It is with gratitude and sorrow that I announce the closing of True You Lodi. The last day for classes will be on Dec 9th. This has been a difficult decision as I do not take the closing of a healing institution lightly, but in the end it is not in the cards for this location.

I am so very, and ever, grateful for all the came out of True You Lodi. I am very grateful for the relationships we made, the friendships, the love and the community. Seriously, it has been beyond precious as many of those relationships have been valuable, sincere and heartfelt. We count ourselves very blessed. Thank you so very much!

In looking back at the good times and the hard times with Lodi, I had a huge realization yesterday. I believe God and his nemesis has a hand in all things and in the end they are equal in benefit. Lodi was my alchemist. It pushed me to recognize and live up to more of my potential and find a new edge within myself. The interesting thing is that this "edge" was actually more compassion, more patience, more willingness to give, and a great opportunity to take a look at the parts of myself that I may have not wanted to. Thank you so much for giving me this incredible gift! I feel so grateful and blessed to be touched by this community in every way.

I am so grateful for the teachers that worked side by side to give all they could to this community. I am so grateful for the students who stayed with True You Lodi year in and year out.

This is a very hard time for me and my staff as endings are difficult. True You Stockton will continue on in its fierce glory and service to those who need the healing benefits of Yoga & Pilates in their life. Yoga heals individuals and families. This will never change and our mission is to continue to bring you the best source for that healing to our Stockton Location.

So, for the next week $10 drop-ins for everyone at the Lodi location. Please stop by, take a class, say goodbye and give us hug.

The final class will be the 6am on 9th.

Thank you for being amazing. Love you ALL

Helena Monica & Staff


2341 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95204

209-948-YOGA (9642)


1110 W. Kettleman Lane
Ste 46
Lodi, CA 95240

209-368-YOGA (9642)

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