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Featured Programs November 2014

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Jason Habisch
Project Director

Faith Simpson
Program Coordinator  

Local Partners

First Annual School Safety Summit

IPFW Walb Student Union
April 14 and 15, 2015

IPFW Educational Leadership

If you are interested in learning more about earning a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership contact:

IPFW Special Education

If you would like to learn more about earning a Certificate in Intense Intervention
or Mild Intervention

You can collaborate with many classrooms across the country and the world. Collaborations are available upon request for grades P-12. Here is a list of collaborations that educators are seeking partner classrooms for: 

A Survivor - A Story - A History - The Holocaust

Grades 7-12


We are an independent living facility on the campus of Menorah Park. The seniors of the apartments have lived very full lives with stories and histories to share. One particular moment in history not to be lost is The Holocaust. Survivors have never forgotten that tragic time and relive it every day. Let them relate their stories of survival with your group. 


Offered: October through February 


Poetry Idol

Grades K-12


Students will have an opportunity to share and celebrate Poetry Month via live two-way interactive videoconferencing! Students will be able to present poetry using various multimedia and technology tools as solo presentations, in small groups, or as a classroom group. 


Registration: March 18-25, 2015

Connections: April 20-24, 2015


Where is This Amazing American State? 

Grades 4-8


Your class will research a city and state of your choice. You will need to find information based on required clues that will be given to you (example: region, history, civics, etc...). When connected with your partner class for this 60-minute connection, each classroom will give a presentation with the clues about your city and state. The students from each classroom will attempt to discover the secret location using the internet, maps, textbooks and other available resources. Be creative and have fun with this program. 


Offered the entire 2014-2015 school year.


To join any of these collaborations or if you have an idea about a collaboration that you would like to initiate please e-mail:


Faith Simpson 

or call 260-481-0741



The possibilities are endless!

PK - 2 Featured Program 
Sailing into Thanksgiving


The Mariner's Museum

Available for Grades: K-2
Length: 45 Minutes
Available Upon Request

Program Description: Leaving England for the New World, the Pilgrims sailed across the ocean on their small ship the Mayflower. Join us in learning about life on board the Mayflower and how the ship moved, about the Pilgrims and their life in America, and what inspired the Pilgrims to celebrate the first Thanksgiving.


PK - 2 Featured Program
Roller Coaster Physics 
LEARNnco Science and Learning

Available for Grades: K-12
Length: 30 Minutes
Available Upon Request.
Program Description: 30 minutes for K-2nd grade A roller coaster ride is a thrilling experience which involves a lot of science. The science behind roller coasters is revealed in this fun and exciting session with the students having a chance to make a portion of a Roller Coaster.
Some examples of programs that have already been scheduled this semester: 
November 2 - The News about Booze - Bishop Dwenger High School

November 6 - Gadget Works: Force and Motion - Franke Park Elementary

November 7 - Movin' & Groovin' Health Series: Mr. Kolache's Long List - Covington Elementary

November 10 - I AM an American! Japanese Internment in WWII - Summit Middle School

November 10 - Living in a New Land - Huntertown Elementary

November 10 - Balance Your Act - Bishop Dwenger High School 

November 11 - Sailing into Thanksgiving - Cedarville Elementary

November 12 - Expert: YOU Become the Pharmacist: Community Pharmacy - Anthis Career Center

November 14 - Owls: Silent Hunters - Cedarville Elementary

November 17 - Surgical Suite: Total Knee Replacement - Northrop High School

November 18 - The Fine Art of Persuasion: Television and Advertising - Bishop Dwenger High School 

November 18 - Sailing into Thanksgiving - Perry Hill Elementary

November 20 - Gadget Works: Simple Machines - Franke Park Elementary

November 21 - Sailing into Thanksgiving - Perry Hill Elementary 

November 24 - Gadget Works: Simple Machines - Franke Park Elementary School 

November 24 Sexting & Texting: Safe Social Media - Maple Creek Middle School

November 24 - A Visit with Mrs. Claus - Perry Hill Elementary 

November 25 - Wired and Routed: Cyber Bullying - Leo Elementary 

November 26 - Watershed Ecology - East Allen County Alternative School 

December 1 - Distracted Driving - Don't Text & Drive - Bishop Dwenger High School

December 1 - Songwriting 101 - Franke Park Elementary

December 9 - Tobacco: Coughin' to the Coffin - North Side High School


Thank you for participating in the ACELINK program. Our goal is always to help you find, schedule, and provide excellent interactive video conference programs for your students. Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for improving ACELINK. 

If you know of other educators at EACS, FWCS, NACS, SACS, or Bishop Dwenger High School that would be interested in scheduling a program, please forward this newsletter to them.

As a reminder, teachers are never billed for ACELINK programs; invoices come directly to ACELINK. 

To schedule a program, fill out an ACELINK Program Request Form and the form is sent electronically to ACELINK. The program will be booked and a confirmation e-mail is sent to the teacher. 

If you have questions or special program needs, please contact Faith Simpson at or 260-481-0741.

Thank you!

