December 2014
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Mikhail E. Tkachev, "Summer Day"
21'' x 26'', 1950, Oil on Board
Estimate $3,500- 4,500, Current Bid, $750 P. DeBoalt

December Silent Auction 


For our December silent auction we are proud to present a wonder work "Summer Day", by an "Honored Artist of Russia- 1998", Mikhail E. Tkachev. Estimated at $3,500 to $4,500.

Mikhail E. Tkachev is a treasure of Russian art! Paintings by Mikhail Evdokimovich Tkachev hang in Tretyakov Gallery- Moscow, The State Russian Museum and numerous other important museums. 

His art and view of the world were shaped by the tumultuous times in which he lived. Born five years before the Bolsheviks overthrew the Czar in 1917, he lived through the civil war, the collectivization and purges of Stalin, the cataclysmic Great Patriotic war where 20 million of his fellow citizens died, the great show trials and labor camps after the war, the success of communism during the Khrushchev era, then finally experiencing the decline and fall of Communism and its chaotic aftermath.

Mikhail Evdokimovich was a witness to all of this amazing history. His time affected his psyche and of course, his art. His calm, serene landscapes were a therapy-- a reminder of how the world should be.



Victorov, S.P. "New Year"
35'' x 25'', 1960, Oil on Canvas



Looking for a gift for yourself or a loved one that will last for generations?
Consider the gift of fine art this holiday season.

We have just completed a major re-hang of the gallery for the Winter season and the Gallery boasts a variety of never-before-exhibited works from the Gallery's vault. The works include landscapes, still lifes, and portraits in all sizes and price ranges by wonderful unknown artists to works by the top masters. The Gallery has also just received new works from Vladimir Fillipov, Olya Cheney, Ken Spencer, Marty Ricks, Margarita Kolobova and Larisa Aukton! 


We have also added many new and very affordable gems to the treasure chest. These small works along with any of our Russian hand crafted ornaments, nesting dolls, and lacquer boxes, make perfect stocking stuffers.     


The best part is, as the McCarthey Gallery's gift to you, we are offering a 20% discount on all works through January 20th, 2015, when we will temporarily close the Gallery for the annual Sundance Film Festival.   
New Work from the Art Vault, Valentin P. Khohrin, "Building New Houses"
36¼'' x 61'', 1951, Oil on Canvas,  $25,000

View Some of the New Works by Vladimir Fillipov, Olya Cheney & Marty Ricks...

Christie's sells Valentin Serov's masterwork Portrait of Maria Zetlin for $14.5 million!
London, November Results


The fall of the ruble and effect of economic sanctions had a noticeable effect on last month's Russian Auctions in London (November 24-26). Almost 1,300 lots were offered, yielding total sales of £40.5 million - down 37% on last Summer's Auction Week, and the lowest total since Summer 2012. 


It was not all gloom, however, the market is still solid with five works selling for over £1m and Valentin Serov's 1910 Portrait of Maria Zetlin sold for the extraordinary sum of £9.2 million ($14.5 million), smashing the auction record for the artist and setting a new world record for the most expensive painting ever sold in a Russian art sale." The painting was sold after intense bidding between four collectors and eventually went to an anonymous telephone bidder.  Christie's also sold "Portrait of Aleksandr Tikhonov" by Yuri Annenkov for £4 million along with a 

Sotheby's sale was led by a £1.3 million ($2 million) result for a Boris Kustodiev cityscape of a Crimean village and Zinaida Serebriakova's Reclining Nude fetched £700,000 ($1.1 million). MacDougalls had top sales with Roerich's "And We Continue Fishing" at £1.23 million ($1.9 million) and Ivan Shishkin's "Pine Forest" at .£1.22 million ($1.9) million.

The State Hermitage Museum (Winter Palace)
May 11th to 23rd & July

With Dr. Vern Swanson


There are numerous tours to Russia and many people who can take you there. However, there are very few who know the splendor of Russia like Dr.Vern Swanson, America's preeminent Russian art scholar and the Thomas Kearns McCarthey Gallery. We have been leading small private tours to Russia since 1981. We know Russia--and we know Russian art.


