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Engels V. Kozlov "Fruit with Russian Shawl"
21¼'' x 24¾'', 1991, Oil on Canvas
Estimate Value- $4,500- $5,500, Current Bid, $2,500, N. Nero


May Silent Auction 


For our May silent auction, we are pleased to present a beautiful still life by Engels Vasilyevich Kozlov, "Fruit with Russian Shawl". This is a terrific work by an important Soviet artist! Superbly executed with a vibrant color palate that will please the eye and brighten every day.

Engels V. Kozlov is graduate of the famed Repin Institute, a renowned member of the Leningrad School of Art, a "People's Artist of Russia," and whose works are included in the State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg and Tretykov Museum, Moscow and many others.

A much needed rest at the Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg
Russian 2015 Art Tour- A Huge Success!


We have just returned from our exceptional May Russian Art and Culture Tour. 


It was an amazing, fun-filled 12 days that featured stops in St. Petersburg, Ulyanovsk and Moscow.


The highlights were our visits to Margarita Kolobova, Antonin Passemard, and Anatasia Dukhanina's studios and our trip to the village of Prishlonika and the Arkady Plastov Museum, his studio and the house where his family still lives.  


One of our most unusual and fun experiences came during our visit to the Lenin Museum in Ulyanovsk where our entire group was sworn in as "Young Pioneers", complete with a flag color guard salute! 


More details, photos and highlights coming soon in the June, July and August Newsletters.



Susutte Gertsch, "Awaiting the Bouquet"
30'' x 40'', 2015, Oil on Canvas, $2,275

New Works for Spring-Susette Gertsch & Victor Gaiduk!


The Gallery is full with dozens of fantastic new works for Spring featuring several paintings by a new artist to the Gallery, Susette Gertsch. Originally from Montana but now calling Utah home, Susette has painted since the age of 12. For the past eight years she has immersed herself in the study and practice of en plein aire and studio painting. Susette joined us on our trip to Russia, staying extra time to paint in the south of Russia. The new Gallery works include many en plein aire floral scenes by Gertsch as well as wonderful landscapes by famed Ukrainian artist Victor Gaiduk.


View More Works...

Russian Art Week- London May 29th to June 5th


This June London's premier auction houses and arts venues are set to welcome the sixth Russian Art Week in London. Auctions of valuable Russian paintings, icons, Fabergé and works of art will be held at all the major auction houses, alongside a series of Russian fine art exhibitions and performances by renowned Russian musicians.


To celebrate Russian Art Week, major London galleries will also showcase their collections of Russian artwork in displays, designed especially for Russian Art Week, 


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Gaiduk, Victor K., Summer Landscape
15¾'' x 23½'', Oil on Board, $1,100
Gallery Stroll
Friday May 29th


For this month's Gallery Stroll we have added many new works, great for the Spring season. Plus there are very affordable new gems in the treasure chest. If you haven't visited the Gallery in a while, this month's Gallery Stroll is the perfect time to come and enjoy a night out in Park City!


The Gallery Stroll takes place the last Friday of every month and is sponsored by the Park City Gallery Association. The  Stroll takes place from 6 to 9 p.m.


Stephen Justesen, Gallery Director   

May Silent Auction!auction

Congratulations to R. & A Thies for placing the winning bid of $2,750 for April's silent auction painting, "Ice on the River", by Sergei N. Vedeneyev, estimated value:  $3,500- $4,500.


For our May silent auction we are pleased to present a beautiful still life by Engels Vasilyevich Kozlov. Estimated value: $4,500 to $5,500. "Fruit with Russian Shawl" is a terrific work by an important Soviet artist! Richly executed with a vibrant color palate that will add delight for generations to come.


Engels V. Kozlov is graduate of the famed Repin Institute, a renowned member of the Leningrad School of Art, a "People's Artist of Russia", whose works are included in the State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg and Tretykov Museum, Moscow among many others. 


He was born nine years after the 1917 Soviet Revolution. It was his misfortune to have been born the son of revolutionary zealots (at least as far as selection of a name for their son). Engles is NOT a Russian name. But, to honor the revolution, its intellectual architects and the common working people, it was fashionable at that time to name Soviet infants after a 1917 Revolutionary theme. Therefore, Kozlov was named after the German philosopher and Marxist theorist Friedrich Engles. 


