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Hello Project Manager/Engineering Professional, 

We offer you the opportunity to access our periodic newsletter with secrets of success in manufacturing and engineering using the latest MS Project Technology tools in product and program management that will provide you the edge you need to get ahead.
PMI-PMP Corner: MS Project


temp_sched The need for a high quality schedule is straight forward: It is not possible to have high performance execution with a poorly planned project. The solution is likewise straight forward: Use the PMBOK key planning process groups to build a dynamic schedule template with a critical path and integrated man hour resources. See adjacent diagram on little known best practices on the use of templates to automate project schedule initiation with ease. This will greatly reduce the planning effort and build a dynamic schedule with integrated resources.


Scope, Time, and Integration Management are the best known PMBOK PMBOK planning process group knowledge areas. You can use those process groups with an ease of use methodology to produce a man-hour resource integrated schedule in the least known best practices in the MS Project tool.   The adjacent diagram lists these three knowledge areas in the planning process groups in a logical, sequential order. The Description column is what the result of the planning process should be in terms of Microsoft Project best practices in a schedule template.   Read more..............





ROI for Program Management -- 
Who would have believed it!


There was a landmark research study done in 1999 to 2003 funded by PMI Research Institute and conducted by Dr. William Ibbs of University of California.   Studies conducted on fifty companies in retail, construction, consumer goods and high tech manufacturing, and defense were conducted with purpose of relating PM Maturity to schedule and budget performance.   Results showed that increasing PM Maturity dramatically improves schedule, budget, and Project Manager effectiveness. See adjacent diagram. Read more....


BNW Manufacturing clients all experience high schedule and resource utilization performance improvements with six to twelve months or less payback on your investment.  I hope you enjoy the information provided in our INSIGHTS Newsletter.


Ted Barth, Managing Partner
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