It has been a couple of since our last tour and we are organizing a small private group of Russian art enthusiasts for a behind the scenes view of Russia and its astonishing art. We will visit the imperial Capitol of St Petersburg, the power Capital of Moscow and travel to the village Prislonikha, the birth place of Arkady Alexandrovich Plastov. While there we will be hosted by Plastov's grandson, Nikolai Plastov and Dr. Swanson will present a lecture on the life of the great Russian master


Deer Valley Resort and Stein Eriksen Lodge World Ski Award "Best" Awards


Congratulations to Park City's Deer Valley Resort on being awarded United States' Best Ski Resort by the World Ski Awards and Stein Eriksen Lodge brings home the World's Best Ski Hotel award.


Following a year-long voting process from leading ski tourism professionals worldwide, as well as hundreds of thousands of ski consumers from 127 countries, Deer Valley Resort and Stein Eriksen Lodge won the distinction among a short list of USA finalists during the 2014 World Ski Awards the weekend of November 21-23, 2014, in Kitzbühel, Austria.

Varianskaya, V. O , "Village Landscape"
13'' x 18½'', Oil on Board, $550

Friday, December 26th
This month's Gallery Stroll is not to missed! Main Street is decked out in Park City's holiday best and the Gallery has never looked better after a major re-hanging for the season. The Gallery is full of fresh works from the Gallery's vault plus fantastic new works by some of the Gallery's favorite artists.  

The Gallery Stroll takes place the last Friday of every month from 6 to 9 pm and is sponsored by the Park City Gallery Association. The stroll takes place from 6 to 9 p.m.

Enjoy the newsletter and Happy Holidays!


Stephen Justesen, Gallery Director


December Silent Auction!auction

Congratulations to C. Neilson who placed the winning bids for November's auction painting, "On the Rest", by the premier landscape artist, Mikhail Vasilievich Akinshin.for just, $1,250 estimated at $4,000- $5,000.


For our December silent auction we are proud to present a beautiful work "Summer Day", by an "Honored Artist of Russia- 1998", Mikhail Evdokimovich Tkachev. Estimated at $3,500 to $4,500.

Mikhail E. Tkachev is a treasure of Russian art! His art and view of the world were shaped by the tumultuous times in which he lived. Born five years before the Bolsheviks overthrew the Czar in 1917, he lived through the civil war, the collectivization and purges of Stalin, the cataclysmic Great Patriotic war where 20 million of his fellow citizens died, the great show trials and labor camps after the war the success of communism during the Khrushchev era (in 1959 the Soviet Union produced double the amount of steel than the USA and of course the first to get an astronaut in space in 1961), then finally experiencing the decline and fall of Communism and its chaotic aftermath.

Mikhail Evdokimovich was a witness to all of this amazing history. His time affected his psyche and of course, his art. His calm, serene landscapes were a therapy-- a reminder of how the world should be.

Don't miss this great opportunity to add a wonderful work by a highly acclaimed artist to your collection! A Similar work by Mikhail E. Tkachev recently sold at Claude Aguttes Auction house in Paris for over $9,000! The current high bid is just $750. The next bid is $1,000 followed by minimum bidding increments of $250.

We invite you to participate in this month's auction and thank everyone who placed bids last month. Please note that you may place a maximum bid and the Gallery will bid on your behalf up to your maximum. By placing a maximum bid you will be assured you are not out bid at the last minute. Bids will be taken via telephone, fax, or e-mail until 6:00 pm, Wednesday December 31st. Follow all the bidding updates on the Gallery's web site.
Mikhail E. Tkachev, "Summer Day"
21'' x 26'', 1950, Oil on Board
Estimate $3,500- 4,500, Current Bid, $750 P. DeBoalt

Throughout the life of Mikhail Evdokimovich remained true to his innate sense of self-esteem and most importantly to his art. Michael Antonovich pays great attention to color, finding harmony and balance in his color palette. "American art critics characterize the work of Mikhail Tkachev as Russian academic impressionism following the path of classical realism. The purpose of his painting is the disclosure of the beauty of life and the soul of a strong, complete man.


