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    • GA ranks #9 in US for best states for starting a business; "Entrepreneur Friendly" cited (Entrepreneur.com 5/13) 
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Should You Spend Your Time and Money on Facebook? Five Questions to Ask Yourself
Thursday, January 23 at 1:00 p.m. EST

Facebook has publicly admitted that organic reach for businesses will fall in 2014.  Should you stay on the social site and pay to show up in your fans newsfeed or look for higher ground?

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Naming and Trademarking: Creating Your Brand's First Impression
Thursday, January 30 at 1:00 p.m. EST

Naming is widely thought to be a purely creative process where people drink coffee and brainstorm.  Anyone who has tried this methodology to develop a brand name has probably found it to be rather ineffective.  During this webinar, you'll learn hose to name your product/company - the right way.  Hint: it doesn't start with naming. 

Equally as important as establishing a name is preotecting its trademark.  Many small businesses overlook these important steps in creating and secruing their brand.  This webinar is intended to demystify the name development and trademark process for small businesses and entrepreneurs.  
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Your Email Address Says a Lot About You
SBDC Corner


A lot of business owners don't understand that their email address is part of their company's branding.


Let's say George Washington is president of ABC Services, Inc.  I can't tell you how many times I've seen an email address that looked something like this:


abcservices@gmail.com or washington1776@comcast.net


If your business email looks like one of these, then you (and your company) don't look any different from the guy selling a used refrigerator on Cragslist.  It will be hard for your customers and vendors to take you seriously.


We recommend that business owners get a website for their businesses and then link their email to it. 


For example, if your company is ABC Services, Inc., try to get the web domain abcservices.com, or something similar that will be meaningful to your customers.  Then, set up your email using first initials and last names.  Be professional about it. 


Now, if George follows this type of methodology, his email address will look like this:




I think most people will agree that this creates a lot more professional image than the ones above.  And, it continues (aka repeats) the branding of ABC Services, Inc.


Also, we suggest that you not try to be cute with george@abcservices.com or GW@abcservices.com.  These types of email addresses make it harder for your customer/vendor to know who he's dealing with.  And, they may come across as something done by a high school or college kid.



Keep reading at: http://ugasbdcrome.wordpress.com/2013/06/10/pearce-your-email-address-says-a-lot-about-you/


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