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Women Leap Forward

So much has happened since I last wrote about the visit of VP Bilal and other top officials to our Project last month.  No sooner had I returned home that we received an invitation from the Minister of the Environment to return to Dar es Salaam to meet about potential financing from carbon emission reductions and government resources.

The meetings revealed that many in the Tanzanian government not only share our aims of improved health, opportunity for women, and conservation, but are seeking ways to join in spreading our work. We will collaborate on documentation required for these initiatives.

Manager Kisioki and I also visited the Rural Energy Agency and United Nations Development Program to discuss their involvement in our work.

None of this could be happening without your help, and we will be sustained through your unrelenting commitment.


Robert V. Lange

Executive Officer, Longido District village

Vicki introducing Project in Longido

Since our last email about VP BIlal's historic visit to the Project in  February, we've witnessed dramatic changes. The women of Longido District and the village of Ngarash  are bringing fresh energy to the Project community.

Instead of depending on Project staff to spread the word about the stoves and attracting customers, they have taken charge. All new customers now come through these remarkable women. They teach about the advantages of the stoves from personal experience. And they are thrilled to earn the additional income that results.

We will soon bring Longido and Ngarash women to the western Project villages near Mto wa Mbu to help the Installation Teams there learn the same approach. They are an inspiration! 

Longido women with chimney extension tubes

Money donated at a recent fundraising party in Acton, Massachusetts helped to bring these women together, making this new approach  possible. Thank you for your generous donations.

We invite you to view a new video about our Project, featuring the women of Monduli Juu and Ngarash. The seven-minute presentation by Philip Lange includes their music and dance rehearsal for the Vice President's visit and a view of the Project today.

Meet Ms. Sinyati Paulo, Maasai Women's Installation Team Member

Sinyati is one of the five women to be elected for training in Ranchi Village of Longido. The mother of two boys and five girls, she completed standard seven in 1983 in Longido's primary School.


"I like this work very much. I now have new knowledge and I can be a teacher for other women. I like being able to help other women of my village to have these nice stoves. It will help them to reduce the firewood they have to gather. They will be able to cook in a clean and safe kitchen and won't be having smoke any more.  


As an Installer, I am now earning money which is helping me to not depend on my husband for money for salt, soap, or sugar. I can buy these things for my family now by myself. Most important, I feel honor when I see men coming to me and asking what they are supposed to do to get stoves for their wives. I love this respect. In my village I helped build 14 stoves and there are now 36 stoves already in Longido villages of Oltepesi, Ranchi, and Olbomba. 

Thanks to the Maasai Stoves & Solar Project for coming to
Longido. Every Maasai home needs this stove. THANK YOU"




 Ugali is a very popular dish in Tanzania--a national dish that can be flavored with different toppings. Although it is not originally a Maasai food, the women make it very often and our stoves need to be sturdy enough for vigorous stirring. To appreciate that, we've provided an ugali recipe that you can make anywhere in the world. Enjoy!     


Longido women visiting Ngarash to learn from stove installation experts 
For a better life for the rural world, and a cleaner environment for all

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Thank you to Philip Lange, Dennis Mallya, and Kisioki Moitiko for photography