Engels was more fortunate than some other children of  his age.  Here are a few names that were given to his classmates:


Artaka Alexev, (girl, meaning the Academy of Artillery)
Elektrifikatsia Barkov (girl, meaning Electrification)
Dalis Breshanev (boy, meaning Long live Lenin and Stalin!)
Tomik Tkachev, (boy, meaning Marxism and Communism triumphant)
The current high bid for this beautiful painting is just $2,500, with an estimated value at $4,500 to $5,500. Don't miss another wonderful opportunity to add a great work by a highly acclaimed artist to your collection. The next bid is $2,750 followed by minimum bidding increments of $250.
We invite you to participate in this month's auction and we thank everyone who placed bids last month. Please note that you may place a maximum bid and the Gallery will bid on your behalf up to your maximum. By placing a maximum bid you will be assured you are not out bid at the last minute.
Bids will be taken via telephone, fax, or e-mail until 6:00 pm, Sunday May 31st. Follow all the bidding updates on the Gallery's web site.
Engels V. Kozlov "Fruit with Russian Shawl"
21¼'' x 24¾'', 1991, Oil on Canvas
Estimate $4,500- $5,500, Current Bid, $2,500, N. Nero


 Engels Vasilyevich Kozlov, 1926-2007

A People's Artist of Russia, Kozlov lived and worked in Leningrad - Saint Petersburg, one of the main representatives of the Leningrad school of painting, most famous for his genre and portrait painting.
 Kozlov's works are in the collections of the Russian Museum St. Petersburg and The State Tretykov Gallery Moscow,


Engels Kozlov was born March 24, 1926 in Troitsko-Pechersk, Komi Autonomous Republic.  At the age of eleven, his family moved to Syktyvkar, where he attended the Children's Art School at the House of Young Pioneers.  Kozlov graduated from high school in 1945, the same year that World War II ended. He then attended the Yaroslavl Art College from 1947-1949. 


Kozlov went to St. Petersburg (then called Leningrad) to study at Tavicheskaya Art School from 1949-1950 and from there attended the prestigious Repin Institute from 1950 to 1956.


From 1953 on, the artist took an active role in the national, zonal, local and Republican exhibitions. He began exhibiting in 1956 and participated as a member of the All-Russian Congresses of Soviet Artists. He also exhibited in Turkey, Finland, and Philadelphia, PA. Kozlov graduated cum laude from the Repin Institute in 1956. He became a member of the Leningrad Chapter of the Russian Artists' Union in 1957. For many years, he was the head of the Leningrad Art Union. Additionally, for the next 34 years Kozlov was a member of the Communist Party. He received the honors of the Order of Friendship of Nations, the Medal for Labor Valiance, USSR Academy of Arts and USSR Council of Ministers diplomas, and a prize from the Kirov Factory in Leningrad.


From 1961-1963 Kozlov worked in the V.M. Oreshnikov art workshop. Throughout his prestigious career, he received many honors, most notably are: Honored artist of Komi (1971), Honored Artist of Russia (1978), National Artists of Komi (1982), and National Artist of Russia (1987). He has also held personal exhibits in Syktyvkar, Leningrad, and Moscow.


Kozlov has authored many articles on art in Khudozhnik magazine in Leningrad and Syktyvkar. He was also the subject of numerous publications and articles in the personal exhibit catalogs. The album-monograph, E.V. Kozlov, was published in 1991 in Leningrad.


Kozlov specialized in genre painting, scenes from everyday contemporary Russian life. He was particularly fascinated by life in the far north. He was known for his use of contrasting placement of blue-greens and golden browns. His style was a cross between Working-Class Impressionism and the Severe Style.


Kozlov's works can be found in the Russian Museum St. Petersburg, The State Tretykov Gallery Moscow, Springville Museum of Art, Springville Utah, The Museum of Russian Art, Minneapolis Minnesota, Syktyvkar, Orenburg, Briansk, Petrozavodsk, and Smolensk as well as in museums and private collections in Russia, England, France, Japan, the United States and throughout the world.


- Participated in the "Soviet-Russia" show in Moscow in 1960 and in personal exhibitions in Leningrad, (1976), Moscow (1987) and Syktivka (2006).
- Member of the Leningrad Artists' Union since 1956.
- Honored Artist of Komi Republic (1971 and Russian Federation (1982).
- People's Artist of Komi Republic (1982 and Russian Federation 1987).


