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energy healing


Tina Conroy 

BA, RMT, Director of Energy Healing

Tina Conroy
Tina Conroy
Energy work for Tina comes naturally and springs from a deep well of passion and love she found in her own healing journey. From childhood she had an intuitive calling and an expansive gift. As an adult, she began cultivating her natural abilities and uses her sensitivity and attunement in her readings and healing sessions at PRACTICE. Tina's methods take many exceptional forms, all designed for personal healing and transformation - unique for each of her clients.

Tina is delighted to bring her passion and gifted healing work to PRACTICE. The services she offers include Intuitive Guidance and Energy Readings, Individual Reiki Sessions, Reiki Certifications Training, Integrative Energy Therapy, and Healing Meditation Circles. Set up an appointment today as part of your journey toward personal transformation - body, mind and soul.


good health
Dr. Lucy Monthly Health Engagement Series
May 29TH at Noon 


Dr. Lucy Gade 

We're kicking off our PRACTICE Good Health program series with a seminar aimed to engage and empower your own role in personal health care. Have you ever left a medical visit in confusion? Feeling disappointed, doubtful, or dissatisfied? Were you unclear about the next step in your treatment plan or did you forget to mention something to your health practitioner that was important to you? Dr. Lucy will outline strategies and techniques that, in practice, will create clarity and satisfaction in each appointment, phone contact, or follow-up visit. As with everything else, it only takes PRACTICE to become a team member in improving your health. Join Dr. Lucy on Wednesday, May 29 at 12 noon for lunch and learning. Begin now!


This summer we launch our first ever PRACTICE Kids Yoga Teacher Training!

kids logo  
July 27-30 Sat. & Sun. 9am-5pm, Mon. & Tues. 9am-6pm

Enter a world of learning through yoga. PRACTICE KIDS YOGA is a beautiful partnership between kids and yoga. Have you ever dreamed of teaching yoga to children or having your knowledge of yoga for children deepened?

  • Teach yoga asanas appropriate for children.
  • Understand child development as it relates to yoga for children.
  • Develop ideas that get kids moving and practicing yoga at home.
  • Learn yoga philosophy and create lesson plans with creative themes for children.
  • Discuss how to handle behavioral issues while teaching yoga and how to communicate with teachers, schools and parents about yoga.  
  • Study child emotional development and the ways that yoga teaches children to honor themselves and others.

And watch for our Fall Kids Training as well:

Sept. 18-Nov. 20 10 Wednesday Nights - 6:30pm-9:30pm 

200-Hour Summer Intensive

4 WEEKS July 8 - August 1
Mondays, 12pm - 7pm, Tuesdays - Thursdays, 9am-6pm

Jen Scott
Teacher Training at PRACTICE is designed to be an unparalleled experience of self-discovery, community, and higher learning. Our curriculum, designed by Lisa Bondy, Director of Teacher Training, along with Jen Scott and Marina Groothuis, offers a comprehensive study of yoga as a science of transformation: body, mind, soul. Lorraine Aguilar, Owner of Yoga Flow Studio, offers her renowned expertise for the Anatomy Module. Ideal for the aspiring instructor as well as the student looking to deepen their practice and everybody in between. The summer intensive has been designed to accommodate your summer schedule and lifestyle. Our exceptional teachers will enliven your body, engage your mind and free your soul! All will come with PRACTICE!

   Tina Powers
    Friday May 31 -
    Sunday June 2, 2013
TP April
Tina Powers
Tina Powers,
world-renowned intuitive medium, will be at PRACTICE for a special weekend. Tina holds a deep belief that we are all intuitive and can learn to trust ourselves and what we feel and sense. Find clarity, comfort and guidance for a healthier, happier you! Be in the presence of her warmth and infectious laugh, while she shares her gifts and helps you find your own. We welcome Tina and you to this deeply transformative and moving weekend workshop.

Tina, who regularly sees clients at the Miraval resort in Tucson, Arizona and hosts clients worldwide, will offer a lecture Friday evening 5/31 and private sessions, Saturday 6/1 and Sunday, 6/2. Sessions are limited (only 10 available).

Call 917-881-7305 to reserve your spot.

MiaLena Designs

Jewelry Show &
Beading Workshop 


Friday May 31 -  
Sunday June 2, 2013 


Join artist MaryBeth Johnson of MiaLena Designs at PRACTICE for a trunk show all weekend and special beading workshops on Saturday, June 1, 1pm-2:30pm or 3pm-4:30pm. MaryBeth, whose work is featured at resorts around the country, is renowned for her one-of-a-kind custom jewelry with symbolic themes and rare beads and stones. You will have the chance to learn from her artistry and skill, and make your own custom bracelet to take home. You can wear your intentions and manifestations on your wrist to symbolize and express yourself - body, mind, soul. Contact 917-881-7305 to reserve your spot. Space is limited.  



Recipe of the Month 

Our PRACTICE team is thrilled to share a delicious recipe that is a great source of protein, fruit and fiber and is a quick, and easy healthy way to start your day.  We love it and hope you will too.  

Jen's Kale & Fruit Breakfast Shake

cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk  or unsweetened vanilla hemp milk
cup water
cup fresh or frozen berries
1 banana
Handful of kale
1-2 tbsp ground flax seed

Mix all ingredients together in blender and enjoy.



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