"In 1988, the Union of Artists in St. Petersburg held a jubilee exhibition for Mikhail Evdokimovich. One review exhibition stated: "For Michael Evdokimovich  Tkachev - the most important aspect of his art is his ability to reflect the world as seen through his eyes, his time and his experiences. The Master often time hiding in his work deep metaphors of the joyful enthusiastic, disturbing and sad experiences of life."

Mikhail Evdokimovich Tkachev, (1912- 2008) 

(Russian: Михаи́л Евдоки́мович Ткачё́в) 


Translated from the original Russian


Mikhail Evdokimovich Tkachev was born November 10, 1912, in the large cossack stanitsa of Kalach, Voronezh Province, Russian Empire, located deep inside Russia at the confluence of the Tolucheyevka River and Podgornaya. Ninety years ago, Kalach was not even a town - just a beautiful Cossack village on the black soil not far from Voronezh.


After the Civil War, southern Russia was in ruins and in 1929 Mikhail's family moved to the city of Armavir, Once at the market in Armavir, Tkachev met a young boy selling pictures painted on pieces of veneer. For the 17-year-old Tkachev, it was a crucial meeting.  He asked the boy to show him how he painted his pictures. The boy gave Tkachev some advice and mentioned a painting school in Armavir.  The very next day Tkachev began painting himself and in 1930 entered the Artistic and Technical School, It was the beginning of his artistic career, as Tkachev himself recalls.


The young Tkachev studied so well that it took him only two years instead of four to finish the course. He graduated in 1932. His art teacher, V. I. Durnovo, gave him glowing  recommendations.


In 1932 Tkachev moved to Leningrad, now St. Petersburg, where he attended evening classes at Tavricheskaya Art School, and later at the Art Studio of the Leningrad House of Officers of the Red Army. His instructors were the famous soviet masters I. I. Brodsky, M. I. Avilov, and  P. S. Naumov.  Tkachev says, "It was due to their masterful instruction that I developed as an artist, carrying through all my life's traditions of the Russian realistic school."


In 1939-1945 Mikhail Tkachev fought in for Red Army in the Winter War (1939-1940) and in the Great Patriotic War, (WWII). He was wounded in the war and received several military awards.


The War deeply influenced Tkachev's painting.  However, the war theme only indirectly comes through in his works, Only when the pain and memories of the war was dulled a little bit with time did Tkachev begin to paint works related to the War.


Tkachev depicts not a "picture perfect land, but land the way it really is: uncombed and a bit wild, breathing with spring, then blooming, withering by the scorching sun, solemnly fading away into the wintry reserve."


Tkachev's portraits can be divided into two groups. One contains portraits in which most attention is given to the psychological details of a person being painted. These are gala portraits.  The other group is more numerous.  To this group belong portrait paintings by which the artist was trying to reflect personality, posture, and gesture.  The best searches in this area can be seen in numerous portraits of the people close to the artist - his sister Natasha, mother, father, wife Margarita and daughter Natasha.


A very special place among the Tkachev's works belongs to still life.  His still lifes are very detailed, colorful and bright.  It is very important for the artist to show all the shadows, the very moment when the sunray appears, the nature of the material and combination of lines.


Tkachev's contribution to Russian art of the second half of the 20th Century is considerable.  
Since 1951 Mikhail Tkachev has participated in Art Exhibitions. Painted portraits, landscapes, genre and battle compositions. Solo Exhibitions by Mikhail Tkachev were in Leningrad (1986) and Saint Petersburg (1992).

Mikhail Tkachev is a member of the Saint Petersburg Union of Artists (before 1992 - Leningrad branch of Union of Artists of Russian Federation) since 1952, a Member of Peter's Academy of Sciences and Arts (1995). In 1996, Mikhail Tkachev was awarded the honorary title of Honored Artist of Russian Federation.

Paintings by Mikhail Evdokimovich Tkachev are in Tretyakov Gallery- Moscow, The State Russian Museum-St. Petersburg, History Museum- St. Petersburg,  Naval Museum- St. Petersburg, The defense of Leningrad Museum- St. Petersburg, Artillery Museum- St. Petersburg, Museum of Fine Arts, Kiev, and museums in Armavir, Ivan city Kalach, Krasnoyarsk, as well as in private collections in Russia, France, Finland, Germany, England, Japan and the United States.