Great New Works for Spring!spring
Victor Kirillovich Gaiduk- Famed Ukrainian Artist

Gaiduk, Victor K., "Spring Tree"
9¾'' x 31½'', Oil on Board,  $1,200

Gaiduk, Victor K., "Still Life- Fruit" 
15¼'' x 19¾'', Oil on Board,  $900

Gaiduk, Victor K. "Spring Landscape"
13½'' x 31½'', Oil on Board,  $1,500

Gaiduk, Victor K., "Fall Landscape"
23½'' x 31½'', Oil on Board, $1,500

Gaiduk, Victor K. "Summer Landscape"
15¾'' x 23½'', Oil on Board, $1,100

Gaiduk, Victor K., Summer Pond
23½'' x 31½'', Oil on Board,  $1,500

Gaiduk, Victor K.,  "Lake View"
23½'' x 31½'', Oil on Board,  $1,500

Gaiduk, Victor K., "Forrest Lake"
11¾'' x 15¾'', Oil on Board,  $600

Susette Gertsch- A Midway Utah -en plein aire- Painter

Gertsch, Susutte, "Masters Garden V"
36'' x 48'', 2014, Oil on Linen, $3,650

Gertsch, Susutte, "Hollyhocks"
24'' x 30'', 2014, Oil on Canvas,  $1,375

Gertsch, Susutte "Masters Garden V"
36'' x 48'', 2014, Oil on Linen, $3,650

Gertsch, Susutte, "Awaiting the Bouquet"
30'' x 40'', 2015, Oil on Canvas, $2,275

Gertsch, Susutte,"Sux & Blossoms"
40'' x 30'', 2015, Oil on Canvas $2,275

Gertsch, Susutte, "Touching the Sun"
36'' x 48'', 2013, Oil on Canvas, $3,650

 London- May 29th to June 5th


Nicholas Roerich, 'White and Heavenly", Estimate: £150,000-200,000, Christie's


Russian Art Week will once again take center stage in the British capital in late May and early June in a demonstration of the unifying power of art. London continues to be a hub for Russian art and culture. The fair takes place 29 May - 5 June and will include major sales of Russian art at the leading auction houses accompanied by a varied program of Russian cultural events.


Last November's Russian Art Week saw several highlights, including the sale of Valentin Serov's 1910 Portrait of Maria Zetlin at Christie's which sold for £9.2 million, making it the most expensive painting ever sold in a Russian art sale. The international situation makes it difficult to forecast the results of upcoming sales, but it's likely that major quality works by significant artists with good provenance will continue to do well.


The upcoming Russian Art Week will provide a great opportunity to discover new names as well as to enjoy the classics. The major auction houses continue to offer remarkable Russian art works and this summer is no exception. Bonhams will present Voilier et coquillage, a late still-life by Alexandra Exter, a delicately painted landscape by Ivan Pokhitonov, and an early 20th century Moscow-made silver-gilt presentation kovsh - an oval shaped traditional Russian drinking vessel - decorated with shaded cloisonné enamel.


Alexandra Exter, "Voilier et coquillage", 1935. Estimate: £200,000-300,000, Bonhams


Christie's will offer several unique pieces of decorative art, including a lavishly decorated two-color gold-mounted guilloché enamel desk clock, a wonderful example of the two most popular techniques used by the Fabergé workshop. Painting highlights of the upcoming sale at Christie's include Arsenal Hill at night (1907-1908), a rare work by Niko Pirosmani, the proclaimed Georgian Primitivist artist and a unique group of four works by Filipp Malyavin, including a large work in oil Baba on a swing. The provenance of Malyavin's work can be traced to the daughter of the artist and serves as a magnificently vivid example of Malyavin's beloved peasant scenes, which showcases the beauty of the Russian countryside.


Filipp Maliavin, "Baba on a Swing". Estimate: £150,000-200,000, Christie's 

Two magnificent masterworks by Nicholas Roerich presented at the sale also deserve a special mention: White and heavenly from the series His Country and The Host of Gesar Khan, both reflect themes inspired by Roerich's Central Asian expedition.


Hosting three sales of Russian art in June, Sotheby's will offer a diverse selection of Russian art from the 19th and 20th centuries, including an oriental landscape by Ivan Aivazovsky, Evening in Cairo, 1870, and a gouache by Pavel Tchelitchew, Bullfight, 1934. With a special focus on Russian decorative art, the dedicated sale's highlights include an Imperial silver-gilt and cloisonné enamel triptych icon, 1886, by Khlebnikov, presented to Tsarevich Nicholas Alexandrovich, later Emperor Nicholas II, as well as an Imperial hardstone figure of a parrot by Denisov-Uralski, St Petersburg, made in 1913-1914 for Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna.


