program of cultural events and sales featuring Russian paintings and works of art.
William MacDougall and Russian Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Alexander Yakovenko
The auction offered works bridging nearly every major 20th century art movement in Russia and the Soviet Union. Works by artists from the Academy of Fine Arts of the USSR, including Arkady Plastov, Yuri Kugach, Alexei Gritsai, Tkachev Brothers, Vasiliy Nechitailo and Dmitri Nalbandian were on offer, along with Soviet Nonconformist artists Vladimir Nemukhin, founder of the Lianozov group, and Vladimir and Georgii Stenberg. Work by members of the Society of Easel-Painters (OST) was also represented, including  works by Aleksandr Deineka and Yuri Pimenov.
"Behind the Curtain" from 1933, which features a nude female by famous Soviet painter Aleksandr Deineka became the top lot of the auction, estimated at 2 million GBP, it was sold for 2.25 million GBP. Lotuses by Konstantin Maksimov sold to a telephone bidder for 250,000 GBP, double its estimate and Nikolai Terpsikhorov's 1947 oil "Letter from the Front", consigned by a Gallery client, received a final hammer price of over 115,000 GBP on an estimate of 60,000- 90,000 GBP. Of nine works by Nikolai Terpsikhorov, seven sold.
All five Viktor Popkovs found buyers, headed by his "Ailing Artist" (1972) at 39,000. So did the sale's three Plastovs. Several works by Alexei Gritsai sold including a beatiful landscape - one of the last works he painted before his death in 1998 at the age of 84 - sold for a handsome 17,550, twice what had been expected. There were solid prices for three big names of Soviet art: 87,300 for Nissky's undated Sailboat - Evening; 83,000 for a 1974 Pimenov poster design; and 99,800 for a 1963 Labas Girl in the Balcony, a stilted effort from this once-great artist's declining years.
Catherine MacDougall noted after the sale that the "Soviet-era segment of the Russian art market is increasingly gaining popularity and is the new trend!" The Gallery wholeheartedly agrees!
MacDgoudall's next  Russian Art Auction will take place in London December 2nd during the upcoming Russian Art Week.

Aleksandr Deineka, "Behind the Curtain", 1933 sells for 2,248,200 GBP ($3,452,920 USD)

Konstantin Maksimov, "Lotuses", 1956 sells for 251,000 GBP ($385,501 USD)

Nikolay B. Terpsikhorov, "Letter from the Front" 1947, sells for 111,000 GBP ($171,033 USD)

Nikolai Terpsikhorov (1890-1960), was one of the foremost painters of the first half-mid-20th century Russian art. a founder of Socialist Realism and one of the leading Soviet masters of the 1920s-1950s. He was a staunch believer in the artistic aesthetics and ideology of the Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia (AKhRR), which existed from 1922 until 1932 and prepared the way for the Union of Artists of the USSR. After serving in the Red Army during the Civil War, Terpsikhorov won renown in the 1920s with his genre paintings, full of revolutionary ardor, romance and the sincere optimism of someone who was actively engaged in construction of the new Socialist reality. 
"There is a successful contrast between the emotions of the two characters in the painting "Letter from the Front": the joyful optimism of the girl on the right, reading a soldier's letter, and the anxiety mixed with hope seen in the face of her listener, the mature woman on the left, most probably the soldier's mother. Sunlight pours in from the window, enveloping the figures, and bringing an extra life-affirming note to the composition. The dexterous brush of the artist uses interior details to  emphasize the wartime hardships of civilian life: the firewood heaped on the windowsill, the paraffin lamp in the background and the meager ration of bread on the table. But the strongly positive message of the picture is underwritten by its dominant warm amber and reddish hues."
MacDougall's is proud to present Letter from the Front, painted in 1947, which is undoubtedly one of the painter's finest works." - Excerpt from the auction catalog.
Selected available works from the McCarthey Gallery Collection of Soviet Era Masters: N. Terpsikhorov, A. Gritsai, A. Plastov, Tkachev Brothers, Y. Kugach, 
Nikolay B. Terpsikhorov, "Mountain River"
27" x 45", 1950's, Oil on Canvas $25,000

Nikolay B. Terpsikhorov, "Spring on the Oka River"
26" x 42", 1951, Oil on Canvas, $25,000

The countryside of Central Russia, captured by Terpsikhorov in paintings of landscapes along the Oka and Kama rivers, mostly from the 1940s and 1950s, is an important theme in this collection. The artist was especially fond of the town of Tarusa and its environs on the Oka river. Visiting for the first time in 1936, he virtually settled there in the 1950s, staying from the early spring to late autumn in the village of Ladyzhino, near Tarusa. His favourite local places are immortalised in landscapes such as Fishing Village, By the Oka River, Road in the Field and Autumn Morning. These canvasses of the Oka with their broad vistas stretching beyond the river, the green murmur of the forests, the secret corners of the countryside and the vast, tranquil expanse of fields, all have an unmistakable artistic power. 

Nikolay B. Terpsikhorov, "The Last Snow"
26" x 38", 1949, Oil on Canvas, $22,000

Terpsikhorov visited Central Asia twice: in 1929 he travelled to Uzbekistan, and in 1935, to Turkmenistan. The creative surge which Terpsikhorov experienced there, is palpable in the works of his Turkmen cycle, where alongside his dutiful commitment to showing a new way of life in the Central Asian Soviet republics he exhibits a clear predilection for rendering his personal vivid, bright impressions of the local people and their livelihood. 
A special place in Terpsikhorov's Turkmen cycle is occupied by moving pictures of children, such as Turkmen Girl with Watermelon with its charming immediacy. The sonorous coloring of the young dreamer has grandeur and poetry. Far from posing for the artist, the girl seems unaware of his presence. The painter has captured and conveyed a moment when, absorbed in herself, the girl stands revealed in all her natural grace

Nikolay B. Terpsikhorov, "Turkmenian Girl with Watermelon"
37" x 25",1935, Oil on Canvas, $20,000
Nikolay B. Terpsikhorov, "Autumm"
18" x 13", 1950, Oil on board, $5,000

Nikolay B. Terpsikhorov, "Turkmenian Babushka Making Yarn"
25"x 37", 1934, Oil on Canvas, $15,000

Arkady A. Plastov, "Mountain Ash Trees"
13" x 19", 1960,  Oil on Board, $25,000

Arkady A. Plastov, "Boy Mishin"
27" x 19", 1960's, Oil on Canvas, $45,000
Arkady A. Plastov, "Akulina Larionovna"
27" x 19" 1950, Oil on Board, $45,000

Alexei M. Gritsai, "Pokrovskey Cathedral and Bell Tower in Suzdal"
22" x 31", 1984-90, Oil on Board, $30,000

Alexei M. Gritsai, "The Autumn Day in Priluki"
12" x 18", 1969, Oil on Board, $25,000

Alexei M. Gritsai, "Summer Day"
24" x 28", 1995-97, Oil on Board, $30,000

Sergei P. Tkachev, "Potatoes"
19" x 31", 1974, Oil on Board, $25,000

Brothers Tkachev, Alexei and Sergei, "First Snow"
26" x 36", 1986, Oil on Board,  $35,000

Sergei P. Tkachev, "Windy Day
"12" x 19", 1990, Oil on Board, $20,000

Yuri P. Kugach, "Evening"
6" x 11", 1999, Oil on Board, $6,500

Yuri P. Kugach, "Barns and Hay Stacks"
19" x 27", 1969, Oil on Board, $30,000

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