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February 2015 Newsletter
OrPATS Secondary Training Site

Clear Creek Middle School continues to provide valuable training to educators wishing to visit an OrPATS Secondary Training Site.  OrPATS has worked alongside Jorie Weinberg for many years. Each year the numbers of visitors to her class increase, and Jorie continues to sustain a program using research-based strategies effectively.


This year Jorie has added a school job routine, "Water Sales" to the list of routines implemented in her class.  In this routine, students sell bottled water to general education students as they are dismissed from P.E.  Jorie's student's have to be prepared as the sales happen for a brief amount of time as student transition to their next class.  A variety of skills need to be taught for her students to complete this routine independently.  Some of the skills being taught in the classroom include the identification and value of money, sorting by categories (the dollar bills and coins), picture sequencing of the routine, the social skills of greeting, stating the price of the water, and handing the water to the students after students have paid.  A variety of instructional strategies have been used to teach these skills including direct instruction, classroom simulations, and teaching within the routine. 



Oregon ASD Program Self-Assessment and Action Plan


The ASD Program Self-Assessment was developed by the Oregon ASD Commission to assist school districts with the following:

  • Analysis and review of current delivery of services and practices;
  • Determine the level of implementation of critical evidence based practices;
  • Develop an action plan for system improvements
The assessment and the online data entry and reporting system can be viewed and accessed through sa.orpats.org.  Regional programs and OrPATS staff are available to help introduce the assessment to school district teams and are available to help facilitate the assessment process. An ASD Program Self-Assessment and Action Plan Information and Training webinar is available for further information about the assessment and the online system. Oregon educators can request a Login for the On-line Self-Assessment by sending an e-mail with your name, role and agency affiliation to information@orpats.org. 



This project is a collaboration between the Oregon Department of Education, Oregon Autism Spectrum Disorders Commission, Oregon Regional Programs and Oregon Program Autism Training Sites and Supports.

Peer Power!

Bring peer power into your classroom by creating activities and lessons that can be guided by peers.   Peers can be used as tutors to assist instructors with individual or group academic lessons plans.  Peers can also be used to expand social interactions between students with ASD and their classmates.  


The National Autism Center's National Standards Report identified Peer Training Packages as an established intervention for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  The focus of these interventions is teaching peers to sustain play and social interactions with classmates. Goals include increasing the frequency of interactions between peers and children with ASD and reducing adults' support during these interactions to create more natural interactions (Neitzel, J., Boyd, B., Odom, S. L., & Edmondson Pretzel, R. 2008). 


Preplanning activities and providing peers "checklists" can save time and give the peers important information needed to play and socialize with classmates with special needs.

  1. Schedule "buddy-time" every day at a consistent time and location.
  2. Create and organize activities that appeal to peers and a wide-range of learner abilities.
  3.  Place the activities in tubs or bins with all materials organized for easy access.
  4. Prepare 8-10 activities and rotate the activities throughout the month.  Students will be excited about the activity if they only have access to the activity two or three times per month.
 Click here to learn more about the National Standards Report.


The Oregon Program Autism Training Sites and Supports (OrPats) project brings evidence-based practices to Oregon schools throughout the state. More than 40 training sites have been established in Oregon public schools in each region of the state and across all grade levels.
OrPATS Presents at OCALICON 
In November, Dr. Joel Arick was able to present on the OrPATS Project and capacity building initiatives in Oregon.  Additionally, Dr. Arick participated in the National Autism Leadership Summit (NALS).  NALS gathers leaders from multiple systems of services and supports to promote networking and information sharing across various levels of scale, perspective, and location. 
Click here to see a pprtion of the OrPATS Presentation.  
In collaboration with Oregon Regional Programs, the OrPATS project has presented over 30 workshops this school year! Over 700 educators across the state have participated in the training's.  
Upcoming Workshops

Parent Training for Preschool

Serving Students with Autism in General Education Settings:
A Training for Special Educators

Evidence-Based Practices
for Pre-K and Elementary
Evidence-Based Practices for Middle and High School
These workshop's have been provided in many of the 8 regions across the state this year! Continue to check the OrPATS website for scheduled training's. 
Reimbursement Requests
Remember to submit your reimbursement request for substitute time for an OrPATS workshop or training site visit you participated in this year. There is a limited amount of funds available on a first come first serve basis.  Please click here to download the reimbursement request form. Please submit your request prior to the workshop or training. 
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