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Victor N. Butko, "The Guests Have Gone"
39'' x 31'', 2006, Oil on Canvas
Estimate $4,000- 5,000, Current Bid, $1,000, L. Irvine

January Silent Auction 


For our January silent auction, we are proud to present a beautiful work by one of the Gallery's favorite artists and one of Russia's most talented up-and-coming artists, Victor Nikolaevich Butko, "After the Guests Have Gone", valued at $4,000-$5,000.  A similar work by Victor Butko was recently sold for $5,700. This is a great opportunity to add a beautiful work by a respected artist to your collection.


The Thomas Kearns McCarthey Gallery is pleased and honored to be able to represent the work of Victor N. Butko, scion of a great family of Russian artists. In the tradition of his ancestors, Butko paints with exquisite artistry and sensitivity, portraying the special beauty of his country's landscape and its people.


Victor came to our attention as a student of the Tkachev brothers and Grigori Chaianikov. Butko's, heritage is from an artistic family. He has spent much of his life at the Academic Dacha learning and studying the great masters there. Butko is a central figure in the next generation of Russian impressionistic artists. His paintings are ripe for the seasoned collector or perfect for building a collection.



NEW, Fokin, Leonid A., "Black Alder in Blossom"
70'' x 50'', Oil on Canvas, $15,000

20% Holiday & Sundance Film Festival Discount Continues Through January 20th!


The Gallery will temporarily close January 21st to Febuary 1st as we host events for the annual Sundance Film Festival. This means a lot of work for us as we must move all the paintings out of the Gallery. However it is good news for our collectors! To reduce the number of paintings we must move, the Gallery is offering a 20% discount on all Gallery owned paintings, consigned works by artists are not included in the offer. 

More New Works!

We completed a major re-hang of the Gallery for the Winter season in December and have continued adding new works. The Gallery is full of a variety of never before exhibited works from the Gallery's art vault. The works include landscapes, still lifes, and portraits in all sizes and price ranges by wonderful unknown artists to works by the top masters. The Gallery has also just received new works from Vladimir Fillipov, Olya Cheney, Ken Spencer, Marty Ricks, Margarita Kolobova and Larisa Aukton! 


Plus, we have also placed  many new and especially affordable gems in the treasure chest  


View Some of the New Works...

Ivan Shishkin, Pine Forest (Sukhostoi)

In response to the avant-garde trends in Russian art, which started in the early 1890's and strove to express more complex and delicate states of nature. Shishkin resolutely remained true to himself, changing nothing in his style, honed over the years of hard work. He continued his adherence to strict lines, clarity of form, accurate color relations and remarkable plasticity of brushstroke. 


Shishkin was one of the few artists, whose draftsmanship skills and mastery only improved over years, achieving new highs during each stage of his life as an artist. In the 1890's Shishkin painted a series of famous landscapes. It was during this period, that he reached his creative peak, fully grasping the unique language of nature. Shishkin often turned to painting his beloved pine forest shown here. His mood and spirtitual reflections were inextricably linked with the landscapes he painted.  



Robert Redford's annual Sundance Film Festival returns this year to mark its 30th anniversary. The Festival is the biggest annual independent-film festival held in the United States attracting more than 50,000 cinema fans from around the world. It is 10 days full of movie screenings, parties, celebrities, panel discussions, awards, Hollywood business, and lots of fun!

THE GALLERY WILL BE CLOSED FROM JANUARY 21st to FEBRUARY 1st. We will not participate in the January Gallery Stroll.


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January Silent Auction!auction

Congratulations to M. Mason who placed the winning bid of $1,750 for December's auction painting, "Summer Day", by an amazing artist who made an immense contribution to Russian art of the second half of the 20th Century, Mikhail E. Tkachev. Estimated at $3,500- $4,500.


For our January silent auction we are proud to present a beautiful work by one of the Gallery's favorite artists and one of Russia's most talented up-and-coming artists, Victor Nikolaevich Butko, "After the Guests Have Gone", valued at $4,000-$5,000.  A similar work by Victor Butko was sold recently for $5,700.


Victor came to our attention as a student of the Tkachev Brothers and Grigori Chaianikov. Butko, comes from an artistic family, and has spent much of his life at the Academic Dacha learning and studying the great masters there. He is the next generation of Russian impressionistic artists. His paintings are ripe for the seasoned collector or to begin building a collection.

Don't miss this great opportunity to add a wonderful work by a highly acclaimed artist to your collection!  The current high bid is just $1,000! The next bid is $1,250 followed by minimum bidding increments of $250.
We invite you to participate in this month's auction and thank everyone who placed bids last month. Please note that you may place a maximum bid and the Gallery will bid on your behalf up to your maximum. By placing a maximum bid you will be assured you are not out bid at the last minute. Bids will be taken via telephone, fax, or e-mail until 7:00 pm, Tuesday FEBRUARY 3RD due to our closure for the Sundance Film Festival. Follow all the bidding updates on the Gallery's web site.
Victor Nikolaevich Butko, "The Guests Have Gone"
 39'' x 31'', 2006, Oil on Canvas
Estimate $4,000-5,000, Current Bid, $1,000, L. Irvine

About the Artist


The Thomas Kearns McCarthey Gallery is pleased and honored to be able to represent the work of Victor N. Butko, scion of a great family of Russian artists. In the tradition of his ancestors, Butko paints with exquisite artistry and sensitivity, portraying the singular beauty of his country's landscape and its people.


