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PRACTICE IS SIMPLE AND HONEST. We believe that everyone can live a vibrant, balanced and healthy life. PRACTICE speaks the truth that we are all a work in progress - body, mind and soul. At PRACTICE, we offer a constellation of practices and master practitioners who are dedicated to your personal evolution. Yoga and Pilates instructors, psychologists, nutritional coaches, and mindfulness experts invite you to practice, learn, delve, enjoy and ultimately transform your life.

Our mission is to offer PRACTICE as an access to health, healing, happiness, mindful living and transformation. We are dedicated to fulfilling our mission within ourselves, our community and the world.

Lisa Bondy, E-RYT

I don't believe people are looking for
the meaning of life as much as they
are looking for the experience of
being alive. ~ JOSEPH CAMPBELL 

PRACTICE IS THE POINT. Yoga is an ancient and powerful system of transformation and self-realization that has enhanced millions of lives. It's called a practice because it speaks to the simple truth that we are all a work in progress; no one is perfect!
    At PRACTICE YOGA, we recognize the ongoing need in all of us to continue to grow and evolve physically, emotionally and spiritually. People come to yoga for many reasons: improved flexibility, focus, strengthening, healing, weight loss, restoration, relaxation, greater connection to self and others, and an experience of inner peace, balance and well-being.
    At PRACTICE, our dedicated, masterful yoga teachers will meet you on your journey, wherever you are, and create a customized yoga experience. We will guide you with compassion, respect and love to embrace the change you need today. Practice is the point. All will come with PRACTICE.

Heather Smith, MBA

If you want to make your
dreams come true, 
the first thing you have to  
do is wake up. ~ J.M. POWER 

Pilates is a relatively modern body/mind/soul practice developed by Joseph Pilates, on the shoulders of ancient disciplines. Pilates originates from the idea that real power stems from strengthening our deepest center and living from our core.
    At PRACTICE PILATES, we work inside the classical method and marry that with a unique brand of empowerment, creativity and transformation. Through our ongoing practice together, we enable you to tap into your own core strength - body, mind, soul. Benefits include ease of movement, new strength, balance, uniformity, coordination, deeper confidence, stress relief, patience, new beauty, vitality, centeredness and wellness. Clients find dreams awaken, ideas percolate and clear actions emerge.
    We create customized Pilates pathways and avenues from the core with each client. Our teachers are trained to witness your journey. It is our privilege. Start today. All will come with PRACTICE.

Lisa Langer, PhD

Proud and alone, cold as a stone
I'm afraid to believe the things I feel
I can cry with the best
I can laugh with the rest
But I'm never sure when it's real

We seek psychological guidance when life doesn't go the way we think it should, or want. Sadness, fear, anxiety and confusion often cloud our hearts and minds. We tell ourselves what should be (I should be happier, I should be thinner), not how it really is (I am sad, lonely or stuck).  This build-up of unsaid feelings, pressures, negative thoughts, and self-judgment keep us from living a joyful, balanced life.
    At PRACTICE PSYCHOLOGY, we know this because we have journeyed ourselves. Our individual and group therapy practices are dedicated toward mindful awareness of, and ease with, life's daily challenges. Benefits include: greater depth and range of personal self-awareness, insight as well as acceptance, personal and profound happiness.
    Through a combination of talk therapy and body practices, you will forward your personal journey and delve into your Self. You will find your own way, in a place of safety and freedom, to explore a life of possibility, peace and authenticity. All will come with PRACTICE.

Michelle Lublin, RYT, LC

We are indeed much more
than what we eat,but what we eat  
can help us to be much more than
what we are. ~ ALICE MAY BROCK

It is not just about food, but nourishment encompasses our home, work, rest, play, passion and spiritual pursuits. It is not just another diet program, but an honest approach to nutrition discussed in a safe and down-to-earth way.
    At PRACTICE NOURISHMENT, letting go of anything that does not serve to nourish us: cravings, stale behavior patterns, or unhealthy relationships, is our goal. Our nutritionist and nourishment coaches are passionate and trained experts. We create individual plans to answer hopes for health, happiness and mindful living.
  At PRACTICE NOURISHMENT, you will be treated with respect and fully supported throughout your journey to realize vibrant health. Whatever your reasons to walk through our door and start a conversation, we will be with you every step of the way. All will come with PRACTICE.

January, 2013

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Temporary Location 
1502 Old Northern Boulevard  
Red Hots Spa in Roslyn, NY 

Permanent Location 
Under construction at 1500 Old Northern Blvd. Roslyn, NY

Class Prices
First Yoga or Pilates class is complimentary.
After that, single class $15.

Or purchase a series:

10 Class Card $150,
get 1 class FREE

20 Class Card $200,
get 2 classes FREE

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"I loved it  -  everything about it was special."  ~ LESLIE A. 

"Taking my first Mysore Yoga class at PRACTICE had me wake up and reminded me how much I love to work out.  I started a simple daily home practice too."~ TOM M.


" There are many reasons why people go to yoga. For me it was to strengthen my core, become more flexible and improve my balance. In the three years that I have practiced, I have accomplished these goals. I have since come to realize that my true goal has been that of transformation.  The teachers at PRACTICE are not merely instructors; they live their practice."   ~ EUGENE G.

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