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A Visit from VP Bilal

I'm writing to share my gratitude for the Tanzanian government officials who honored the Project with a visit on February 25.

Thank you to His Excellency, Vice President Dr. Bilal,  Dr. Binilith Mahenge, Minister of Environment, Environmental Director Mr. Ningu, Arusha regional commissioner Mr. Magesa Mulongo, and the Commissioners of Monduli, Longido, Ngorongoro, and Arusha districts.

And thank you to all the staff and the entire Project community for making the day such a success.


During the four years of the Project, we  kept the Vice President  informed about our work.  But hearing about the emerging power and expertise of the Maasai women is very different from a direct experience.  
Children singing at the gathering

The visitors saw the Project's accomplishments for themselves, and understood  its importance to the people, and why it is special.

 We look forward to continuing our conversation based on this new understanding. Here are just a few of the event photos and excerpts from the remarkable speech Dr. Bilal shared. Read the story and the speech at the website.

Thank you to our donors and supporters who helped us reach this milestone. The future is brighter because of you.



Robert V. Lange

Maasai SToves & Solar Project
Project boma in preparation for the visit

VP Dr. Bilal visiting Maasai home before, during, and after installation

I visited two homes, one with and one without the new stove and the difference is like night and day. It is wonderful.

I want this technology to spread, all over Arusha district and the country.  But credit must go the women of Monduli because the journey started here.

-VP Dr. Mohammed Bilal


Maasai leaders of the future

Maasai Women's Installation Team Members greet VP Bilal 

I am very happy to see that the Maasai women are the stove experts. I observed it myself when I saw them installing a stove. I am very impressed and I am told they are the teachers of other women as well. It is very good for the community and for the country.   

-VP Dr. Mohammed Bilal


Women's Team Leader presenting ceremonial shawl to VP BIlal

When I arrived in Monduli Chini, I saw the project factory and it is amazing.  It took them one and a half year to design the stove.   That is science.  The main objective of science is to serve the people. 


I want the students here today to take this project as an example of being helpful to their communities in the future.  

-VP Dr. Mohammed Bilal


I want men to cooperate with the women.  The women have brought large benefits to your homes.  In addition to the stoves, now you have solar lights and a cell phone charger and don't have to go to town or get a generator to charge your phone.   These benefits came through the women.  

-VP Dr. Mohammed Bilal


VP Dr. Bilal and Dr. Lange reviewing the UV water purification research

I have come to Monduli Juu because there is important work going here related to the environment. The issue of the environment has not yet been taken into account with its full weight and importance.  Some people think the issue does not involve them.


But the world is dynamic, always changing.  In 1961 there were nine million people in Tanzania.  Now there are over forty-four million, and all their needs are met from the environment.  


-VP Dr. Mohammed Bilal


For a better life for the rural world, and a cleaner environment for all

Worldwide Headquarters
International Collaborative, Maasai Stoves & Solar Project
81 Kirkland Street, Unit 2, Cambridge, MA 02138

Thank you to Philip Lange, Dennis Mallya, and Kisioki Moitiko for photography