1. Exhibition of works by Leningrad artists. 1917-1957. Leningrad: Artist of the RSFSR. 1958.

2. Leningrad. Fine Arts Exhibition. Katalog.- Leningrad: Artist of the RSFSR, 1964.

3. Autumn Exhibition of works by Leningrad artists goda.- Leningrad 1970: Artist of the RSFSR. 1972.

4. Hidden Treasures: Russian and Soviet Impressionism 1930-1970. USA: FFCA Publishing Company.1994.

5. Painting: 1940-1990. The Leningrad School. Catalog vystavki.- St. Petersburg. 1996.

6.  Kononikhin N. arts of Leningrad - St. Petersburg. From private collections. CD-ROM. - SPb. 1998. 

Vladimir V. Filippov,  "Sunny Day" ,23½'' x 35½'', 2011, Oil on Canvas,  $5,500
About half way between Moscow and St. Petersburg close to Tver, is the small village of "Akademichka" (or in English, "Academic Dacha"). It is about 10 kilometers off the main road, nestled in the Russian forest and graced by the shimmering Lake Mistino. The village has been the spiritual heart of Russian art since the village was founded in 1884. It has been the seasonal home of many of the great Russian artists over the last century and a half. The Academic Dacha initially served as a country refuge for impoverished or ailing artists from the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. Overtime, the area increasingly became a favorite with students and professors who came to paint landscapes in the open air. The setting so appealed to artists, that many spent the greater part of their lives there, purchasing small country homes (dachas) nearby. From Repin to Levitan to Kugach and countless other greats, this small village has been painted more and has inspired more great art than any other place in Russia.
Vladimir V. Fillipov, "Spring on the Dubrovka River", 15¾'' x 23½'', 2010, Oil on Board,  $3,500
Even today, in this idyllic setting, many great artists still call Academic Dacha home. The place has been the residence of the legendary Yuri Petrovich Kugach (who painted until the age of 91) since 1951. Over the years, Yuri Petrovich has been a generous mentor to several promising artists. Kugach, who was named one of 'Russia's top twenty artists of the twenty first century' recently introduced us to one of his students. Yuri Petrovich told us that Vladimir Filippov was his finest student ever. Kugach told us that Filippov's soul was imbued with Russia's nature. He said that "while you can teach technique, color and composition---an artist's ability to 'feel' the land is unteachable." Kugach said that the instinct of greatness is genetic and that Filippov has that very rare natural talent.  
Vladimir V. Fillipov, "Horsey",  17¼'' x 23½'', 2011, Oil on Canvas,$3,500
The Master- Yuri Petrovich Kugach


Yuri Kugach is one of the premier 20th century Russian Realist painters. He is known in Russia and around the world for his paintings of the Russian countryside and his amazing skill of depicting space, form and feeling in his paintings. He received the USSR's highest honors for his work, taught at the renowned Surikov Institute of Art in Moscow, and founded the Moscow River School.


Yuri Kugachs' talents were considered so valuable that, during World War Two, the Soviet government evacuated him and ten other artists to Uzbekistan to escape the Nazi onslaught.


In 1951 Yuri moved to the Tver region-renowned for its scenic countryside-to instruct at the House of Artists of Russia. Themes of nature and village life are a powerful and unifying principle in much Russian art. As avant-garde art began to rise in the estimation of critics, to help preserve the realist tradition.    
Vladimir V. Fillipov, "Lonely Fir Tree",  15¾'' x 23½'', 2010, Oil on Board, $3,600
The Apprentice- Vladimir Viktorovich Filippov 