Victor Nikolaevich Butko is the youngest Russian artist the Thomas Kearns McCarthey Gallery has ever represented. We are proud to have his art in our Gallery, as Victor is the heir to the legacy of greatness in Russian Impressionistic art. It was almost five years ago that legendary Russian artists Alexei and Sergei Tkachev introduced us to Victor Butko. The Tkachevs have known Victor since he was a child. Butko was born into a family of artists. Victor's grandfather and mother received many honors as artists and have participated in exhibitions around the world. The young Butko spent summers at the family country house at the village of Academic Dacha. The Academic Dacha is half way between St. Petersburg and Moscow and has been a summer painting refuge for generations of Russian artists. It is here that, at eight years of age, Butko was first noticed by the grand patriarch brothers of Russian Impressionism. The Tkachevs closely followed the development and career of Victor guiding and mentoring him along the way.


On one of our many visits to Academic Dacha, the Tkachevs invited us to meet Victor. Together we traveled to the small house and studio of the Butko family. Grigoriy Chainikov joined us. Completely unannounced, we knocked on the door. The young artist was surprised and disarmed by the unexpected attention. Taking charge, Sergei Tkachev began grabbing Butko's paintings and extolling the talent of a young, red-faced artist. Tkachev said that Butko's work was the next generation of greatness. Following in the footsteps of the work of the Tkachev Brothers, then next in Grigoriy Chainikov, the mantle of Russian Impressionism would fall to Victor. Tkachev extolled Butko saying that he was quite comfortable with leaving the burden of Russian Impressionism in the talented hands of Victor Nikolaevich Butko. Ever since, Butko has been growing as an artist and creating new jewels in the tradition of Russian Impressionism. Unquestionably, he is fulfilling the prophecy of Sergei Tkachev.


If you have or are building a serious Russian collection, a painting by Victor Butko would make a great addition. For example, a Tkachev Brothers painting might easily sell for $150,000. The next generation, a Grigoriy Chainikov painting might sell for $50,000, but the work of the young artist, Victor Butko, now sells for about $6,000! The exceptional quality and pricing make for a great chance to start or augment a Russian Impressionistic collection. 


Victor Nikolaevich Butko, b. 1978


Butko was born in 1978 in Moscow into a veritable artistic dynasty. Several generations of the family were well known artists, including his grandfather, Nikaolai Konstantinovich Chulovich and great-uncle Viktor Konstatinovich Chulovich (both graduates of the Imperial Stroganov Art School), as well as Honored Art Worker of Russia Viktor Nikolaevich Chulovich (a wonderful landscape painter who was a student of P.I. Petrovichev), and of course his own parents, Nikolai Butko and Marina Chulovich. 


From early childhood, Butko was involved in the creative work of his family. His first art lessons were given to him by his parents. His grandfather also greatly influenced his work, especially painting  landscapes. Butko's still life painting style was developed from exposure to an incredible collection of beautiful objects to be found in the family's studio. There was a collection of antique items which his grandfather brought back from numerous trips around the country: Russian and Uzbek samovars, wicker baskets, pitchers, jugs, etc. Butko painted these for his first still-life works. 


In 1989, Butko entered the Moscow Academy Art Lyceum under the supervision of the Russian Academy of Arts where he studied watercolor and oil painting. In 1994, he took part in his first art exhibition, in the Art Lyceum Students' Exhibition at the Central House of Art Workers. Two years later, he took part at the Lyceum exhibition which was held at the Tretyakov Gallery.
After graduation from art school, Butko went to Vishny Volochok, not far from the Academic country house for painters, where he continued to study painting, being especially influenced by the works of A.M. and A.A. Gritsai, and N. Fedeosov. In 1997, he was able to spend the summer with A.N. Gritsai, an experience that greatly influenced Butko professionally.
In 1997, Butko also took part in the exhibition of Moscow Art Union at its gallery in Krymsky Val, and afterwards became a Member of the Moscow Art Union. Butko's work is exhibited at galleries throughout Russia.  


1994 - The exhibition of the MacAL students in the Central House of Art Workers.

1996 - The exhibition of the MacAL students in the State Tretyakov Gallery.

1997 - Autumn exhibition of MAU in the Central Art Gallery in Krimsky Val.

1998 - The Family exhibition at the municipal gallery in Naro-Fominsk.

1998 - The regional exhibition "Moscow-St. Petersberg", the Central Art Gallery.

1998 - The exhibition of self-portrait in the CAG.

