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October 2015

 Meet and Greet Artie Yellowhorse

"My favorite place to browse, learn, visit friends, and shop. I've been coming to the shop for several years and look forward to many, many more."
Local patron, Virginia


We were so touched to receive this basket and letter in 1999 as someone's conscience needed to be cleared. Included with the package was $100 bill - no return address or name, just the deed to return the stolen basket.
Thank you 'out there' for returning the basket -- your money was donated to artist programs and the basket is part of our Shop now. (Split ash and sweetgrass basket, maker from Penobscot Tribe)

Open on Saturday,
October 17, 2015
 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

The Indian Craft Shop is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30p.m., and the third Saturday of the month from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The Shop is closed on federal holidays.
A photo ID is needed for entrance to the building. During weekdays, visitors may use either the
C Street or E Street entrances (E Street is closer for Metro riders). Handicap access ramps are available at both entrances. During Saturday hours, visitors must use the C Street entrance.

Public Transportation
Farragut West (Blue, Orange, and Silver Line) and Farragut North (Red Line) are the closest metro stops. It is a six-block walk, or you can ride an 80 or S1 bus to 19th and C streets. There is metered parking on the street and several parking lots within a few blocks.
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October is here and we welcome the autumn season, wishing everyone a wonderful transition from warmer to cooler weather, enjoyment of the changing colors in the fall foliage and landscapes, and the rewards of a bountiful fall harvest. Fall is also our buying season for the Shop, and new arts are coming in on a regular basis.
We wish all of you a great beginning to the fall season and look forward to your Shop visits in person, on the phone
(202-208-4056), via email
 or virtually.  

We welcome Artie Yellowhorse to the Shop this month! Artie Yellowhorse's family is renowned for the quality of their craftsmanship; their distinctive, signature designs; and the development of a successful American Indian handmade jewelry business. Using a wide variety of stones and materials in their work, their long dedication to the art of jewelry making is evidenced in the fabrication of each piece. The silversmith tradition began with Artie's grandfather, Cuthair Yellowhorse, who worked primarily in turquoise and silver. While known today for their "Rising Sun" designs, timeless Artie Yellowhorse jewelry can be thought of as heritage artwork and can be worn nearly every day and for any event. Specializing in sterling silver and American turquoise, the Yellowhorse family also uses materials as diverse as lapis, spiny oyster shell, petrified wood and pearls. 

Artie Yellowhorse and daughters Desiree and Leilani

This is a family that takes joyful pride in continuing a legacy of bringing beauty to people and helping them to understand the Navajo concept of Walk with Beauty.
Please join us in welcoming Artie Yellowhorse on
Wednesday October 14th from 12 p.m. - 4 p.m.
See current works on our online store


We've had new arrivals of kachina dolls, fetish carvings, jewelry and more. We especially thank Mary and Everett Teller for calling on us at the Shop; we very much enjoyed their visit. Mary and Everett have been creating jewelry together for more than 20 years, specializing in the overlay and textured silver techniques. Many of their geometric designs reflect rug patterns in honor of each of their mothers, who were rug weavers. 

We had such a hard time choosing for the Shop that we may have been carried away! This is to your benefit, of course, so come on in and see all their new jewelry, especially a great selection of earrings. See a sampling of their work on our online store.

Carvings from Alaska are expected in late October/early November and more new works will be arriving throughout the fall. 

As always, we will continue to add new items to the online store.
Be sure to check our New Additions page often!

Our "third Saturday" opening is Saturday, October 17 and we will be open from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Come on in and see our latest arrivals as we continue enjoying our fall buying season. Make a day trip of your visit and see some of the other surrounding sites downtown as well.
We hope you are all enjoying this beautiful season and we look forward to seeing you soon!

You'll be surprised how many items this includes!
(See below event calendar for details!)
October 2 -11 - American Craft Week - 
Get out and Buy American Crafts!
Artists, businesses, galleries, schools, organizations and towns all across the country are joining to promote the awareness and appreciation of Buying American Handmade! Show your support and add a piece to your own collection, or find as a gift for someone else. Learn more about American Craft Week.

October 14 - Artie Yellowhorse Designs Jewelry Show
Join us in welcoming Artie Yellowhorse for a fun-filled day hosting a trunk jewelry show showing her latest designs and jewelry. Artie will be in the Shop from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. See current works on our online store and learn more about Artie Yellowhorse Designs

October 19 - 23 - Highlight on Pollinators Depicted in the Arts -
Take 10% off any arts with pollinator relationship!*
During the week of October 19-23, take 10% off any art that depicts a pollinator, is made with material from plants that rely on pollinators or is in the fashion of a fruit or plant that relies on pollinators. This event is in honor of the Annual Meetings of NAPPC (National Association of Pollinator Partnership Campaign) hosted at the U.S. Department of the Interior for 2015. Learn more about Pollinators in American Indian Art.  

*Bronzes and certain items are excluded.

November 8 - 15 - Rock Your Mocs - Across the Nation
What started as a one-day occurrence is now a weeklong event! Join in and celebrate a time to learn about cultures through footwear, as Native people across the world wear their moccasins as a way to recognize Tribal individuality and celebrate National Native American Heritage Month. Pull on your own mocs and share your photos!

November 13 - Guest Artist - Kachina Doll Carving Demonstration - TINO YOUVELLA (Hopi)

Tino Youvella joins the Shop with his wife Geraldine as they showcase their kachina doll carvings created by Tino and painted by Geraldine. Meet Geraldine and Tino during the day from noon - 4 p.m.

November 18 - 21 - NAVAJO RUG SHOW with Special Guests November 20 and 21

A grand selection of Navajo weavings including classic patterns and more will be available from November 18-21.  Hillary and Kent Morrow of Shiprock, NM will be special guests on November 20 - 21 from noon - 4 p.m. each day.

November 20 - 21 - Guest Artist EARL PLUMMER (Navajo)

Award winning Master Jeweler Earl Plummer will be our special guest with his latest designs in jewelry featuring exceptional lapidary work and meticulous silverwork techniques. 

December 10 - Guest Artists Charlene and Frank Reano
(San Felipe and Santo Domingo/Kewa Pueblos) 
Charlene and Frank Reano will be our guest artists in the Shop showing their latest mosaic inlay creations and handmade stone and shell bead jewelry. Meet and greet from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Visit our online store to see our current works and visit the Shop in person to see our full selection of work. As always, we are happy to send images or help over the phone.
Thank you for your support of the arts!

Currently on View:
DOI Pop! On Air, On Screen & In Print explores the intersection of the Department of the Interior with popular culture, highlighting classic examples from the early 1900s to the present from across its bureaus. Visitors will see how the Department's people and places have influenced American identity and figured into television shows, feature films and bestselling publications. From silent films and animated cartoons to blockbuster hits and novels, visitors will discover just how often America's public lands, wildlife refuges and national parks-and even the headquarters building in Washington, DC-have been cast in memorable supporting roles. With historical artifacts and iconic imagery, the exhibition also illustrates how the Department itself has enlisted icons of pop culture for help in publicizing its missions over the years.

Museum hours:  Mondays - Fridays, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 
(closed Federal holidays)

For More information on the Interior Museum and its programs,
call 202-208-4743 or visit

The Indian Craft Shop | Department of the Interior | 1849 C Street, NW Washington, DC 20240 | 202.208.4056