Vladimir V. Filippov was born in 1956 in Vyshniy Volochek.  He spent his childhood in Novoye Kotchische Village, where such famous artists as brothers Sergei & Aleksei Tkachev lived.  It was also not far from the Academic Dacha named after the great painter Ilya E. Repin.  The Academic Dacha is a well-known Art Academy and artist community in Russia, and that creative atmosphere had a great influence on young Vladimir's creative future.  Filippov spent long hours visiting artist's in their studios, admiring great artists and their paintings.  Since childhood Vladimir's dream was to become a great artist.
Vladimir V. Filippov, "The Stream with Morning Sun", 17¾'' x 23½'', 2014, Oil on Canvas, $3,900
But at the beginning, Vladimir's way of life was sidetracked from art. Having graduated from the Railway Collage, he enrolled in the Soviet Army. After his demobilization, he entered the Agricultural Academy. However, he never abandoned his dream to become an artist. Vladimir painted his first water-colored still life from nature in the studio of Nikolai A. Sysoev, who was an honored artist of the Soviet Union. He painted with great vigor under Sysoev's direction. Later on in 1970, he became acquainted with Peter I. Strakhov and Peter's wife Lia A. Ostrovaya, who were famous artists in Leningrad (St. Petersburg). Peter Straknov made great contributions and progress in Vladimir's creative development. Since 1970, Vladimir Filippov has devoted his life to painting full time. He has been an enduring participant of all the local and regional exhibitions since 1980.

Vladimir V. Filippov, "Boy Fishing", 23½'' x 31½'', 2014, Oil on Canvas, $5,300

Since 1990, Filippov has trained and worked under the Russian Realist master Yuri P. Kugach (senior) and his son Mikhail Y. Kugach, who is now head of the Kugach Studio and a full member of the Russian Academy of Arts.  Also, Vladimir has painted in the company of such wonderful artists as Grigory Chainikov and Andrei Zakharov.  These artists and close friends have played an important role in Vladimir's development as an artist.  Filippov is one of the few artists continuing the great tradition of Russian Realistic Art.
Vladimir V. Filippov, "Boy with Knife", 34½'' x 28½'', 2014, Oil on Canvas, $5,500
Vladimir Filippov is a member of the Union of Russian Artists since 2003. His paintings are exhibited in the Museums of Mogilev and Bobruisk (Republic of Byelorussia), in the Museum of Harbin (China), in many private art collections in Russia, Czech Republic, Yugoslavia, Romania, Finland, Germany, China, and the USA.


Vladimir Fillipov in the studio of the late Master, Yuri Petrovich Kugach.

Marty Ricks
Marty Ricks, "Western Sunset", 30'' x 40'', 2014, Oil on Canvas, $6,800
Marty Ricks, "Last Light Palisades Creek"
24'' x 18'', 2014, Oil on Canvas,  $3,100
Marty Ricks, "Winter Morning"
32'' x 24'', 2014, Oil on Canvas,  $4,400

Marty Ricks, "At Days End", 30'' x 40'', 2014, Oil on Canvas, $6,800
Olya Cheney
Olya Cheney,  "Osquthorpe Barn", 24'' x 26'', 2014, Oil on Canvas, $2,000
Olya Cheney, ''Jensen Park, Utah", 18'' x 24'', 2014, Oil on Canvas, $1,150
Olya Cheney, "Autumn Gold"
24'' x 18'', 2014, Oil on Canvas, $1,100
Olya Cheney, "Canyon Trees"
8'' x 10'', 2014, Oil on Canvas, $550

Olya Cheney, "Summer Scent", 8'' x 10'', 2014, Oil on Canvas, $525
Private Russian Art, History & Culture Tour, With Dr. Vern Swanson-

May 11th to 23rd, 2015tour

This will be an amazing tour in which to not only encounter first-hand the splendor, beauty, art, and history that is Russia but also a rare opportunity to meet people, visit artists' studios, and go places few tourists are invited or even allowed!

This will truly be a "once in a lifetime" adventure. Space is very, very limited. We prefer a small group so that the adventure can be more exciting, personal, and educational. In the January and February newsletter I will feature the main tour highlights. If you are interested would like more details, a complete itinerary and cost, please e-mail . 


Note, due to some health issues this may be our last tour with Dr. Swanson.

