2014 Women's Wilderness Vision Fast
~A Call to the Mad River~
June 2-12, 2014


There comes a time when a woman hears 
                           the Call....


The Call comes, often unwanted, uninvited, 

and works its way under her skin 

and into her bones.

The Call disrupts, it tugs, it beckons until she turns into it and says YES.

It is the Call of the River within her being. 

It is the Call to dive within,

so she may swim more deeply 

into the vastness of her soul.  



Her courage, passion, love and steadfastness will be both tested and required.










Either you will

go through this door

or you will not go through.


If you go through

there is always the risk

of remembering your name.


-Adrienne Rich


Your Guides

Sara Harris

Forest Firestone


The Mad River of Vanaprastha
Sanskrit for "established in the forest"   

 The Mad River Watershed flows through the coastal forests of Humboldt County.
Located 5-6 hours north of Sonoma County this beautiful land consists of  hardwood forests, grasslands and riparian growth along the beautiful and wild Mad River.
This is  private land is lovingly stewarded by a couple with a passionate intention of it being used for spiritual connection with the earth and self.


If you listen closely,
do you hear the Call?

Down To The River To Pray - Alison Krauss
Down To The River To Pray  
Alison Krauss

                                   Concentric Circles  
The Details !
June 2-12, 2014
(Arriving by noon on the 2nd and ending by noon on the 12th)


   While we do our work alone, we do it within and for our community. In a supportive  and emotionally safe container you will take part in an ancient nature based practice of being alone on the land in deep ceremony. The Great Mother, the Earth, will hold you as you seek refuge and inner wisdom to couragiously move through the life transition and transformation you are facing.


  During our time together we will share in daily councils, teachings and time alone on the land as you prepare for your Sacred 4 day solo time.  Upon return you will be mirrored, witnessed, and supported as you step back, first into the community we have created and then back into your larger community at home.


Preparation Meeting:
Thursday evening, May  8, 2013 from 6-8 PM
in Ragle Park, Sebastopol.
At this meeting we will answer questions about gear and supplies, meet each other, arrange logistics and begin to voice intent. We will also ask you to purchase a handbook for $14, which should be read before the fast.
        $950 plus $100 land use fee.
        $250 non-refundable deposit to hold your place
We are open to a conversation about fees, payment plans and possible financial assistance. This fee includes the prep meeting, and one follow-up meeting after the fast as well.
Upon registration, you will be sent all necessary health and liability forms, equipment lists and support materials to help you prepare. We would ask to arrange a phone conversation with you as well as an email or mailed copy of your letter of intent.  In this letter please share....
Why might you choose to do such a wild and, some might say, crazy thing at this time in your life?

 Your Next Steps!
Send us an email  or give us a call to express your interest 
or ask questions.

Sara at 707-824-8230
Forest at 707-477-0249

Mailing address is Box 1104 , Sebastopol, CA 95473
Please write "2014 Vision Fast" on the envelope.
 "I take a deep breath and side-step my fear and begin speaking from the place where  beauty and bravery meet - within the  chambers of a 
quivering heart. "

                                         - Terry Tempest Williams