Pavel Tchelitchew, "Bullfight", 1934. Estimate: £170,000-250,000, Sotheby's

At auctioneers MacDougall's two charming depictions of Russian nature by well-known masters will be presented - Autumn on the Krestovsky Island, 1892, by Ivan Shishkin and Spring in a Village, 1920, by Konstantin Korovin, in which both masters succeed in conveying the intimacy of nature in Russia. Among other impressive lots are works by two Russian émigré artists - Pavel Tchelitchew's Portrait of My Father, 1939, and Nikolai Fechin's Peasant Woman Sitting on a Trunk, circa 1910.


Ivan Shishkin, "Autumn on Krestovsky Island", 1892, Estimate: £600,000-900,000, MacDougall's


In addition to the auctions, a program of Russian cultural events will take place across London. To celebrate Russian Art Week at Erarta Galleries Tishkov brings his Private Moon to London for the first time since 2013. 


Another London gallery Brun Fine Art will showcase a collection of Russian art by exhibiting, among other objects, a beautiful pair of 19th century armchairs in gilt bronze and faux malachite and a fine 19th century gilt bronze and malachite ink set.


Other exhibitions include Tate Modern's show dedicated to 20th century Russian émigré Sonia Delaunay, a leading abstract painter and Pushkin House's photography exhibition of Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer James Hill, Russian Veterans, marking the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. Studio Voltaire will present a show of works by Sanya Kantarovsky called Apricot Juice and inspired by Mikhail Bulgakov's enigmatic novel The Master and Margarita.


A range of concerts and performances will complement the visual arts program of Russian Art Week. The renowned singer Hibla Gerzmava will present a selection of the best Italian and Russian opera at Opera Holland Park. On the South Bank pianist Alexei Volodin will be making an appearance at Queen Elizabeth Hall and English National Opera will present The Queen of Spades, a new production of Tchaikovsky's dramatic opera about greed and obsession.


Read all the Auction highlights in the June Newsletter.


 Lost masterpiece by Alexei Savrasov to lead Sotheby's Russian pictures sale


Alexei Savrasov, The Volga near Yurievets, oil on canvas, Estimate: £1,400,000-  1,800,000

A lost masterpiece by the Russian landscape painter Alexei Savrasov, The Volga near Yurevets, will be offered as one of the star lots of Sotheby's Russian Pictures sale on 2nd June 2015. Last exhibited in 1871, the work was known only from a black and white photograph until its rediscovery in France last year. Widely considered one of Savrasov's finest paintings and documented extensively in the literature on the artist, it is his most important work to appear at auction (est. £1.4-1.8 million). 

Jo Vickery, International Director of Russian Art 'The reappearance of this landmark work by one of the masters of 19th century Russian art is momentous. Had the work entered a Soviet museum collection in the 20th century it would likely have become a well-loved and famous icon of 19th century Russian landscape painting. 

One of the real privileges and excitements of handling Russian art is the number of long-lost paintings which resurface on the market many decades, if not a century, since they were last seen. This summer our pre-sale exhibition in London will unveil not only 'The Volga near Yurevets' for the first time, but a number of other works not seen in public for generations.' 

"The Volga near Yurevets", Depicts barge-haulers working along the River Volga beneath an advancing storm, The Volga near Yurevets was first unveiled in February 1871 to great critical acclaim at the annual prize contest of the 'Moscow Society of Art Lovers'. Winning the artist first prize in the landscape section, the painting remained on permanent exhibition in Moscow throughout the year. 

This was Savrasov's first large scale composition on the subject of the Volga river. The painting heralded the beginning of a celebrated series of Volga landscapes in the 1870s after he moved to Yaroslavl with his family. This was Savrasov's golden decade when he painted his best works, including The Rooks Have Returned (1871) which brought him widespread fame. 

An inscription on the reverse indicates the painting was once in the collection of Vladimir Fedorovich Mering, the youngest son of Friedrich Mering (1822-1887), a German professor at the Kiev University and a leading doctor of his time. A wealthy man, Vladimir Fedorovich collected furniture and paintings and is known to have donated Nesterov's On the Mountains (1896) to the Museum of Russian Art in Kiev in the 1920s. Savrasov's greatest achievement as an artist was in pioneering a whole new national landscape art, sidestepping the moribund conventions of the Academic salon and creating for the very first time monumental and enduringly beautiful images of Mother Russia in all her different moods and seasons. Savrasov sought to reveal something essential about the daily life and character of the provincial Russian people through vignettes and traces of contemporary human existence scattered through the landscape. 

Barge-haulers were a popular subject for several Russian artists including Ilya Repin and Vasily Vereshchagin in the 1860's and 1870's. They became something of a symbol of social injustice following the long awaited and disappointing serf reforms of Tsar Alexander II's reign.  

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