Jason Habisch M.S. Ed
ACELINK Project Director 
9-12 Featured Program
Los Veteranos: Latinos in World War II
The National WWII Museum

Available for Grades: 5th-12th
Length:  50 Minutes

Program Description:
WWII gave Latinos new opportunities and presented them with new challenges. Because Latinos did not serve in segregated units, as African Americans did, their WWII history is sometimes overlooked. Was that history unique, and if so, how? Students learn about Latino WWII heroes and average soldiers, as well as issues of ethnicity and acculturation on the Home Front.

9-12 Featured Program
The Alpine Zone  

Mount Washington Observatory

Available for Grades: 4-12
Length: 60 Minutes
Available Upon Request
Program Description: Journey to a strange and distant land, where temperatures fall well below freezing, winds whip at hurricane force and even trees cannot survive. Learn about the specialized technology our scientists use to study this unique environment, and discover what forms of life call this place home.
6-8 Featured Program
From Sap to Syrup: Wisconsin Maple Syrup Season

Available for Grades: 3-12
Length: 45 Minutes
Available Upon Request
Program Description:  Unique to Wisconsin, the Northeastern United States, and Canada, maple syrup-making involves the use of sugar and black maple tree sap to produce a delicious liquid product. During this program, students will observe and interact with the staff of an environmental science facility. Staff will select and tap trees, gather sap and produce syrup in the Cartier Outdoor Classroom. Nips of maple syrup will be shipped to all schools so students can taste. If schools wish to tap their own trees, several hooks and spiles will be included. The price of this is included in the cost of the program.  

6-8 Featured Program
Slaves to Soldiers

Burritt on the Mountain:  A Living Museum

Available for Grades: 4-12
Length: 45 Minutes
Available Upon Request

Program Description: The African American involvement in American military operations during the 19th century was significant and essential. This program looks at the progression of the African American soldier beginning as a slave, to a Civil War soldier, and then later as a Buffalo Soldier. We will discuss African American contributions to the Civil War, Westward Expansion, and the Spanish-American War. Students will learn about the United States Colored Troops, the Buffalo Soldiers, and the Buffalo Soldiers involvement in the Spanish American War. During the Civil War, the Union Army held slaves as contraband. These people served as cooks, washers, cleaners, construction workers, earthen works builders, and laundresses. After the Emancipation Proclamation ex-slaves signed up and served in the Union Army as American soldiers and freedmen. Many historians suggest that the Emancipation Proclamation and the enlistment of freedmen assisted the Union with winning the Civil War because this action contributed over 200,000 new soldiers to the war effort. African Americans quickly demonstrated they were excellent soldiers contrary to commonly held stereotypes. Throughout the Civil War African America soldiers were given the most challenging and difficult tasks, and they swiftly accomplished their assignments and fought bravely. In 1866 Congress created a law that formed two African American cavalry units and four African American infantry units. The federal government also wanted to provide jobs and military positions for former United States Colored Troops (USCT) soldiers and freedmen. These soldiers became known as the Buffalo Soldiers. Many of the veterans who fought in the USCT during the Civil War formed these new units. Many freedmen and other African Americans joined the units as well. These regiments were created to protect settlers and their cattle interests out West, to fight and assist in the Indians wars, and to protect railroad construction and travel. During the Spanish American war the Buffalo Soldiers distinguished themselves at the Battle of San Juan and Kettle Hill for their courage and sacrifices. This program reviews the contributions African American soldiers made during 19th century military operations. We will look at a few remarkable individuals and discuss several campaigns in detail. Southwest and southeast regional history may be added to this program.
3-5 Featured Program
Animal Rescue Team with Sue Staffaucher

Two Way Interactive Connections in Education (TWICE)

Available for Grades: 3-5
Length: 45 Minutes
Available Upon Request

Program Description: Whatever the dilemma, if it's got fur or feathers, the Carters are the ones to call! Meet Keisha, age ten, and her family: Mama, Daddy, Grandma Alice, Razi, and baby Paulo.  Together, they're Carters Urban Rescue and they specialize in helping out when there is a wild animal where it does not belong.  With compelling plots based on actual events, author Sue Stauffacher has created a diverse, lovable cast of characters that includes boys and girls, young and old, human and animal.


3 - 5 Featured Program
Giants Geometry:  The Shape of the Game 

AT&T Park, Home of the San Francisco Giants

Available for Grades: 3-8
Length: 45 Minutes
Available Upon Request
Program Description: The program begins with a video that takes students inside AT&T Park to learn about the history of the Giants waterfront home. They'll see unique footage of its construction, as well as experience the excitement of being at a Giants game. The lesson explores the origins and evolution of home plate and students will watch a video of two Junior Giants on a field trip to AT&T Park where they discover how home plate got its present shape. Middle school students will employ the appropriate mathematical formulas to calculate home plate's total area. Grades 3-5 will focus on identifying, defining and discussing the various triangles found around the ballpark. The presentation concludes with a hands-on activity for all grade levels that illustrates the importance triangles play in the structure of the stadium.
Thank you for choosing to provide excellent ACELINK programming to your students. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us! 

Jason Habisch and Faith Simpson