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March 2015
Patient Safety Awareness Week is Happening Now! 


This week, we join thousands of patients, providers, purchasers, and business coalitions in celebrating the 2015 Patient Safety Awareness Week, led by the National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF). This year's theme is "United in Safety."  


"From patients to care providers, from the front lines to the executive suite, from the patient and family advocate to the corporate solutions provider - we are all united in the goal of keeping patients and those who care for them free from harm."  

So stand with us and challenge the status quo on patient safety. Use hashtag #PSAW2015 on Twitter, join a special Twitter Chat (#PSAWunited) Wednesday, March 11 at 8:30pm ET, and tune in to a free webcast on March 12 at 1:00pm ET hosted by NPSF. 
Maternity Care Results from the 2014 Leapfrog Hospital Survey Out Now 


Last month, we released the latest maternity care results from the Leapfrog Hospital Survey. With this easy-to-read report, we are arming consumers and employers with key data to track how their community hospitals are doing on rates of early elective delivery, episiotomy, and high-risk delivery.

Read some of the related coverage, or download the report now:  

Coming Soon: Survival Rates for High-Risk Surgeries in U.S. Hospitals   

Leapfrog Celebrates its 15th Anniversary 


In 2000, employers joined together to trigger giant leaps forward in the safety, quality and affordability of health care. Leapfrog--with its mission of driving transparency by measuring and publicly reporting hospital performance--has been going strong ever since.


We're gearing up for a fantastic 15th Anniversary year, and we can't wait to unveil the many great things to come. But first up - our special 15th Anniversary logo!  

Data Review Period Lasts From March 18-April 8 


As a courtesy to hospitals, Leapfrog will hold a 3-week data review period before the public release of each Hospital Safety Score update. The data review period is an opportunity for hospitals to review the data for accuracy (i.e., identify recording errors, hospital name and address changes, etc.) and review changes to the scoring algorithm. In addition, hospitals will be able to preview their letter grades 48 hours prior to public release.

Data Review Period for Spring Hospital Safety Score:
March 18-April 8, 2015

Please visit our website for more information.  
We're on the Lookout for a Marketing & Business Development Coordinator and a Paid Data Analyst Intern 


Marketing & Business Development Coordinator: The successful candidate will be responsible for managing and cultivating relationships with Leapfrog's current data licensees; will develop marketing materials to promote Leapfrog products; will identify and perform outreach to potential new clients, securing new data licensees; and will contribute creative strategies and sound business ideas to our small entrepreneurial organization, known for its outsized achievements.

SAS Data Analyst Intern (paid): The successful candidate will play a key role in assisting the Hospital Ratings Team transition to using SAS statistical software in support of two of Leapfrog's major programs: the Leapfrog Hospital Survey and the Hospital Safety Score. The intern will play a key role in ensuring that Leapfrog's hospital ratings represent the highest standards for data integrity and accuracy.

Applicants should visit our website for more details.
Recent events, articles, and publications from and about The Leapfrog Group


We recently participated in Mediaplanet's Patient Safety campaign where we joined industry leaders to raise awareness about the realities of medical errors and their consequences, which are often devastating to patients. The Patient Safety campaign was distributed through USA TODAY on February 27. 


Once one of the most personal, woman-centric events in the lives of women and their families, childbirth has transformed into a medical emergency. But Leah Binder weighs in on an alternative model. 

What the Dutch Can Teach Us About Childbirth  


The U.S. spends $2.9 trillion on health care every year. Think you know how much comes out of your pocket? You might be surprised. So find your 2014 W-2 form, and grab a pencil.

 How Much of Your Taxes go to Health Care? Do the Math.  

The Leapfrog Group is a coalition of public and private purchasers of employee health benefits founded a decade ago to work for improvements in healthcare safety, quality, and affordability. Leapfrog purchaser members use hospital survey results in contracting, open enrollment with their employees and other public reporting, benefits design, and value-based purchasing programs.  The Leapfrog Hospital Survey focuses on three critical areas of patient safety and quality: how patients fare, which includes issues like mortality for common high-risk surgeries and procedures; resources used to care for patients measured by length of stay and readmission rates; and management practices that promote safety and quality, such as adopting computerized physician order entry to reduce medication errors.



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