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PILOXING™ and Power Pilates at BAC
pilox gloves
 You've tried PILOXING™ right? What? You haven't?!? Well, that's just a darn shame. Shame, I say!
It's high time you checked out something new that's guaranteed to blow the dust right off your fitness routine.
Take your workouts to the next level and learn what the "sleek, sexy, powerful" motto really means. (Hint: tons of cardio, dance, Pilates-based balance moves, sculpting and strengthening).
And there's booty shakin!
Non-BAC members: you're welcome to hit my regularly scheduled classes anytime. Just let me know you're coming, and I'll arrange a guest pass. 
And please note that everyone should arrive early for PILOXING™ because of overcrowding. Get a number from the front desk and snag a place in line.


PILOXING™ is Mon., Wed., 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Sat. 10-11 a.m.

Power Pilates is Wed. 9:30-10:30 a.m.
Sat. 9-10 a.m.

I'm also teaching private custom-built Power Pilates classes in my home studio or your place. It's not too late to get in shape for summer. Want more info or a price list? Just ask me.

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Issue: #24August 2013
xmas juggle
Get in fighting shape before seasons feastings with this 8-week mind, body, soul challenge 

Every Christmas, my aunt sends me a box of her homemade bourbon balls, small gobs of chocolatey goodness soaked in the mother's milk hooch of my native Kentucky. They are, in a word, ah-MAY-zing.


These sweet treats have no real nutritional value, aside from some potential anti-oxidants in the dark chocolate and "good" fat in the chopped walnuts.


But make no mistake, I will eat them. They are my absolute favorites, and I only get them once a year. They're a splurge food, plain and simple. Do you have those? Doesn't everybody? And the holidays are filled to overflowing with just such delights, things that you may want to make room for in your otherwise healthy diet just to scratch that seasonal itch.


In moderation, that might not be such a bad thing. But the holidays are all about indulgence and, more often than not, overindulgence. It's the one time of year that many (many) people in this country gain weight. The buffets and desserts are at least partially to blame, but the end of the year is also fraught with a lot of emotional land mines -- stress, depression, food pushers, emotions run amok, families gone plum wild.


It's with all this in mind that I've put together an 8-week fitness, food and attitude challenge that's intended to get you in fighting shape ahead of the trouble-prone holiday season. 


It's the inaugural HOLIDAY BODY BLAST!


My theory is that if you make really good choices in September and October, step up your workouts, clean up your diet, and develop some coping skills you can pull out of your pocket like a good regift, you can make it to New Year's Day without a massive (metaphorical) hangover.


So you might slip a little in November and December. Who doesn't? But it won't be the end of the world if you've prepped your body, mind and soul in advance. (And you may just keep up your healthful habits, or at least most of them, because you feel so good from 60 days of HOLIDAY BODY BLAST hard work).


I'm handling the fitness end of this program, where I'll teach two kick-ass classes a week (Sunday mornings and Thursday evenings) that are custom-created to get results.


One of those weekly classes will be held at Burbank Athletic Club and the other will be at a local spot like Burroughs High School and nearby parks. Field trip! Important note: this program is open to anyone -- you don't need to be a Burbank Athletic Club member to participate.


Sample classes: Top Guns, where we'll focus on whipping those arms into Michelle Obama shape; Booty Camp, with an emphasis on the lower body so you can sport those bum-hugging micro-mini cocktail dresses with confidence; Turkey Burn Turbo Sculpt, where we'll pre-emptively work off all those carb-heavy six-course family dinners and office-party fried appetizers.


In addition to the workouts, we'll have visits from expert speakers who will cover a wide range of important holiday-themed topics and give you practical advice on how to navigate the season. For instance:


holiday stress Chef Katie Chin, a spokeswoman for City of Hope, TV host and cookbook author, will tell us how to incorporate cancer-fighting superfoods into our diet. As a busy mother of twins, she understands a hectic schedule and a hungry household, so her recipes are quick and simple enough for anyone to follow. Plenty more about Katie here.


Marcia Whitfield, personal trainer and entrepreneur owner of Clean Food Delivered, will give us tools on how to pare down on processed food without feeling deprived. As someone who loves her good eats, Marcia would never skimp on flavor but she always has her eye on portion size and healthy ingredients. Check out her website for more info on her.


This is just a sample of what will happen during HOLIDAY BODY BLAST, a results-geared program with unique elements you won't see anywhere else. Keep reading for more vital details -- like price! -- and please let me know if you're interested in taking part. Hurry for the best deal! Many of you are getting your kids ready to trundle back to school right about now. Isn't it a good time to plan to do something for yourself? Get fired up physically and mentally, and it may truly be a happy (not a grinch-y) holiday.



Be a holiday hottie!

aka The Fitness Freak


Holiday Body Blast Vital Stats
With a few details still to come

monty hall WHEN: Sept. 8 launch

Sunday morning classes: Sept. 8, 15, 22, 29; Oct. 6, 13, 20, 27

Exact time of day to be decided by the group.

Thursday evening classes: Sept. 5, 12, 19, 26; Oct. 3, 10, 17, 24

Exact time of day to be decided by the group.

WHERE: Sunday classes at Burbank Athletic Club, 226 E. Palm Ave. (Membership at the gym is not required). Thursday classes will be at local parks (location given to all participants in advance).

SPEAKERS: likely held following the Sunday class; 10-15 minute presentations with plenty of time for questions.

PRICE: $200 for all classes and speakers. SUCH A DEAL! Sign up before Aug. 15 and get 10% off. Sign up with a friend and get 15% off. Individual classes: $15

CONTACT: Terry at 818-618-3528 or