Volume 2, Issue 15
March 13, 2013
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CAMA Presents:
The St. Louis Symphony Orchestra
Mark Sparks
Mark Sparks
On Wednesday March 20th at 8pm, at the Granada Theatre, CAMA presents the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. Founded in 1880, the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra is recognized internationally . After an 18-month international search, the symphony appointed David Robertson as its twelfth, Music Director.  Principal Flute of the St. Louis Symphony since 2000, Mark Sparks has firmly established himself as a leading American orchestral flutist and teacher and is acclaimed for his colorful tone and spirited phrasing. Christopher Rouse is one of the United States' most prominent composers of orchestral music. His works have won a Pulitzer Prize and a Grammy® Award, as well as election to the prestigious American Academy of Arts and Letters. For tickets to see this amazing compelation of artists visit the Granada's website.
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Our General Manager Tim Owens, has a little to say about the recent changes occuring at KDB Radio:



     Some of you have been very good in letting us know about glitches you've heard, such as audio level discrepancies. We thank you for your feedback. You are helping us work out the "bugs" that are always a part of making a change such as this one.

      I wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the other changes we have had to make at KDB. First, a little background. KDB's studios and offices are located in the same building as Rincon Broadcasting on East Cota Street in Santa Barbara. Rincon has six of their own radio stations there including K-Lite, KTMS, and KTYD. Due to complex legal issues that have arisen recently, Rincon informed KDB in mid-2012 that our agreement with them would need to be modified. KDB could continue to lease studio and office space from Rincon, but we would have to provide our own automation, computer network, and production and traffic services.   For the past three months we have been making adjustments - hiring a production director, traffic director, a studio maintenance engineer, and a company to help with our computer needs. Fortunately, we found fully qualified individuals for these positions who are now working with us on a part-time basis. And, thankfully, the total expenses associated with this transition net out to what we were paying Rincon before.

     But the transition we have undergone is an important reminder that KDB has real costs associated with bringing you the finest in classical music, local concerts, and information on the arts. 40% of KDB's operating and programming revenues come from a growing number of contributing listeners and donors. Are you one of them? Please. As we come into another beautiful spring in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties, we ask for your new or renewed financial support for this local treasure so that KDB remains vital to you and our communities. Thank you.

      -Tim Owens


 Opera Santa Barbara  Presents:
Don Pasqual

  Don Pasquale, by Gaetano Donizetti -- In this comic masterpiece, the doddering Don Pasquale has willed his fortune to his nephew, Ernesto, on the condition he approves of the young man's bride. Enter Norina - Ernesto's smart and sassy fiancée - who, unfortunately, doesn't pass muster. Pasquale disinherits poor Ernesto, deciding instead to find himself a young wife and produce an heir of his own!
   Not one to be deterred lightly, Norina disguises herself as the girl of Pasquale's dreams and marries the coot; you can be sure that wedded bliss is not in store! Gorgeous melodies abound in Donizetti's last comic gem; you'll laugh at the declining fortunes of Pasquale (sung by Metropolitan opera bass-baritone Philip Cokorinos) and cheer for the inevitable triumph of true love!
   In Italian with English translations above the stage. For tickets visit the Granada website or Opera Santa Barbara's website.

KDB Features Book of the Week:
Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan

 Spies in love... that's the dynamic at work in acclaimed British author Ian McEwen's latest novel. It's not the newest concept, but throw in a Wag-the-Dog element when British intelligence (MI5) hires literary writers to propagate an anti-Soviet, pro-western agenda, and a surprise ending (no flipping to the end), and you've got something pretty original. Written with a good deal of wit, look for clues throughout the book referencing McEwen's own repertoire over the years. In case you missed it you can find the deaute at our website and listen any time you wish. 


Please let us know what you think of the new KDB by writing to us at newsletter@kdb.com or contacting me at 805.966.4131 X373.



Tim Owens

Vice-President & General Manager

KDB 93.7FM