1999 - The All-Russian exhibition "The Autumn in Boldino", dedicated to the memory of A.S. Pushkin

2000 - The Family exhibition at the "Zamoskvorechy Gallery".

2000 - The All-Russian exhibition "In the Name of God in the CAG".

2001 - The Family exhibition in the Central House of Art Workers, the exhibition of the young painters of MAU, dedicated to the anniversary of the Moscow House of Artist.

New Worksnew

Here are just a small sample of works that are available at the 20% off Holiday discount. Stop by the gallery or visit our website for more. 
Safonov, Veniamin A., "Winter Village",  25'' x 33'', 1970's, Oil on Board, $5,900
Gulyaev, Alexander G., "Before the Trip", 19'' x 27'', 1969, Oil on Board,  $12,500
Kabanov, Viktor P., "Girlfriends", 19'' x 27'', 1958, Oil on Board, $3,500
Vedeneyev, Sergei N., "Ice on the River", 19'' x 27'', 1967, Oil on Board,  $3,500
Nepomnyaschy, Boris A., "Outskirts of Minsk", 58'' x 52'', 1959, Oil on Canvas, $12,000
Bazhenov, Vsevolod Andreevich, "Old Ladoga",  26'' x 19'', 1983, Oil on Board,  $3,500
Savchenkova, Maria Vladimirovna, "Needle Woman",  19'' x 27'', 1965, Oil on Cardboard, $15,000
Sukhov, Aleksandr P., "Landscape with Mountains", 19'' x 27'', 1964, Oil on Board, $4,200
Kozlov, Yakov, I., "Sleigh Ride",  43'' x 78'', 1960, Oil on Canvas, $45,000
Sukhov, Aleksandr P.,"In the Mountains of Dagestan", 20'' x 27'', 1959, Oil on Board, $3,900
Smirnov, Yuri A., "Great Ustug, Spring is Coming", 19'' x 27'', 1968, Oil on Board, $1,900
"Oak Grove", 1887

Life and Career


 Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin (1832 - 1898) 

Ivan Shishkin showed his skills in drawing at a very young age and was said to be never part from his pencil. He was born into a merchant family and his father was reluctant to allow him to enter art school. But at age 20 he was able to convince his father. He enrolled in 1852 at the Moscow School of Painting and Sculpture. Now hailed a National Artist in his homeland, he graduated from the St. Petersburg Imperial Academy of Arts with a Gold Medal for his "View of Valaam Island, Kukko." He was also awarded a three-year art scholarship and he traveled around Europe to study etching, lithography, painting and drawing mostly in Switzerland and Germany. Five years after his graduation, he became a professor of painting at his alma mater, where he taught art classes from 1873 to 1898.


His exeptional and intricate painting style was attributed to his analytical studies of his natural surroundings. While he was popularly known for his forest landscapes, Shishkin was also a very proficient print maker and draftsman.


"Rain in an Oak Forest", 1891
"The Rocky Landscape", 1879

Some of Ivan Shishkin's finest landscapes were painted in his dacha in Vyra, which was close to St. Petersburg. There he painted through all the seasons. Shishkin died in 1898. He was working on a new painting in St. Petersburg when he died.


In 1978 Soviet astronomer Lyudmila Zhuravlyova discovered a minor planet, which was given the name 3558 Shishkin in his honor.

Beech Forest in Switzerland, 1863

During his career, Shishkin was able to produce landscape paintings in the hundreds and thousands of studies and drawings. He also did quite a large amount of engravings in his lifetime. Most of his works were bought by Pavel Tretyakov, a Russian art collector and founder of the Tretykov Gallery in Moscow.


Although he only concentrated on a narrow range of subjects for his landscapes, Shishkin was a very successful artist during his time and was esteemed highly in the 19th century as one of the greatest landscape painters in Russia. He placed little concern on interpretation, romanticism or narrative in his works. Instead, he painted what his trained eyes saw, thus the natural beauty of nature was forever captured on canvas. But it was relatively slow work because he was notoriously concerned about details, which was evidenced by the countless analytical studies he made prior to commencing the actual painting. This trait, however, was what set him apart from his fellow Russian artists in the 19th century.

"Rye Field",  1878, The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

Aside from painting, Shishkin was a drawing master. His drawings went through the same process as his paintings, which resulted in numerous studies. It was said that before Shishkin came into the art scene, no other artist was able to show the beauty of Russia's countryside. Even fellow artist and mentor Ivan Kramskoy recognized his exceptional skill, saying that Ivan Shishkin was a "school by himself." The charcoal and chalk drawings he created late in his career were expressive and dramatic.

"Morning in a Pine Forest",1889, The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

Shishkin's last completed painting was "Grove of Ship Timber" which he finished in 1898. It showed the grove of ship-building timber in Afonasov, which was near his birthplace, Yelabuga.


Most of the artist's works can be seen at the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg and at the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. There are also several works in museums throughout Russia and the former Soviet Republics.

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