MARCH 2013


Teacher training at PRACTICE is designed to be an unparalleled experience of self-discovery, community, and higher learning. Our curriculum, designed  by Lisa Bondy, Director of Teacher Training, along with Jen Scott and Marina Groothuis,  offers a comprehensive study of yoga as a science of transformation: body, mind, soul. Lorraine Aguilar, Owner of Yoga Flow Studio, offers her renowned expertise for the Anatomy Module. Our exceptional community of core and guest teachers will enliven your body, engage your mind and free your soul!

BODY We explore asana with respect to alignment, anatomy, safe modifications for injury or limitations, meaningful hands on assists, proper sequencing, vinyasa, languaging and practice teaching.
MIND We learn basic Sanskrit, Yoga Philosophy and Sutras including 8 limbs, Kryas, Kleshas and Koshas, Ayurveda, and Chakras. Also covered is the business of yoga, basics of marketing and social media!
SOUL We learn meditation, mantras, chanting, meaningful ritual/ceremony to clear, connect and to manifest. Add to that an intro to kids/teen yoga, mom and baby, prenatal, and finally laughter yoga : )

YOGA TT schedule, spring
$2,600 if registered by March 22nd.
$2,800 after March 22nd.

$500 non-refundable deposit required to reserve your spot.
Balance is due by April 1st.
Student is responsible for purchasing books on the required reading list.

Unlimited yoga classes for 4 consecutive months while enrolled in the Teacher Training at PRACTICE Body Mind Soul.


Lisa B


Lisa Bondy
Director of Teacher Training 




Marina Groothuis




Jen Scott



Lorraine Aguilar

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