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February 2014 Newsletter
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The OrPATS Project provides training and support to school districts throughout Oregon to implement evidence-based practices with students with autism. Through this process the project has established 40 training sites and a network of coaches providing an on-site learning experience for school district staff.  This unique Oregon network of training sites and coaches has been established in every region of the state and at every grade level. Since 2003 over 80% of the OrPATS sites established continue to train others.


In addition to maintaining the current network of Oregon training sites, goals for 2013-2015 also include:

  • Establishing new training sites where needed 
  • Creating twenty-five new implementation teams, across all eight regions of the state, through the Autism Teams Project
  • Providing an on-line resource for educators to support students in general education settings  
  • Collaborating with the Oregon Autism Commission to implement recommendations
  • Developing an On-line version of the ASD Program Self-Assessment and Action Plan  
  • Collaborating with Regional ASD Programs and Autism Specialists to implement the Oregon State-wide plan for ASD
  • On-going collection of student outcome data and fidelity of implementation data at OrPATS sites
Implementing Evidence-based Practices for 
Middle/High School Students

February 28, 2014
Salem, OR

March 3, 2014
Hillsboro, OR

March 11, 2014
Albany, OR

Click here for registration information. Continue to check the website for information about future workshops in your region. 

If you have attended an OrPATS workshop, follow-up webinars are now available for viewing on topics presented at the workshops.
Click here to login and access the webinars. For your convenience, webinars can be  viewed at any time.

Since 2003 the RPATS project has supported Oregon school districts in serving students with ASD.  Recently the name changed to OrPATS (Oregon Program Autism Training Sites and Supports) to better reflect the project goals.  

Each year the project collects student outcome data for those students receiving services in the training site classrooms.  Data collected has consistently shown positive student outcomes.  Information is available on the OrPATS website on student outcome data throughout the years.  This year student outcome data will be collected for students at the secondary level.  The website will be updated periodically as the outcome data becomes available

Oregon ASD Program Self-Assessment
The Oregon Autism Commission has developed the ASD Program Self-Assessment and Action Plan. The OrPATS Project is working to develop an electronic version of the assessment. In collaboration with the Department of Education and the Oregon Autism Commission, OrPATS will pilot the process with one or two school districts in each region of the state. 
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Need to request reimbursement for substitute time for an OrPATS workshop or training site visit?

Substitute release time is available on a first come, first serve basis. At this time there continues to be money available to reimburse school districts for substitutes when staff are attending trainings or visiting training sites. 

Click here to download the reimbursement request form.
The form provides more information and instructions on how to submit your request.   Please note that the form needs to be submitted prior to the training to ensure that the request will be approved.
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