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September 2014 Newsletter
Back to School!

Ashlee Yokom, the teacher at an OrPATS training site in Beaverton, starts the year off with helping parents understand the arrival routine their students do each day! Ashlee uses a classroom blog to give parents information about the routine and her expectation of the students. She also shows pictures of how the morning routine is structured. The areas where the students need to put their materials are clearly marked with icons and on their desk sits the student's daily visual schedule. It's a great way to get the year started! 




Visit Ashlee's blog for more ideas!

Resources for General Education Teachers


Need additional resources to assist general educators serving students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)?  OrPATS now has an on-line training tool that will help support general education teachers.  It consists of two virtual learning modules which include multimedia presentations on the learning characteristics of students with ASD and practical solutions for the classroom setting.  The "Teacher Tools" module includes downloadable visual supports for quick and easy use with students.  Half day workshops are now taking place in each region.  The workshops are conducted as a trainer of trainer model so that special education staff can take the resource back to help support general education teachers.  Additional information about this resource is available by viewing a short webinar.  


Click here to view the webinar


Early Childhood Research Study

A recent peer reviewed journal article was published in the Autism Research and Treatment Journal.  The researchers examined whether using a curriculum based assessment as a supplemental assessment alongside a standardized assessment was helpful in determining the benefits of early intervention programming for children with autism spectrum disorder. 


Click here to read more regarding this study and to link to the research journal article. 

Transitioning Between Activities
Reminders for Secondary Programs
high five

Transitioning between activities is an important routine to work on at the beginning of the year. Independently finishing one activity and moving on to the next task at hand can be a challenge for many of our students. Continue reading for suggestions on working on this critical routine! 
Click here to download a sample task analysis and visual supports for assisting your students with transitions!


Additional information regarding Transitioning Between Activities can be found in the Autism Internet Modules (AIM) under Autism in the Classroom.

Changing Behaviors by Changing the Classroom Environment

The beginning of the school year provides the opportunity to consider the classroom environment as a way to address challenging behaviors in a positive proactive manner.  The July/August 2010 edition of Teaching Exceptional Children provides a list of "reminders" on arranging the classroom environment for student success:

  •  Provide areas of personal space
  •  Make a clear distinction between individual  versus group areas
  •  Clear pathways between students and high trafficked areas
  •  Organize areas by adding shelves, labels for materials and clearly marked  areas for personal belongings

Modifications made within the classroom is a preventative strategy that may help decrease problem behavior and allow students to access their learning without interruption.  


Reimbursement Requests
Remember to submit your reimbursement request for substitute time for an OrPATS workshop or training site visit you participated in this year. Please click here to download the reimbursement request form. Please submit your request prior to the workshop or training. 
Upcoming Workshops

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