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September,  2014
In the September Immigration Update
New Visa Processing Fees
If you are applying for a nonimmigrant or immigrant visa in September, please check the new processing fee schedule. On September 12, 2014, visa application fees for certain visas changed. Fees will not be adjusted for those who have already paid.  All visa applicants must pay the amount in effect the day they pay, with the exception of Immigrant Visa application processing fees paid to the National Visa Center (NVC), which will be effective as of the date of billing. For more information about the fees, please click here.
CBP Launches New App 
The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced the launch of an new App, Mobile Passport Control (MCP), intends to expedite traveler's entry process.  MCP will allow eligible travelers to submit passport and customs declaration information via a smartphone or tablet before CBP inspection.  A pilot program at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta is underway. It is expected to expand to other airports later this year.  For more information, please click here.
OSC Weighs in on Employer Over- Documenting on the Form I-9
In a request for guidance, OSC advised that it is not aware of any publicly available guidance on steps an employer should take if they accepted too many documents during the I-9 process. OSC noted that an employer may violate the anti-discrimination provision of the INA if it requests more or different documents than required, or rejects "reasonably genuine-looking documents." Whether a violation occurs depends on the reason for the request. To read the OSC's guidance, please click here.

Q: What is a B-1 Visa?


A.  The B-1 visa is for business travel such as to consult with business associates, attend a scientific, educational, professional or business conference, settle an estate, or negotiate a contract. The definition of "business" in this instance is limited, and does not generally allow for gainful employment.

Citizens of one of the 37 countries participating in the Visa Waiver Program can apply to obtain an Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). Unlike the B-1 visa, the ESTA is not a visa and it does not meet the legal requirements to serve in lieu of a U.S. visa when a visa is required. Click here to read more.

Best Life Tips: Tea Time
Research shows that tea drinkers live a longer and healthier life than those who do not drink tea. Tea contains numerous antioxidants and, according to the study, those who drink it have lower blood pressure as well as a lower BMI. The study further states tea drinkers have lower cholesterol levels, smoked less tobacco, were physically more active than non-tea drinkers and had a reduced risk of developing heart problems. To find out more information related to the study, please visit here.

U.K. Business Visa

Our client is a very successful and innovative technology company that expanded to the U.K.   As a result, they needed executives and managers to travel frequently to the U.K., at times for extended periods of time.

Initially, these executives and managers were traveling as business visitors without a visa stamp.  However, after multiple entries a U.K. immigration officer advised that in the future, they might be denied admission unless they had the appropriate business visa.   

When travelers are refused entry, the U.K. authorities usually order the applicant for admission returned to the airport from which they last departed, regardless of nationality or place of residence.  Neither the U.S. Government nor the U.S. Embassy in London can intervene on the applicant's behalf.

We worked with our client to evaluate the case and identify the proper visa, prepared the applications and supporting documents and guided them through the visa application process. A few weeks later, the first U.K. Business Visitor Visa was issued to one of the company's executive.   Now, he is ready to travel to and from the U.K. for two years without having to worry about not being admitted or detained in secondary inspection. 

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