Palace Square and The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg


St. Petersburg, May 11-16
Depart the USA May 11 for 5 nights in the Cultural Capitol of Russia, May 12, 13, 14, 15 & 16.
  • Russian State Museum of Art
  • The Hermitage (Winter Palace), & Palace Square
  • Repin Institute of Art Gallery
  • Canal boat tour of City 
  • Catherine's Summer Palace in Pushkin
  • St. Isaac's Cathedral and Church of the Spilled Blood
  • Kirov Ballet
  • The Bolshoi St. Petersburg State Circus
  • Visit with Sergei Ivanov of Leningrad School of Art, visit artist's studios
  • Other sites: WWII Siege Museum, Marble Palace of Count Orlov, The Yusupov Palace (where Rasputin was murdered), and shop the Nevsky Prospekt and Gostiny Dvor
  • The State Hermitage Museum (Winter Palace)   In 2014 the Hermitage Museum celebrates 250 years of existence. A new wing of the museum has opened consisting of  800 rooms all dedicated to the art from the 19th to 21st centuries. The opening of this behemoth new wing will make the Hermitage the largest museum in the world.
Ulyanovsk, Volga River & Prislonikha, May 17, 18
Fly from St. Petersburg to Ulyanovsk for two nights, May 17, 18. 
  • Visit Vladimir. I. Lenin's birthplace, Arkady A. Plastov Museum, and the Ulyanovsk Art Museum
  • Night at a Russian house-like Dacha.
  • Visit Arkady Plastov's studio with grandson Kolya and his wife Tatiana Plastov. 

Moscow, May 19- 23 

Fly from Ulyanovosk to Moscow for 4 nights, May 19, 20, 21, 22, returning to the USA on May 23rd.

  • Old and New Tretyakov Gallery of Art
  • Pushkin Museum
  • Institute of Russian Realist Art
  • The Kremlin and Kremlin Museums, including the Armoury Museum, Diamond Fund, Assumption Cathedral and Patriarch's Palace
  • Red Square, Lenin's Mausoleum and St. Basil's Cathedral
  • Church of the Redeemer
  • Visit to Arkady Plastov's studio 
  • Bolshoi Ballet
  • Other sites: visit the unbelievable studio of "Stalin's sculptor"  M. Maniser; the Old Arbat Street, and shop at Izmailovo Park flea-market.
 If you are interested in additional information, please e-mail

Chances are you haven't heard of Vern Swanson. In the recent history of Soviet Realism, however, he is a towering figure. Swanson was recently awarded the Plastov International Prize, for his contributions to the awareness and understanding of Soviet Realism. The Plastov Prize is currently the world's largest art prize, with a cash award of $833,000 (25 million rubles) divided into 21 different categories. It is funded and awarded by the government of the Ulyanovsk region to support artists, scholars, schools, and museums dedicated preserving and exploring, "the diversity of forms of realist art," in honor of Russia's preeminent 20th century Realist, Arkady Plastov.


Beginning in the mid- 19th century when the Wanderers split from the restrictive Imperial Academy, Russia has had a unique tradition of figurative art. Through the 20th century, the tradition of Russian Realism was preserved, largely through the enforced official style of Socialist Realism. In the 1990's, however, as the USSR disintegrated so did state support for Realism. The future of this tradition, still largely invisible to the west, has been uncertain. The Plastov International Prize was established to ensure a vibrant future for the Russian Realist tradition.

Sculpture of Arkady Plastov, Prislonikha
Vern Swanson received the prize for his published works on Soviet Realism, and for his work assembling one of the United States' largest collections of Russian Art. Swanson studied art history at the University of Utah and the Courtauld Institute of Art in London before becoming the head of the Springville Museum of Art in Utah. Beginning in 1991, just as the Iron Curtain fell, Swanson began travelling to the former USSR to investigate Soviet Realism. Initially skeptical, Swanson was overwhelmed by the beauty, technical virtuosity and diversity of Soviet art, and he began putting together a world-class museum collection. At that time, Swanson worked not only for himself, but also on behalf of Ray Johnson, another collector who went on to found the Museum of Russian Art in Minneapolis.


Having contributed to the establishment of the two largest collections of Soviet Realism outside of Russia, Swanson has made an enormous contribution to the preservation of this piece of Russian, Soviet 
and global cultural heritage.


Read more about Swanson's most recent book on Soviet art, "Soviet Impressionist Painting." 

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