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Henry Freedman: Imagining New Worlds

August 8 - September 21, 2013


Tourists Abroad

MMAC presents innovative collages and constructions by Missoula artist Henry Freedman. Collage appropriates and re-contextualizes source materials and Freedman combines the austerity of Constructivism with the fantasy of Surrealism. The artist incorporates toys, letters, photographs, fine art prints, books and other objects. Freedman is professor emeritus of art history from Keene State College in New Hampshire. His artwork references a vast knowledge of art history, passion as a collector and love of travel.



Four Collections

August 8 - September 21, 2013 



This exhibition focuses on four outstanding regional collections that celebrate the richness of international culture and Montana. Included are superb baskets and objects from Canadian and Northwest Tribes courtesy of a Private Collection, exquisite Czech and Slovakian prints from the J. Scott Patnode Collection, exciting Montana contemporary art from the Ruth and Kim Reineking Collection and world-class cameo glass from the Toba Winston Collection. 


Banner image: Henry Freedman, Drummer in Eden, detail, mixed media, 2012, courtesy of the artist


Image top: Henry Freedman, Tourists Abroad, mixed media, 2012, courtesy of the artist


Image bottom: Nu-Chul-Nulth, Spruce Root Baskets, courtesy of a Private Collection




Tuesday, September 10, 7pm, Masquer Theater

Artist's talk with Henry Freedman

Saturday, September 14, 12pm, Paxson Gallery

Gallery tour with artist Henry Freedman limited to

28 people, RSVP at 243-2019

All events are open to the public. Docent tours available upon request.



Henry Freedman           

Brandon Reintjes, MMAC Curator of Art interview with artist Henry Freedman 


Q- So, Henry, your exhibition is meeting with great success. Can you tell our audience how you select your subject matter?

A- Well, at risk of being repetitive, I don't select subject matter. I don't begin my collages with an idea. I begin with an emotional response to materials-a graphic response to old ledgers, the color of old paper. Then, I arrange the materials.  The first part of my process is formal. As I add more material, the subject matter begins to suggest itself.

Q- But you do have consistent themes that emerge as subjects, don't you?

A- I do, but these are subconscious rather than conscious choices. I believe that on the subconscious level, all things are connected-sadness, happiness, etc.  On the conscious level, we filter these contradictions out to create a certain track, a narrative. When I juxtapose illogical images, my reality is fooled and I can go deeper into my subconscious to explore the mysterious. I believe that art that has no mystery behind its reality is merely decorative.  The mystery exists despite content or subject matter. You don't have to be a practicing Catholic to appreciate the mystery of the Madonna and Child.  The mysterious makes us more human.

Q- But when we visit these sacred spaces and view an altarpiece, aren't we responding to the artist's proficiency, the way in which the human form is depicted, the artist's facility with light?

A- Yes, craft does have something to do with it. In my work I hope that there is a beauty created by the relations of the parts. Formal relations create beauty, even if the subject matter is ugly. But mystery is what makes it art.

Q- What then is the relationship between beauty and the mysterious?

A- They are both at the core of the human condition. Beauty is the expression of the mystery. If we don't experience beauty, we are not fully realized human beings.

Q- Henry, thank you for taking the time to talk with us. We look forward to your Artist's Talk on September 10th!


 Photo: Henry Freedman




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Maria Blanchard           

October 3, 2013 - February 8, 2014


Figurative Modernists: Picasso, Chagall and other Masterpieces from a Private Collection 


This exhibition focuses on the power of the figure. Committed to offering the highest quality art by world-renowned artists, MMAC will present Modernist paintings and sculptures by major 19th and early 20th century artists. Included are works by Jean Arp, María Blanchard, Marc Chagall, Giorgio De Chirico, Sonia Delaunay, Leon De Smet, Barbara Hepworth, Fernand Léger, André Masson,Jean Metzinger, Pablo Picasso and Georges Rouault. This exhibition will examine Modernism as it links visual art with music, dance, opera and literature, through movements including Surrealism, Art Deco, Fauvism, Constructivism, Cubism and Expressionism.


Modernist Prints


Designed to complement Figurative Modernists, this exhibition illustrates the interdisciplinary approach of Modernism, focusing on the intersection of the visual and literary arts. This exhibition combines selections from the MMAC Permanent Collection with select loans to highlight rare etchings and lithographs by Marc Chagall, Le Corbusier, Aristide Maillol, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Georges Rouault and Jean Signovert among others. Many of the selections are by artists who worked with famous publishers and authors, such as Ambrose Vollard, Fernand Moulot and Henry Kahnweiler, to create original artworks for literary publications. 


 Image: Maria Blanchard, Le Joueur De Luth/The Lute Player, ca. 1917-1918, oil on canvas, 36 1/4 x 28 3/4 inches, Courtesy of a Private Collection


ARTWORK OF THE MONTH - Now in the UM President's office

  Sandy Ingersoll                       

The Montana Museum of Art & Culture is one of the state's oldest and most prominent cultural reserves.  The core holdings of MMAC's Permanent Collection include works of art that denote the aesthetic development of the Rocky Mountain West, historic European works, Southeast Asian collections, American Impressionist works, contemporary Native American art, important ceramics works and public art sited across the campus.  Ranging from historical to contemporary, this collection includes outstanding pieces by diverse artists.

Each month the Montana Museum of Art & Culture highlights artworks from the Permanent Collection.


This month's feature: 

Titled: Pack Train, no date

Artist: Sandy Ingersoll

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size:  24 x 32 inches

Gift of Helen I. Cappadocia, MMAC Permanent Collection


Currently on display at the University of Montana President's Office reception area in Main Hall.  Office hours are M-F 8am to 5pm